10 mind-blowing Places to visit in Sweden

An enchanting country with stunning landscapes and rich heritage, Sweden is a haven for avid travelers. From scenic fishing villages to exotic cities, the best places to visit in Sweden abound. The endless summer sun and a number of reindeers make the nation rank amongst one of the best holiday destinations in the world.

In addition to all this, the place also boasts of surprising hiking trails, traditional huts, cathedrals etc. Overall, the country has so many things in store for you that you won’t feel bored even for a second. Here’s all that you need to know about the beautiful places in Sweden that are a must-visit for refreshing vacations.


10-mind-blowing-places-to-visit-in-sweden 10 mind-blowing Places to visit in Sweden

If you want to experience northern lights, head straight to Lapland, especially in winters. Home to wildlife, nature and snow, the place is a must-visit during your trip to Sweden. A hiker’s and canoer’s paradise, the Swedish Lapland is equally cherished by wildlife enthusiasts as well. The dwelling place of Europe’s indigenous people, the Sami, the place offers experiences of a lifetime.

Things to do in Lapland

  • Visit the Abisko National Park.
  • Ski at Riksgränsen.
  • Spend a day at a hotel made of ice and snow.
  • Explore the Arctic Circle cities.
  • Go to The Gammelstad Church Village in Luleå, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Best time to visit: December to March

How to reach: Luleå and Kiruna Airport are the major airports. The most popular train route is also between Luleå and Kiruna.

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10-mind-blowing-places-to-visit-in-sweden-1 10 mind-blowing Places to visit in Sweden

A tourist mecca both for foreigners and Swedes, Gotland is a striking island nestled in the Baltic Sea. Cherishing a memorable three-hour long ferry ride to reach the destination is surely one of the best things to do in Sweden. For a medieval experience, you can plan a day trip to Visby. During the medieval week, people dress up as a knight, visit a traditional market and watch tournaments. All this allows you to get glimpses of the lifestyle of the people of that time.

Things to do in Gotland

  • Rejoice in Visby sightseeing.
  • Swim at Blå Lagunen.
  • Visit the nature reserve of Digerhuvud.
  • Take a tour of the countless prehistoric sites and 100 medieval churches on the island.
  • Admire the ethereal beauty of Farö.

Best time to visit: June to August

How to reach: A ferry to Gotland departs from Nynäshamn or Oskarshamn. However, if you want to reach Gotland by air, you board a flight to Visby.


10-mind-blowing-places-to-visit-in-sweden-2 10 mind-blowing Places to visit in Sweden

Aboriginals of Sweden find Gothenburg as one of the loveliest places to see in Sweden. This gives a perfect reason to explore the place at your own pace. Situated along the Göta Älv River, the awe-inspiring archipelago is a huge draw for visitors from around the world. A number of canals that dot the city make it look similar to Amsterdam. Whenever you visit Sweden, make sure to wander in the tree-fringed boulevards of the place brimming with shops and cafes.

Things to do in Gothenburg

  • Go for a boat tour through the canals.
  • Savor seafood at one of the restaurants in the city.
  • Plan an excursion to museums and galleries.
  • Visit Sweden’s biggest botanical garden.
  • Try the local coffee.

Best time to visit: June to August

How to reach: The international airport Landvetter (GOT) is nestled 20 km south-east of the City Centre. From Stockholm, you can easily catch a train to Gothenburg. The bus terminal Nils Ericssonterminalen is connected from major cities in Sweden and Scandinavia.

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10-mind-blowing-places-to-visit-in-sweden-3 10 mind-blowing Places to visit in Sweden

Showcasing an excellent contrast of modernity and history, Kalmar is your answer to the question where to go in Sweden. Flaunting a dreamlike castle, the city is surrounded by water. Beaches teaming up with harbors and ancient monuments add to the rustic charm of the place. Once titled as Sweden’s best summer city, the place is best explored on a canoe.

Things to do in Kalmar

  • Learn about Kalmar Castle.
  • Visit the Kalmar art museum.
  • Explore Kalmar County Museum.
  • Take a boat ride to witness the city form a new perspective.
  • Go to Öland Island, connected to the city by a bridge.

Best time to visit: Mid-May – September

How to reach: Kalmar Airport is served by domestic flights to Stockholm. However, the closest international airport is Kastrup in Copenhagen, Denmark. There are bus lines from Stockholm and Malmö. Kalmar has several daily trains running from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.


10-mind-blowing-places-to-visit-in-sweden-4 10 mind-blowing Places to visit in Sweden

Boasting off 14 islands connected by more than 50 bridges, Stockholm is without any doubt a spectacular city to explore. Innumerable attractions in the town urge the visitors to spare time for Stockholm sightseeing. Steeped in history and culture, the city has something for everyone. Some of the travelers may find singing karaoke at the ABBA Museum interesting. Whereas, others may consider unveiling the mysteries of 600 rooms in Swedish Royal Palace amongst the best things to do in Stockholm.

Things to do in Stockholm

  • Take a time travel in history by visiting World War I fortress at Starofortet.
  • Revel in island hopping.
  • Rejuvenate yourself at a spa in Nacka.
  • Experience the pleasures of nature.
  • Unwind yourself at the outdoor cafés and bars.

Best time to visit: March – early November

How to reach: Arlanda Airport is the best option to reach Stockholm by air. Commuter trains to Stockholm depart twice an hour from Arlanda. Cityterminalen is the largest bus station in the country.


10-mind-blowing-places-to-visit-in-sweden-5 10 mind-blowing Places to visit in Sweden

Grab your chance to have rendezvous with the Sami clan which gather at an annual market held at Jokkmokk. For 400 years, the town is hosting the market every year without fail. Traditional food, reindeer races and folk dances taking place during this winter market in February offer joys that knows no bounds. Don’t forget to buy honey, cheese and other natural produce for sale. The beguiling and interesting Sami culture along with authentic Swedish experience can make you return here often.

Things to do in Jokkmokk

  • Delight in a husky sledge tour of the surrounding area.
  • Visit Ajtte Sami Museum.
  • Explore Gamla Apoteket.
  • Enjoy delicious culinary treasures.
  • Get ready for an excursion to Bio Norden.

Best time to visit: Early July – Early August and also from November – March

How to reach: The nearest airport is in Luleå which is 198km away. One scheduled bus per day also runs from Luleå. The only option is to take a regular train from Kiruna, Gällivare or Luleå to Murjek.


10-mind-blowing-places-to-visit-in-sweden-6 10 mind-blowing Places to visit in Sweden

A paradise for mountain lovers and adventure enthusiast, Kebnekaise features on top in the Sweden travel guide. Brace yourself for enthralling hiking, trekking or mountaineering experience as the highest mountain peak in Sweden awaits to challenge you. The natural high point in the northern mountain regions of Sweden ranges from Abisko to Sarek. The eastern trail commands climbing but up to a short distance. On the other hand, the western trail is a bit lengthy but comes with no difficulties.

Things to do at Kebnekaise

  • Trekking
  • Marvel at the panoramic views.
  • Explore different climbing routes.
  • Enjoy Skiing.
  • Spot rare mammals.

Best time to visit: June – September

How to reach: Take the train or airplane to Kiruna in northern Sweden. From Kiruna, enjoy a drive to Nikkaluokta and hike (19Km) to Kebnekaise fjällstation.


10-mind-blowing-places-to-visit-in-sweden-7 10 mind-blowing Places to visit in Sweden

Want to relive the life a Viking? Birka gives you a chance to do so. Yet another answer to the question what to see in Sweden, the destination presents the rich village culture like no other. Furthermore, the quaint village is every history buff’s paradise delight. Hailed as the oldest town in the country, Birka also enjoys the repute of being one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Traveling to the place is much similar to traveling in time.

Things to do in Birka

  • Take a tour of the revamped Viking village.
  • Enjoy a joyride aboard a Viking boat.
  • Visit Birka Museum.
  • Plan a guided tour of the archaeological fields.
  • Stroll around the cultural landscape.

Best time to visit: Summer season is the best time of the year to visit Birka.

How to reach: Boats depart from Hovgården, Stockholm (Klara Mälarstrand), Mariefred and Härjarö to Birka.

High Coast

10-mind-blowing-places-to-visit-in-sweden-8 10 mind-blowing Places to visit in Sweden

If you love hiking, then proceed to High Coast. The unexplored trail in the area is full of surprises and raise the fun quotient. Following the trail is worth it because, at the end, you will render in a state of awe with unparalleled views. Another key point to note is that the trail passes through regions with human settlements and dense forests. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the trail is characterized by rocky islands and steep granite cliffs.

Things to do in High Coast

  • Witness highly scenic land and seascape.
  • Brace yourself for wild bear or beaver safaris.
  • Explore archipelago on the kayak.
  • Horse riding, fishing, and coastline cycling.
  • Admire the beauty of Sweden’s second highest waterfall.

Best time to visit: June end to early August

How to reach: Arlanda Airport is the nearest airport. From here you can take a taxi. Also, from Stockholm Central Station or Arlanda, you can take the train to Örnsköldsvik. In order to reach here by bus, reach Arlanda Airport or Stockholm City Terminal. From here, you can take the bus to Docksta Marina.


10-mind-blowing-places-to-visit-in-sweden-9 10 mind-blowing Places to visit in Sweden

The list of Sweden tourist attractions is still not over. Next, we have Kosterhavet. There is surely something special about this place that Sweden’s’ first and only Marine National Park was inaugurated here. Offering inviting boating and kayaking opportunities, the park is centered around the Koster Islands. Notably, the park houses nearly 6,000 species which can be found anywhere else in the entire country. Divers and Snorkelers find the desired respite while treasuring the first-hand experience of coral reefs here.

Things to do in Kosterhavet

  • Delight in the many marine pursuits on offer here.
  • Enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Explore caves and coves.
  • Go for Biking.
  • Take some time out for bird watching.

 Best time to visit: Throughout the year

How to reach: The Koster Boats depart year-round from Strömstad. Take the train along the Bohusbanan line. Complete your Europe trip by ticking off these best places to visit in Sweden.

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