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TEMPO.CO, Yogyakarta – A total of 13 tourists boarding the GA Trans Bus from Sukoharjo died after the bus crashed into the cliffs of Bukit Bego near the Mangunan Pine Forest area, Bantul of Yogyakarta, on Sunday, Feb. 6.

The police initially suspected that the accident was due to brake failure and that the bus driver lost control.

“As tourism managers, we are very concerned that this accident occurred. We are deeply saddened. This is the first incident after tourist destinations are opened following the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Purwo Harsono, Chairman of Notowono Cooperative which manages a number of tourist sites in Mangunan Forest, Sunday.

Purwo alias Ipung said his side immediately checked the bus’ whereabouts at the time of the incident and did not receive any information that the travel bus had stopped at one of the Mangunan tourist attractions. 

“We are informed that the tour bus departed from the Breksi Cliff tourist area heading to Parangtritis Beach via the Mangunan Forest,” he added.

Ipung explained that the roads of the Mangunan Forest area are known to be winding with some steep inclines and descents that must be watched out for. 

The Bantul Resort Police informed there were a total of 47 passengers and crew of the tour bus. Other victims were rushed to three hospitals, viz. Panembahan Senopati Hospital, Nur Hidayah Hospital, and PKU Bantul Hospital for medical treatment.

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