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Coined as the next best thing to Bali or Phuket, Bintan has long prided itself as a hotspot for holidays and quick getaways for Singaporeans.

After two years, we can finally head to Bintan for an island vacay thanks to the sea Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) between Singapore and Bintan (along with Batam) starting 25 Feb 2022!

What do I need to do before embarking on the sea VTL to Bintan?

As with any of the other VTLs in place, all travellers on the VTL need to:

  • Have a clean travel history (stayed at least 14 days in Singapore before travelling to Bintan/Batam; 7 days in Bintan/Batam or a VTL/Category 1 country for the return trip)
  • Obtain a relevant travel entry visa
  • Be fully vaccinated
  • Obtain a negative PCR test within 72 hours before departing Singapore
  • Obtain travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage
  • Download the Peduli Lindungi app, which works like TraceTogether
  • A confirmed return ticket with an on-arrival booking for a supervised ART in Singapore
  • Booking and confirmation of your accommodation in Bintan (or Batam)
  • For more information, check out Bintan Resort Ferries.

Now that the technicalities are out of the way, here are all the things to do in Bintan to reignite your love for the idyllic island!

1. Stay at a lush resort

11-seriously-cool-things-to-do-in-bintan-on-your-next-getaway-tripzilla 11 Seriously Cool Things to Do in Bintan on Your Next Getaway - TripZilla

Image credit: Banyan Tree Bintan

Obviously, the most important thing when it comes to any vacation is deciding where to rest your head at night. Luckily, Banyan Tree Bintan and Cassia Bintan are just among the beach resorts available for guests to book. In fact, both these resorts recently launched their exclusive package: “The First Trip”, which offers visitors an array of perks: from luxurious pool villas and daily meals to cultural experiences like bicycle tours and Indonesian cooking classes!

2. Go bodyboarding and ride the waves

We’ve heard of surfing and wakeboarding, but what if you’re not too adept at these water sports yet? Enter bodyboarding! Similar to surfing, bodyboarders will use a hydrodynamic board (shaped like a surfboard, but is only half the length) and ride the crests, faces, and curls of the wave on their bellies. Pro tip: put on swim fins to give yourself added control when riding a breaking wave.

3. Try not to fall off an ATV or go-kart

Have the ride of your life on an ATV or go crazy go-karting! All these activities will definitely get your heart pumping and make for extremely thrilling experiences and fond memories.

Multiple resorts around Bintan offer these two activities! Among them is Nirwana Gardens, which charges S$20 per person (six rounds) for ATV rides. Alternatively, to try your hand at go-karting, check out Bintan Usahatama; they will confirm the pricing upon booking.

4. Go snorkelling and make friends with the fishies

11-seriously-cool-things-to-do-in-bintan-on-your-next-getaway-tripzilla-1 11 Seriously Cool Things to Do in Bintan on Your Next Getaway - TripZilla

Image credit: Bicho_raro via Canva Pro

The amazingly clear waters and healthy marine life will have you spending so much time in the water, you’ll be a prune by the time you’re willing to get out! A typical two-hour snorkelling trip in Bintan will cost you between S$18 and S$45. For instance, a popular place that offers snorkelling tours is Nirwana Gardens, and their four-hour trip costs just S$30!

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5. Spam your Instagram feed with picturesque spots around the island

While we won’t deny that food is always worthy of a photo, these vibrant spots and kelongs (a wooden platform fisherman use when offshore) are simply beautiful, too! So, why not snap a photo here to commemorate that restful holiday? 

6. Spend an afternoon at the popular Lagoi Beach

11-seriously-cool-things-to-do-in-bintan-on-your-next-getaway-tripzilla-2 11 Seriously Cool Things to Do in Bintan on Your Next Getaway - TripZilla

Image credit: Retno Budiyanto via Canva Pro

You can’t talk about things to do in Bintan without heading to the popular Lagoi Beach, whose white sand and emerald waters are perfect for an array of afternoon activities — from suntanning and people-watching, to surfing and swimming.

7. Explore the impressive mangroves

But, if you want to add some nature to your time here, then why not rent a kayak and join a Mangrove Discovery Tour, too? Row yourselves out along the rich mangroves of Sebong River. This 60-minute eco-adventure lets you explore the impressive mangroves and kingfishers that call Sebung River its home, assuring you an afternoon that’s both educational and relaxing. 

8. Watch turtles hatching

11-seriously-cool-things-to-do-in-bintan-on-your-next-getaway-tripzilla-3 11 Seriously Cool Things to Do in Bintan on Your Next Getaway - TripZilla

Image credit: szwerink via Canva Pro

If you’re in Bintan around the peak hatching periods (mid-May to end-June and August to September) take the opportunity to head down to the Lagoi Beach to watch some hawksbill and green turtles hatch and be released into the ocean! It’ll definitely make for a unique beach experience.

9. Eat your way through sinfully good Indonesian cuisine

11-seriously-cool-things-to-do-in-bintan-on-your-next-getaway-tripzilla-4 11 Seriously Cool Things to Do in Bintan on Your Next Getaway - TripZilla

Image credit: Space_cat via Canva Pro

Even though travel within Bintan is currently only restricted to Lagoi, that doesn’t mean you won’t have an array of food choices to stuff your faces with. With famous local dishes like ayam presto and ayam penyat, you’ll be feasting the day away!

After that, it only makes sense to burn those calories off by exploring the impressive wilderness of Lagoi, from go-karting and kayaking to beaches and safaris.

10. Conquer the heights at Gunung Bintan

Bookmark this landmark for when you can travel further out into Bintan’s breathtaking natural landscape. Gunung Bintan, a small 340-metre mountain, takes you just 40 minutes to reach the top.

On your way down, reward yourself with a dip in the pool at the base of the waterfall; local legends say that doing so will bring you good fortune! Bask in nature’s goodness as you burn some calories from that ayam penyat you just ate.

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11. Paint your friends red in a game of paintball

11-seriously-cool-things-to-do-in-bintan-on-your-next-getaway-tripzilla-5 11 Seriously Cool Things to Do in Bintan on Your Next Getaway - TripZilla

Image credit: LightFieldStudios via Canva Pro

Paintball is super fun, especially if you have equally adventurous friends who don’t mind getting dirty! If you’re up for a game, Nirwana Gardens offers a game at S$50 per person (inclusive of the first 50 pellets)!

With all these exciting activities in store for you in Bintan, there’s really no good reason why it shouldn’t be on your list for your next travel destination!

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