7 Best things to do in Vagamon

Things to do in Vagamon – Vagamon is a hill station in Kottayam, is at an elevation of 1100 meters. With its stunning views of rolling green hills, deep ravines, and winding and rivulets, Vangamon is the perfect weekend gateway. The captivating hill station is surrounded by tea gardens, pine forests, waterfalls, and meadows. Vagaomon has pleasant weather throughout the year. There are several things to do in Vagaomon, from trekking and adventure sports to meditation.

7-best-things-to-do-in-vagamon 7 Best things to do in Vagamon

How to reach Vagamon

Cochin International Airport (98.4 km) is the closest airport to Vagaomon. Cochin International Airport has flights to major cities in India. The nearest railway station Kottayam is 62 km from Vagaomon. There are KSRTC buses to Vagaomon.

The drive to Vagaomon is spectacular as you drive through serpentine roads through pine forest. As we gradually climb up green hills, you can see the beautiful view of the gently rolling valley below.

Best time to visit

Tourists plan their trip to Vagamon from March to June or October to March. It rains very heavily from June to September, and sightseeing can be difficult.

Things to do in Vagamon

Though Vagamon is a remote hill station, it has plenty to offer. Whether you are into adventure sports or like to meditate, there are many things to do in Vagamon.


If you are want to have an adventure you will never forget, you can try paragliding in Vagamon. You will be mesmerized by the view of the mountains, lakes, and green valleys. You feel like you are flying at an altitude of 3000 ft. A trained pilot will accompany you during the 20-minute ride.

Trip to Ulipooni Wildlife Sanctuary

A trip to Ulipponi Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular things to do in Vagamon. The sanctuary is 10 km from Vagamon and is an ideal escape from our noisy and chaotic urban life. The picturesque location is the perfect picnic spot with boating facilities available. The sanctuary has a variety of fauna and flora and is home to animals like Tigers and Elephants.

Picnic by Vagamon Lake

Vagamon lake is magical, nestled between three hills. The adjoining lush green hills with blooming colourful flowers make the lake look vibrant. Vagamon Lake is a popular destination for a leisurely picnic with friends and family. Avid photographs will enjoy taking pictures at the picturesque location. You can enjoy boat rides at the lake. The calm and tranquil atmosphere at the lake is perfect for people who want to enjoy some solitude.

Hikes in Vagamon

Vagamon’s hilly terrain is the perfect location for trekking enthusiasts. Several trekking routes in the hill station are one of the things to do in Vagamon. It is advisable to wear comfortable hiking shoes during the trek, avoid trekking in the monsoon when the rocks are slippery.


The trail to the Kurisumala hills is interesting, as you pass dairy farms set up by the Catholic monks in the monastery. The Syro-Malankara Catholic church established Kurisumala Ashram in 1958. The monastery is at an altitude of 1200 m, and it takes 45 minutes to trek up to the top. It is an important Christian pilgrimage, and many followers congregate here on Good Friday weekend. The monastery is serene and silent. It is a perfect location to introspect and meditate.


Moonmala is an easy hike with a spectacular view from the top of the hill. You will enjoy the fantastic view of the 3 dams from the hill. The view from the hill at sunset is spectacular, as the mist-covered hilltops and mist emerge from the valley.


Thangalpara is a popular trekking destination. Thangalpara is a beautiful location and is at an elevation of 2500 meters. The hill has a unique spherical rock formation and is a pilgrimage for Muslims in the region. Shaikh Fariduddin, a Sufi Saint lived on the hill. According to legends, the spherical rock grew considerably after his death, his tomb is near the spherical rock. The view from Thangalpara is captivating. You can spot Kurisindi Peak and Murugan Mala from Thanglapara.

Murugan Mala

Murugan Mala or Murugan Hill has a beautiful rock-cut temple dedicated to Lord Murugan. Walking up to the temple through the breathtaking terrain is one of the things in Vagamon that will surely rejuvenate you. The atmosphere on top of Murugan Hill is divine. Meditating in the tranquil setting is rejuvenating.

Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Ziplining

Vagamon offers adventure sports enthusiasts plenty of options for adrenalin-filled activities. Some of the things to do Vagamon are adventure activities like ziplining, rock climbing, paintball, and archery. Kayaking is another fun-filled activity you can try during your stay.

Drive down to Vagamon Falls

The beautiful Vagamon Falls or called Palozhukumpara waterfalls is surrounded by dense vegetation. The falls cascading down the hills is a treat for the eyes. Photographers love taking pictures of the milky water while water gushes down the green hills. The picturesque location is an ideal location for photographers. Drive down to falls through the Western Ghats is spectacular. Though the waterfall is not big, the drive down to Vagamon Fall is one of the popular things to do in Vagamon.

Explore the Vagamon Pine Forests

Vagamon is surrounded by pine forest is a manmade forest. The British planted tall pine trees during the Raj. Exploring the pine forest on foot is one of the relaxing things to do in Vagamon. Tourists can stroll down the hill and enjoy the spectacular view. The forest overlooks the Vagamon valley.

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