10 Interesting Things to do in Kerala that you shouldn’t miss trying!

Kerala and its tourist places have always been something that makes traveling a heartening experience. Pampered a little extra by the motherland, the state soaks you up with its serenity. And what does it give in return? An ocean full of things to do and moments to cherish. , you get to know that it has more to offer than just the backwaters and aromatic gardens. Now that the realization has hit you, why not uncover the state on an elephant ride or a jeep safari. Lets begin!

1. Alleppey Backwaters, a world of its own

10-interesting-things-to-do-in-kerala-that-you-shouldnt-miss-trying 10 Interesting Things to do in Kerala that you shouldn’t miss trying!

[1]. This tourist attraction has always been kind to the travelers who begin with a houseboat tour and lead ahead. Balmy days in the city often start by taking a religious tour to Ambalapuzha Temple and St. Mary’s Forane Church[2], most famous in the area. As the day progresses, one can choose to visit the beaches, go for bird watching, shopping, or try the delicacies.

Up for an Ayurvedic massage? The city of backwaters is best known for offering a relaxing experience to travelers. Moreover, the charismatic setting of Alleppey also makes watching sunset a delight. Even going for a night walk and campfire come under the top things to do in Alleppey[3].

2. Rush to the roots of Kerala with a village tour

10-interesting-things-to-do-in-kerala-that-you-shouldnt-miss-trying-1 10 Interesting Things to do in Kerala that you shouldn’t miss trying!

Wondering what’s it like to live in the villages? Join the crowd of tourists who love exploring the roots of Kerala. Over the years, village tourism in Kerala[4] has seen a rapid change, a good one indeed. As travelers walk down the villages, they learn more about the lives of the locals and their activities. Pottery, stone cutting, farming, jute making and more.

•    Where to go?

. Kumbalangi Integrated Tourism Village run by the Kerala government to promote model fishing and bring tourism to the island beach. Cherai, Nilambur, Thodupuzha, Malampuzha, Bekal, Kovalam[5] are some other villages you should plan to visit.

3. Feel the childhood bliss with a tree house stay

10-interesting-things-to-do-in-kerala-that-you-shouldnt-miss-trying-2 10 Interesting Things to do in Kerala that you shouldn’t miss trying!

Of all the amazing things to do in Kerala, living in a tree house[6] would be a favorite for many. Remember how as kids we used to make one tree house for ourselves or maybe just watch one on TV. These cool houses built on treetops are another way to enjoy a vacation in Kerala[7]. The whole concept is eco-friendly in nature and is mostly found in the lush forests of the city. These tree houses are jammed with the basic facilities and amenities in case you were thinking the other way.

• Where to go?

Munnar, Wayanad, Athirapally, .

4. Whiff the aromatic spices on a fun day tour

10-interesting-things-to-do-in-kerala-that-you-shouldnt-miss-trying-3 10 Interesting Things to do in Kerala that you shouldn’t miss trying!

Something that Kerala has been proud in the longest time is definitely its spice cultivation. It feels as if nature loves the presence of this tourist destination and has showered it with the best of spices. Cardamom, exotic vanilla, black pepper, cinnamon, are some of the authentic products of the state. Take a tour to the spice plantations of Kerala[8] and feel revived.

• Where to go?

Thekkady[9], Wayanad, .

5. Feel the joy of nature on a houseboat ride in Kumarakom

10-interesting-things-to-do-in-kerala-that-you-shouldnt-miss-trying-4 10 Interesting Things to do in Kerala that you shouldn’t miss trying!

Your mind by now would have dreamed of traveling in a houseboat a 1000 times now, right? Bringing the wait to an end, it’s time for you to dip your mind in the beauty of Kumarakom[10] and get started. The village which is snuggled with the Vembanad Lake is the perfect tourist spot for a houseboat ride[11]. The moment you begin your ride, the marine life and rural setting will bring a warm feeling to your heart. Moreover, travelers can also choose to indulge in other activities that are offered there.

6. Dare to move your eyes from the elegant Kathakali performance

10-interesting-things-to-do-in-kerala-that-you-shouldnt-miss-trying-5 10 Interesting Things to do in Kerala that you shouldn’t miss trying!

Your visit to Kerala would be incomplete if you missed out on a Kathakali performance[12]. This classical form of dance has been the pride symbol of the state and one which has been loved worldwide. You might be attracted by the face and body movement and the next thing you know, the costumes are winning your heart. If you are an art connoisseur or a dance lover, then check out the places below.

• Where to go?

Folklore Museum, Kerala Kathakali Centre, Ernakulam Kathakali Club, Kairali Kathakali, Dr. Devan’s Kathakali.

7. Touchdown the wild side on a jungle safari in Periyar

10-interesting-things-to-do-in-kerala-that-you-shouldnt-miss-trying-6 10 Interesting Things to do in Kerala that you shouldn’t miss trying!

Hey adventure lovers, this blog has one of the best things to do for you as well. Periyar National Park[13] which is a part of Thekkady[14] is a major tourist attraction in Kerala for spotting tigers and elephants. As soon as you reach the grounds of Periyar, the lush greenery welcomes you. A tour here is best enjoyed on a jeep ride. If you are thinking that you can only enjoy jungle safari here, then you are surely mistaken. As Periyar also offers bamboo rafting[15] opportunities to the wanderers.

8. Upgrade your photography skills while bird watching in Kumarakom

10-interesting-things-to-do-in-kerala-that-you-shouldnt-miss-trying-7 10 Interesting Things to do in Kerala that you shouldn’t miss trying!

Nature lovers are in for a surprise! Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary[16] which shares its charm with Vembanad Lake[17] is the tourist spot you have to be in. Why? To fill your mind with the endearing landscapes and wait, your camera with bird photography. Yes, Kumarakom[18] is the exact place to where migratory birds from November to February find their shelter. Even a boat ride will get you some great shots of birds adding colors to the sky.

9. Loosen your muscles with an Ayurvedic massage

10-interesting-things-to-do-in-kerala-that-you-shouldnt-miss-trying-8 10 Interesting Things to do in Kerala that you shouldn’t miss trying!

It won’t be wrong to say that Kerala represents Ayurveda[19] or is it the other way round? No matter what it is, the state has been swarmed by travelers for this art of healing. . This system of medicine has been widely used massages that are great relievers. Ayurvedic massages are practiced for wellbeing and growth in a natural way.

•  Where to go?

Kairali Ayurvedic Health Resort, Beach and Lake Ayurvedic Resort, Taj Malabar Jiva Spa, Ayurveda Yoga Villa, Kalari Kovilakom, Ideal Ayurvedic Resort.

10. Make the large mammal your buddy on a safari in Thekkady

10-interesting-things-to-do-in-kerala-that-you-shouldnt-miss-trying-9 10 Interesting Things to do in Kerala that you shouldn’t miss trying!

Kerala is known as a state which loves its every part equally. When it comes to its wildlife, the state leaves no stone unturned to take care of the wild beings. Now that you have already enjoyed a jungle safari, it’s time to have an elephant safari[20]. Thekkady offers sessions where you can bathe, click photos and ride the elephants or just spend some time by their side. It’s all up to you!

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