16 Best Vagamon Tourism Destinations

Vagamon is studded with meadows, landscapes, pine forests, waterfalls, tea estates, and valleys and is an appealing getaway and among the best hill stations in Kerala. Mystic mountains, verdant grass plains, and clean air are the attractions of Vagamon Tourism Destinations. The hill station has a chain of 3 beautiful hills called Thangal hill, Murugan hill, and Kurismala which gives a secular religious aura and an enchanting feel to this destination as each of these hills are visited by devotees of three religions every year.

List of Vagamon Tourism Destinations

Elaveezha Poonchira

Elaveezha Poonchira is among the best places in Kerala to watch sunset and sunrise without any hindrance. Awesome scenery and green valleys highlighted by those large mountains are excellent enough for a vacation with the mystic appeal. According to the tale, Panchali the wife of Pandavas bathed in a Pool here, the queen of the impressive Mahabharata. Elaveezha Poonchira in Malayalam indicates ‘valley where leaves in don’t fall’ and it is known as so because trees are not present in this area.

16-best-vagamon-tourism-destinations 16 Best Vagamon Tourism Destinations
Sunset Watching From Elaveezhapoonchira

Kurisumala Ashram

Kurisumala Ashram is a well-known Christian pilgrimage centre as well as a monastery. The prayer area is quite large to execute wishes and relaxation. The cattle and dairy farm run by the priests here is another attraction. Kurisumala Ashram is thronged by crowds on Good Friday when thousands of religious enthusiasts from far and near meet and go up the mountain holding wood crosses to enact the way of the cross.

16-best-vagamon-tourism-destinations-1 16 Best Vagamon Tourism Destinations
View From Kurisumala Ashram


Kuttikkanam, the major attraction out of Vagamon tourism destinations, is covered in tea plantations, pine forests, streams, cardamom plantations and hills which oozes out an alluring charm for a relaxing a peaceful vacation at 3500 meters above sea level. Kuttikanam once used to be the vacation destination of the royal family and Henry Baker first discovered the uniqueness of this place and he started coffee plantations here which were later converted to tea and the requirement of manual labour bought in more people to Kuttikanam.

16-best-vagamon-tourism-destinations-2 16 Best Vagamon Tourism Destinations

Murugan Mala

Murugan Mala is a mountain that houses a rock-cut forehead devoted to Lord Murugan which is located at a distance of 8 miles from Vagamon. Many enthusiasts check out the position every season. The forehead of Master Murugan, located on this mountain, was designed using only one stone.

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Parumthupara View Point

Parumthupara has a giant rock sculpture at Grampi known as Parunthupara situated 1200 m above sea level. Perfect for hiking, this extreme bumpy corner provides an amazing encounter for both natural as well as encounter fans. Relaxed and silent with awesome, clean wind, this position has limitations as it is quite risky to go beyond a certain range.

16-best-vagamon-tourism-destinations-3 16 Best Vagamon Tourism Destinations

Vagamon Tea Estates

The biggest tea properties are the highlights out of tourist places in Vagamon. Pulikkanam Estate and MMJ Plantations are the most famous tea estates in Vagamon. You can get authorization from the Estate office and have a undergo the property landscapes and this for sure is going to be a valuable time you invest here.

16-best-vagamon-tourism-destinations-4 16 Best Vagamon Tourism Destinations
Vagamon Tea Plantations

Thangal Para

A trip of about five miles from Vagamon, down the Elappara path, will take you to the Thangal Para, a place of spiritual significance to Muslims. Husrath Sheikh Fariduddin, a Sufi saint who is believed to have visited Kerala from Afghanistan about 800 decades ago has a dargah here. Uroos, is the most famous festival at this dargah and celebrated during April with Ganjusakkar (a lovely dish).

16-best-vagamon-tourism-destinations-5 16 Best Vagamon Tourism Destinations
Thangal Para

Vagamon Pine Forest

An artificial pine forest over 100 acres that houses more than 30 bird species is the major attraction of Vagamon tourist places. The forest comes under the buffer zone by the state forestry department. Be it having a nap in the pines or having a lengthy pace through the Pines, you can ignore and relax at this Pine Forest.

16-best-vagamon-tourism-destinations-6 16 Best Vagamon Tourism Destinations
Vagamon Pine Forests

Vagamon Natural Green Meadows

Imagine a natural lawn area with the awesome wind going around all day long and you in the centre of all this. You probably would want to go there and that place is Vagamon Natural Green Meadows. Greenery and more of greenery is the main attraction of the place and nowhere you can enjoy it more than Vagamon Natural Green Meadows which is a popular Vagamon tourism destination.

16-best-vagamon-tourism-destinations-7 16 Best Vagamon Tourism Destinations
Vagamon Green Meadows

Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are a wildlife enthusiast Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary should be on your list. The chance to spot an elephant or tiger is high in such a perfect sanctuary. Bison, sambar deer, wild dogs, jungle cat, black bulbul, woodpecker, kingfisher, etc. can also be seen. The striking rugged mountains give the sanctuary an appealing look. You can buy local products and souvenirs from shops too.

16-best-vagamon-tourism-destinations-8 16 Best Vagamon Tourism Destinations
Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary

Idukki Arch Dam

Among the tourists’ places in Vagamon, Idukki Arch Dam comes to our consideration because it has earned recognition as the highest dam in Asia. Another reason to visit the spot is its enthralling surroundings.  The mountains of Kurathimala and Kuravan Mala create a heavenly sight. 

Looking at the serene Periyar River from a height of 550 feet adds to the charm. You will find solace in the combined effect of the river flowing below and the greenery present around Idukki Dam.

16-best-vagamon-tourism-destinations-9 16 Best Vagamon Tourism Destinations
Idukki Arch Dam

Vagamon Lake

The green hills and tea estates provide a stunning backdrop. Vagamon Lake has got plenty of room for fishing, boating, rowing and other kinds of water activities. The lake is open for all from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. You need tickets for the entrance. The price of tickets for adults is Rs.10/- and Rs.5/- for children.

16-best-vagamon-tourism-destinations-10 16 Best Vagamon Tourism Destinations
Vagamon Lake

Mundakayam Ghat

Mundakayam Ghat offers a panoramic view of Vagamon. Many choose Mundakayam Ghat for paragliding. Others who love bird watching can take the chance to visit this tourist destination. It will be wise to visit this spot from December to February.

16-best-vagamon-tourism-destinations-11 16 Best Vagamon Tourism Destinations
Mundakayam Ghat

Vagamon Orchid Garden

Vagamon Orchid Garden covers 15 hectares of land. The garden is gradually becoming popular with visitors. This is the place where you can see about 3000 varieties of orchids which will make you spellbound. The orchids will surely add colours to your mind. There are meadows and ponds inside the garden. So, you can relax in those areas as well. 

Moreover, buy your favourite orchid along with natural products, like spices, bee wax and honey. Precisely you will add a lot of delight to your life by a single visit to the lively garden.

16-best-vagamon-tourism-destinations-12 16 Best Vagamon Tourism Destinations
Vagamon Orchid Garden

Murinzupuzha Waterfalls

Vagamon Tourism Destinations calls you to experience its stunning waterfalls to revive yourself. A prominent waterfall is the Murinzupuzha waterfalls.  It is 12 kilometers away from the High Valley Resort. You can also visit Maramala waterfalls too. Both of them are interesting Vagamon Tourism Destinations.

16-best-vagamon-tourism-destinations-13 16 Best Vagamon Tourism Destinations
Murinzupuzha Waterfalls


During their reign in India, the British discovered Peermade and developed this place as a tea processing zone. Today the tourists visiting this site get excited to find buildings that resemble European architecture. 

In this place, you will have tea leaves of high quality. Explore the coffee and cardamom plantations as well. Farmers also cultivate organic black pepper, white pepper, ginger, turmeric, etc.

16-best-vagamon-tourism-destinations-14 16 Best Vagamon Tourism Destinations

Things to do in Vagamon

Having read about Vagamon Tourism Destinations, you might be wondering if you might see some more exciting activities on your trip. So, consider the following: 

  • Vagamon is famous for Paragliding. There is plenty of scopes to glide over the beautiful meadows and hills to make your trip memorable. Kolahalamedu hill is the perfect destination to carry out paragliding.
  • In Vagamon Tourist places, you can experience rock climbing and mountaineering.
  • Off-roading is another common activity. You can take the route of the grass meadows of Uluppunni or the pine forests.
  • Visit MASCO Tea Farms at Peermade to gather knowledge about tea processing.
  • You could make time to visit the Uluppunni tunnel. It is a manmade tunnel.
  •  Many enjoy kayaking, boating and rowing in Vagamon Lake. 

As a hill station, Vagamon is a gateway to people who are trying to avoid humid weather. You will indeed find it as a comfortable shelter in Vagamon.  The Vagamon Tourist places have been successful to draw tourists from home and abroad.  I believe the sheer beauty of Vagamon and the thrilling activities will influence you to plan your next trip to Vagamon.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vagamon Tourism Destinations

How to reach Vagamon?

Vagamon is approximately 103 kms from Cochin and 64 kms from Kottayam -the closest railway station. It is readily accessible by road from Kottayam and Cochin.

Vagamon has an appealing charm and you will never get fed up with Vagamon tourism destinations as each day or check out will show the different moods of nature and climate; the soothing wind or the fantastic climate in December-January which will be the ideal time for you to visit Vagamon and that can romanticize your thoughts and ideas. Although Vagamon tourist places are all-season destinations, it is better to avoid visiting this city during monsoons as heavy rainfall makes travelling tough.

What is the climate in Vagamon?

During most months of the year, there is significant rainfall in Vagamon. The breezy weather and soft rains teemed with picturesque green landscape make Vagamon the perfect romantic haven for couples. The temperature in Vagamon typically ranges from 10-20 degrees Celsius.

What is the famous food to eat in Vagamon?

Most of the restaurants in Vagamon are found in hotels and resorts. They offer delicious, authentic Kerala cuisine. The normal restaurants offer the typical Kerala meal of red rice, sambar, vegetables and chicken curry, along with some sumptuous north Indian dishes.

Is Vagamon worth visiting?

Vagamon could be a fantastic getaway for those travelling to live in the lap of nature. For starters, it is home to pine forests, tea estates, waterfalls, river streams, rose gardens, and spice plantations. Some of the worth-visiting sites in Vagamon tourism destinations have already been listed down in this article.


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