10 Lakes In Kerala For A Charming Escape In The Lap Of Nature

Charming beauty of Kerala is best reflected in its backwaters and the mesmerizing lakes in Kerala that make up the unique breathtaking terrain. Kerala is the southern state that is ideal for a family getaway, an exotic honeymoon trip or even a solo trip for a soul-searching journey. You can roam around the historic towns, explore the wildlife, traverse the spiced plantations or simply laze around the beaches and have a picnic around these beautiful lakes in Kerala.


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The God’s Own Country is networked by huge water bodies, that conglomerate into large bodies of fresh water lakes in Kerala, rivers and rivulets. With a stunning 600 KM coast of Arabian Sea, you can go on a soul-stirring vacation in Kerala and soak in the good vibes, experience absolute bliss by exploring these important lakes in Kerala.

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List of Lakes In Kerala

Looking for an escape to break the monotony of life and get away to breathe fresh air? Fret not as we give you a list of 10 beautiful lakes in Kerala that will encapsulate your mind and replenish your soul on your summer holidays in Kerala, the God’s Own Country!

1. Periyar Lake

Periyar Lake is part of the Periyar National Park and boating in Thekkady to enjoy the beauty of the wildlife park is one of the main reasons to visit the lake. The Periyar Lake is surrounded by lush greenery, you can spend your day exploring the exotic wildlife and the serene aquatic ecosystem. Periyar National Park and wildlife sanctuary famous as the largest elephant and tiger reserve in Kerala. If you are visiting Periyar Lake, you can cruise along the lake and spot the wild animals that come to the lake from the verdant jungles of the park to quench their thirst especially in summer. Besides boating, you can also indulge in bamboo rafting and trekking along the banks of the Periyar Lake.

Periyar Lake is famous for the boat cruise in Thekkady

Location of Periyar Lake: Thekkady, Idukki District, Kerala
Best time to visit Periyar Lake: October – March

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2. Ashtamudi Lake

Home to over 60 species of birds, Ashtamudi lake is amongst the most famous backwater lakes in Kerala that is also a popular hotspot among the honeymooners. Ashtamudi is the second largest among all the lakes in Kerala and the name Ashtamudi means eight braids that symbolises multiple branches of the lake. You can spend your day exploring the surrounding wildlife or the unique ecosystem. The beautiful sight of this lake is going to make you want to come back to Kerala for another holiday.

Ashtamudi is the second largest among all the lakes in Kerala

Location of Ashtamudi Lake: Ashtamudi Lake, Kollam, Kerala
Best time to visit Ashtamudi Lake: September – March

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3. Vembanad Lake

Vembanad Lake is the longest lake in India that attracts many travelers as it’s also the largest lake in Kerala. Being a prominent backwater tourist attraction, it also holds specific fishing and boating activities that tourists can indulge in. Vembanad Lake is known as Vembanadu Lake in Alappuzha, Punnamada Lake in Kuttanad and Kochi Lake in Kochi and the famous houseboat trips in Kerala and Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race happens in this lake. Check out this lake if you’re holidaying in Kerala and make sure you take part in all the backwater activities there for fun times with your friends and family.

Picturesque banks of Vembanad Lake

Location of Vembanad Lake: Vembanad Lake, Kottayam, Kerala
Best time to visit Vembanad Lake: November – March

4. Sasthamkotta Lake

The Queen of Lakes is also the largest freshwater lake in Kerala that is surrounded by scenic hills, a diverse flora and fauna that nature enthusiasts love to visit in Kerala and the source of the water in the lake is Kallada river. Lake is named after the deity of Sastha in a temple on the banks of the river. If you’re looking for a quiet and serene place to introspect and enjoy the solitude then this lake is a must visit in Kerala.

Sasthamkotta is the largest freshwater lake in Kerala

Location of Sasthamkotta Lake: Kollam, Kerala
Best time to visit Sasthamkotta Lake: August – March

5. Akkulam Lake

One of the most prominent lakes in Kerala, Akkulam Lake is located in Trivandrum and boasts fine beauty and mesmerizing sights that will replenish your mind and soul including the Southern Air Command of the Indian Air Force. You can enjoy a refreshing getaway at this lake in Kerala with your loved ones or spend some alone time soaking in the greenery all around you. The lake is frequently visited by many wildlife photographers and nature enthusiasts.

Akkulam Lake is located in Trivandrum

Location of Akkulam Lake: Trivandrum, Kerala
Best time to visit Akkulam Lake: October – February


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6. Pookode Lake

A favourite haunt amongst tourists and locals alike, Pookode lake is a is a natural freshwater lake surrounded by the verdant jungles and the scenic Western Ghats. The lake offers boating and other activities that tourists can indulge whilst witnessing a mesmerizing sunset over the lake. Make sure to carry your cameras to capture the tranquil sunset. The lake is ideal for many honeymooners and adventure enthusiasts to visit during their southern getaway in Kerala and is the smallest and highest altitude freshwater lake in Kerala

Pookode Lake Kerala
Pookode Lake Kerala

Location of Pookode Lake : Pookode Lake, Wayanad, Kerala
Best time to visit Pookode Lake: December – March

7. Vellayani Lake

The enchanting lake of Vellayani has a fascinating tale behind its formation. The story behind the origin of this lake goes back to when a beggar comes to the lake seeking for water and comes across a meditating saint. With this, the lake holds a certain charm that allures travelers to come visit the lake and spend time with their loved ones surrounded by the beauty of the lake and its serene nature.

Vellayani Lake
Vellayani Lake in Trivandrum

Location of Vellayani Lake : Vellayani Lake, Trivandrum, Kerala
Best time to visit Vellayani Lake: September – March

8. Paravur Lake

The Paravur Lake is another one of the most important lakes in Kerala as the coast of the lake is interconnected to the Arabian Sea making it one of the most beautiful water bodies of Kerala. The lake is a favourite haunt for many tourists and locals alike, idle for a romantic or an adventurous getaway. Make sure you add this lake to your list of most beautiful lakes to visit in Kerala.

Paravur lake is interconnected to the Arabian Sea

Location of Paravur Lake : Paravur Lake, Kollam, Kerala
Best time to visit Paravur Lake : September – February

9. Kayamkulam Kayal

This serene spot is ideal for a family getaway or a picnic hangout with friends. The Kayamkulam Kayal is one of the most important lakes in Kerala and prominent water bodies in Kerala surrounded by the glistening waters of the Arabian Sea. The rural hamlets surrounding the lake make it even more rustic and charming lakes in Kerala to visit. Kayamkulam boat race is conducted in Kayamkulam Kayal

Rural hamlets surrounding the lake make Kayamkulam Kayal even more rustic

Location of Kayamkulam Kayal : Alappuzha, Kerala
Best time to visit Kayamkulam Kayal: November – February

10. Vadakkechira Lake

This is a famous pond located in Thrissur, and among the most beautiful heritage lakes in Kerala that is home to several exotic species of the wild and an exquisite display of flora. This lake is a favourite spot for many adventure, nature and wildlife lovers who can have a gala time exploring the natural beauty of this lake and the surrounding region.

Vadakkechira Pond is a large pond in Thrissur

Location: Vadakkechira Lake, Thrissur, Kerala
Best time to visit: October – February

That concludes our list of 10 most beautiful lakes in Kerala that you must visit on your southern getaway to the ‘God’s Own Country’. These lakes are surrounded by some of the most scenic sights and verdant jungles of Kerala. You can explore the wildlife along with exploring these serene water bodies and experience a blissful holiday in Kerala. This beautiful southern state is ideal for a getaway to rejuvenate yourself amidst the glistening water bodies and the lush greenery it encapsulates. So, plan a picture-perfect holiday to this southern destination in India with your partner or family and let us know about your experience.


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