10 Reasons to Visit Kerala Right Now

Kerala, a state in the southern part of India is known as God’s Own Country. Kerala is gifted with nature’s unparalleled beauty and offers a variety of experiences. The breathtaking landscape with backwaters,  beaches, lush greenery, elegant palaces and scenic views is enticing for globetrotters. Besides, the churches, ancient buildings, forts, and treehouses beckon the travel admirers more and more every year.

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The local food is also a delight, furthermore increasing the craze to visit Kerala for a vacation or weekend getaway.

If you are still wondering why you should visit Kerala, here are the 10 key reasons for motivation to plan a vacation to this picturesque place.

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1. The Serene Backwaters

One of the best attractions, when you visit Kerala, is its backwaters. There are about 34 backwaters in Kerala, each unique in its own way and style. You must definitely stop by a few of the prominent backwaters and enjoy the serenity, soothing your eyes with the captivating views.

10-reasons-to-visit-kerala-right-now-1 10 Reasons to Visit Kerala Right Now
Backwaters Of Kerala

You can either stay in a houseboat or rent a boat to sail around the waters. Watching the sunset at the backwaters is a pleasant sight, with the sun’s rays creating a glittering effect on the waters. If you love eating fish, then do not miss out on savoring the delicious fried fish prepared at the banks of the waters or lagoons by the locals.

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The prominent backwater regions are:

  1. Kuttanad
  2. Kollam
  3. Paravur
  4. Thiruvananthapuram
  5. Wayanad
  6. Kannur
  7. Kasargod
  8. Kozhikode

2. The Spectacular Beaches

Sitting and relaxing on a beach, and immersing in the scintillating beauty of the surroundings, is heavenly. Strolling along the golden or whitish sands, soothing the heart with the refreshing breeze of the palm trees, and engaging in some seaside games and activities are the ingredients of spending a memorable vacation.

When you visit Kerala, the beaches will bring in such an experience, a fascinating feeling to witness with family, friends, or even solo.

10-reasons-to-visit-kerala-right-now-2 10 Reasons to Visit Kerala Right Now
A Beautiful Beach Sunset View In Marari

Swimming, beach football or volleyball, and surfing are a few sports activities loved by travelers and locals. Many of the beaches have well-curated pathways for a pleasant walks. Stores and shacks selling  gifts, mementos, and traditional food items are present on the beaches.

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The prominent beaches are:

  1. Kovalam beach
  2. Varkala beach
  3. Cherai beach
  4. Bekal beach
  5. Kannur beach
  6. Marari beach
  7. Chavakkad beach
  8. Neendakara beach

3. The Pristine Hill Stations

Kerala has quite a number of spectacular and pristine hill stations, alluring travelers from India and abroad. The quaint hamlets, gorgeous valleys, and plantations across the mountain slopes create a blissful atmosphere around. You can go for nature walks, plantation visits, trekking across the mountain trails, or go for a leisurely stroll along the hamlets.

10-reasons-to-visit-kerala-right-now-3 10 Reasons to Visit Kerala Right Now
Pristine Hill Station Somewhere In Kerala

The hill stations are a must to be added to your itinerary while you plan to visit Kerala. They refresh our minds and energize us to carry on with our regular life.

The prominent hill stations are:

  1. Munnar
  2. Ponmudi
  3. Idukki
  4. Thekkady
  5. Mattupetty
  6. Vythiri
  7. Vagamon
  8. Malampuzha

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4. The Lush Green Plantations

Spice and tea plantations are the assets of Kerala. As you traverse through the hill stations, valleys, and plains, you will love to watch the lush green plantations spread like a green carpet. If you happen to visit Kerala, do not miss out on purchasing some of the fresh aromatic spices and tea packs.

10-reasons-to-visit-kerala-right-now-4 10 Reasons to Visit Kerala Right Now
Beautiful View Of Greenery In Cloudy Weather

In almost all the plantations, there is a walking tour to be acquainted with the different spice plants and the benefits of using them. You can even witness the processing of spices and even the production of tea. In the tea plantations, it is an awesome experience to taste the different flavors and types of tea.

The prominent tea and spice plantations are:

  1. Abraham’s spice garden at Thekkady
  2. Cinnamon gardens spice plantation at Munnar
  3. Green land spice garden at Thekkady
  4. Hindustan spices and herbals at Munnar and Thekkady
  5. Kolukkumalai tea garden at Idukki
  6. Kannan Devan hills station at Munnar
  7. Elstone tea estate at Wayanad
  8. Chinnakanal tea fileds

5. The Thrilling Wildlife

Kerala has a hot and humid climate but the dense evergreen and deciduous forests keep the air cool and refreshing for travelers. The flora and fauna are exotic and an enchanting treat to the eyes. You will love the biodiversity prevailing across the various national parks, sanctuaries, and forest reserves.

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A boat cruise on Periyar Lake in Periyar National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary, Thekkady in summer may help you spot some rare wild animals

Various species of birds, animals, trees, plants, shrubs, and herbs can be seen, a perfect place to experience thrilling wildlife and nature’s unique beauty. All are preserved and protected, entertaining visitors with their myriad charm.

The prominent national parks, reserves, and sanctuaries are:

  1. Eravikulam National park
  2. Periyar wildlife sanctuary
  3. Anamudi Shola national park
  4. Nilgiri biosphere reserve
  5. Chinnar wildlife sanctuary
  6. Kumarakom bird sanctuary
  7. Periyar tiger reserve
  8. Thattekad bird sanctuary

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6. The Delectable Food

Kerala food has a unique taste and flavor, which you must definitely try out. The dishes are mouth-watering and delicious.

10-reasons-to-visit-kerala-right-now-6 10 Reasons to Visit Kerala Right Now
Delicious Food Served On A Banana Leaf
  1. Appam: One of the staple foods of the state, prepared with fermented rice flour and coconut milk. It looks like a pancake and has crispy edges. Appam is consumed along with the stew. The stew is made with coconut milk mixed with cinnamon, cloves, and shallots. You may also add chicken, lamb, or vegetables to it.
  2. Puttu: It is also one of the staple food of Kerala, majorly consumed as a breakfast delicacy. The ingredients are steamed rice and grated coconut. It is mostly eaten with Kadala curry, made with black chickpeas, coconut milk, spices, and shallots.
  3. Erissery: Very popular curry in the state. It is prepared with pumpkin, boiled in water containing pepper, salt, grated coconut, dried lentils, cumin seeds, garlic, and turmeric. The curry is served mostly with rice.
  4. Karimeen: A fish delicacy and a must to taste when you visit Kerala. The fish is a common catch from the backwaters of Kerala. It is also known as the pearl spot fish. The fish is at first marinated with chilies, lemon juice, and salt, and then wrapped and baked in plantain leaves. The aroma and flavor of the dish are indeed unique.
  5. Kerala beef curry: Quite a famous dish in Kerala where the beef pieces are boiled in a curry. The curry is prepared with onions, tomatoes, garlic, and different spices. Mostly served along with the Malabar parathas
  6. Palada Payasam: It’s essentially a sweet kheer prepared with rice and is one of the most common delicacies prepared during Onam and other festive and religious occasions.
  7. Banana fritters: One of the popular snacks in Kerala, served with tea or coffee. The ripe bananas are coated with flour and then fried in oil to prepare the fritters.
  8. Thalassery biriyani: Prepared using thin small rice grains called Kaima. You can use chicken, or lamb for the meat and layering it with rice. The container is sealed with dough and hot charcoal is placed above it to prepare the biriyani.

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7. The Traditional Dances & Festivals

The culture of Kerala is rich and speaks about the historical connection of the ancient years. The locals celebrate the festivals following the traditional methods with family and friends. They wear new dresses and decorate their homes with flowers, diyas, rangolis, and many more. Traditional dishes are prepared and served to the guests.

10-reasons-to-visit-kerala-right-now-7 10 Reasons to Visit Kerala Right Now

Various dances and musical performances are conducted during the festivals, alluring many travelers to visit Kerala. Boat races are held especially during Onam, a very significant part of the culture.

The prominent festivals of Kerala are:

  1. Onam
  2. Boat festival
  3. Vishu
  4. Sabarimala
  5. Theyyam
  6. Attukal Pongala
  7. Thrissur Pooram
  8. Christmas

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8. Ayurvedic treatments

Kerala is said to be the best in Ayurvedic treatments. In fact, you can stay in a resort and enjoy the treatments. The treatments are aimed at relieving pains inside the body, stabilizing the metabolism rate, and removing sleep disorders, anxieties, tensions, stresses, and several ailments.

10-reasons-to-visit-kerala-right-now-8 10 Reasons to Visit Kerala Right Now
Ayurvedic Treatment Is Going On

Various therapies, wellness programs, and treatment packages are offered at the resorts which you can avail yourself of depending on your need. Experts and experienced Ayurvedic doctors, practitioners, and nutritionists assist in providing focused and customized treatments to visitors.

The prominent places for Ayurvedic treatments are:

  1. Somatheeran Ayurvedic Health resort
  2. Kalari Kovilakom
  3. Sarvoram Ayurvedic resort
  4. Maya Spa at the Zuri Kumarakom lake resort
  5. Kairali Ayurvedic health resort
  6. Taj Malabar jiva spa
  7. Beach and lake Ayurvedic resort
  8. Ayurveda Yoga Villa

9. Churches and Forts

Kerala has many churches and forts from ancient times, preserving the historical heritage of the state as well as portraying the architectural brilliance of the ancient craftsman. It is a treat to watch the artistic excellence and sculpture in the churches.

10-reasons-to-visit-kerala-right-now-9 10 Reasons to Visit Kerala Right Now

Along with it, the forts demonstrate the intelligence of the kings and the royals to protect themselves from enemies while equipping themselves with all the ammunitions and things needed to survive while staying inside the fort.

The prominent churches and forts of Kerala are:

  1. Santa Cruz Basilica in Kochi
  2. St George church in Ernakulam
  3. Arthunkal church in Alappuzha
  4. Vimagiri church at Kottayam
  5. Fort Kochi
  6. Palakkad fort
  7. Bekal fort
  8. Thalassery fort

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10. Shopping in Kerala

Travel is incomplete if you do not visit the shopping plazas or markets of a place. Kerala is not an exception though. It’s indeed a fascinating experience to hop onto the different shops and markets in Kerala and buy some of the traditional items, souvenirs, dresses, spices, tea, and many more.

10-reasons-to-visit-kerala-right-now 10 Reasons to Visit Kerala Right Now
Spices In Kerala

You can also try out the local handmade arts and crafts items of the state. These help to create memories and also to gift to your near and dear ones once you return back home after you visit Kerala.

Here are some of the options for shopping in Kerala:

  1. Aroma oils
  2. Spices
  3. Tea and coffee
  4. Jewelry
  5. Dresses
  6. Handicraft items
  7. Banana chips
  8. Cashew nuts
  9. Herbal products
  10. Cashew nuts

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Kerala is one of the best places to visit at any point of the year across seasons . It is a place where you can experience the amalgamation of nature’s beauty, rich tradition, and culture, historical values, and priceless cuisine.

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