70 best things to do in Kerala in 2019 (with Photos)

Kerala has been selected among CNN Travel’s 19 places to visit in 2019[1]  has much more to offer than only those usual looks of green trees in hill stations, backwaters and lush fields. You will find a different type of uniqueness in the natural beauty there. Here is the complete list of best things to do in Kerala with Photos for any traveler who is planning to visit any of the best places to visit in Kerala[2].

1. Walk & take a photo at the Tea Gardens in Munnar:

The hill station of Munnar[3] is well known for its verdant hills  with tea plantations and this is among the best photo opportunities in Kerala. The tea gardens make a memorable background for honeymoon and family photographs. Backdrop of greenery from the tea gardens of Munnar and silvery mist among the mountains form a perfect setting for photography along with other tourist spots in Munnar[4]. Many of the tea estates may not allow trespassing and you may have to seek permission before photographing.


2. Eat the World’s Best breakfast:

Rated as the world’s best breakfast by Travel & leisure magazine, Kerala’s healthy breakfast is cooked with pure, fresh and seasonal local natural ingredients. Begin your day with Uppma, Masala Dosa, Puttu, Idly  and Appams. Appams  are recommended with vegetable stew or meat/chicken stew.


3. Wander through the Paddy fields in Kerala:

Get a different strolling experience by walking through green paddy fields. Wandering through these fields, feeling the mud and water on your feet, gives a unique feeling especially in the mornings and evenings.


4.  Sip Tender Coconut Water from Roadside.

Sipping the cool, fresh and healthy tender  coconut water on a hot summer day will rejuvanize you and keep you active throughout the day. It’s tender, white, nutritional pulp is also a strong nutritional diet.


5. Enjoy Beauty of Backwaters in a Houseboat.

Explore the backwaters of Kerala in a houseboat[5]. It is literally a floating house. The houseboat has the comforts of a house with bedrooms, dining area and a lounge. The glass walls let you get a clear view of surroundings while sailing on the backwaters.Best Things to do in Kerala houseboat include enjoying traditional Kerala food, fishing , canoeing etc and candle light dinner, flower arrangement and cake cutting etc are also organised for honeymoon couples in houseboat


6. Watch Snake Boat Racing.

Watch snake boats race at Alappuzha – a place in Kerala. Feel the excitement of the racers and the enthusiastic crowd that shout, cheer, wave and clap with great competitive spirit while watching Nehru Trophy Boat Race[6]. You could get a first hand experience of the race by renting a snake boat and participating yourself as well and this is among the best things to do in Kerala in September .


7. Explore Village Life along the backwaters.

Get a closer look at the village life in Kerala through a backwater village tour[7] . Ride on a bullock cart. Meet with the locals and explore their lifestyle. Enjoy homemade food made by them and take away traditional recipes. Chill with the adorable naughty kids who love to entertain.


8. Cross Coconut Trunk Bridges.

In the lush green lands of Kerala, you will come across many water bodies which run through the fields and jungles. There are narrow wooden bridges on streams that the natives use to cross them. Crossing these bridges made of coconut trunks is another awesome experience, though it may feel more like a balancing act when you do it the first time.


9. Eat a  Sadya from a Banana Leaf.

Sit cross-legged on a mat and get the traditional sadya (Kerala’s lunch) served with rice, pickles, vegetarian dishes, pappadam and payasam. Sadya is enjoyed when eaten with your hand and not cutlery. Sadya is a pure vegetarian meal served on tender banana leaf and is usually served during Onam. However most of the hotels in Kerala serve Sadya for lunch if you can make prior request.

sadhya-kerala-best-mealSadhya is a Must Try Meal in Kerala

10. Fish with Chinese Fishing Nets at Fort Kochi.

Fishing using the Chinese Fishing Nets in Kochi is another one of a kind experience. It is a unique and unusual method of fishing. Chinese Fishing Nets are fixed land installations. Operated from the shore, these nets are set up on bamboo and teak poles and held horizontally by huge mechanisms, which lower them into the sea. They  are counter-weighed by large stones tied to ropes and tourists can also participate with fishermen in the fishing. The original Chinese fishing nets here originated from the court of Kublai Khan, a Mongolian King.

Kochi chinese fishnets in twilight in Kochi, Kerala. Fort Kochin, Kerala, South India

11. Drape a Kerala Saree.

Women can surprise their partners by draping the elegant and traditional Kerala saree. The saree with golden zari border is woven on traditional hand loom. A photo shoot in Kerala traditional wear is something you can have to carry the memories of your Kerala trip and also to show friends and family back home and is among the best things to do in Kerala.

Kasavu Saree is the dress of the native women in Kerala Kasavu Saree is the dress of the native women in Kerala

12. Ride on an Elephant.

Yes! No bike riding or car driving, but an elephant ride! Feel like an emperor of old times, arriving on an elephant to meet his subjects. Pretty cool! Elephant ride is a must if you are planning for a visit to Kerala and among the best things to do in Munnar and Thekkady.

Kerala Elephant RideSafari and Elephant ride

13. Watch birds in Bird Sanctuaries of Kerala .

We are not talking about just crows and pigeons (however, you will find them too), but the natural beauty preserved in the beautiful and precious birds in the bird Sanctuaries of Kerala like the Kumarakom bird sanctuary and the Thettekad bird sanctuary. You can spot birds like Grey-headed Bulbul, Wynaad Laughingthrush, Malabar Grey Hornbill, Malabar Parakeet, Nilgiri Wood Pigeon, White-bellied Treepie, Nilgiri Flycatcher, Rufous Babbler, Malabar Lark and Crimson-backed Sunbird.

Kerala bird sactuaruesKumarakom and Thattekad are well known sanctuaries in Kerala

14. Feel the monsoon rain.

Get drenched in the monsoon rain and sip a cup of hot masala tea. Feel the raindrops in your palm. Watch the rain from your room or balcony and enjoy the music of the rain when it hits the roof and the leaves. The smell of the earth when the rain first falls on dry land is something divine. The music, mood and scent of the monsoon is one awesome romantic experience you shouldn’t miss.

watch-monsoon-rain-in-keralaWatch Monsoon Rains in Kerala from an arm chair

15.  Get an Authentic Kerala Ayurveda Massage.

Get an Ayurveda massage from the expert masseurs. It is a very soothing and relaxing experience for your body, mind and soul. Monsoons are the best time to get an authentic ayurveda massage. Traditionally, this is the right time to take a treatment in Ayurveda ,as the climate is suitable for treatments like Abhyangam, Ilakkizhi(Patrasweda), Podikkizhi (Choornasweda), Panchakarma, Udvarthanam (Herbal powder massage), Navarakkizhi, Ksheeradhara, Thakradhara and Pizhichil for any kind of ailments and the flora and fauna are abundantly available for any kind of Ayurveda treatment in monsoon. Ayurveda massages are the best things to do in Kerala in June, July and August

Authentic Kerala Ayurveda MassageEnjoy an Authentic Kerala Ayurveda Massage which is unique only to Kerala

16. Watch the tea making process from where it originates.

Free up some time to visit the tea plantations at Kerala, one of them is Munnar, you can even see the whole tea making process, if you are lucky enough. Have a sip of tea at place from where it plucked and interact with tea workers in Kerala.

Tea Picking in MunnarTea Picking in Munnar

17. Listen to temple Music.

The temple music, also a part of native’s prayers and festivals and it feels like hypnotizing the listener. Kerala is famous for Panchavadyam which  is a temple art and which means an orchestra of 5 native instruments like  elathalam ,  timila, suddha-maddalam, Kombu and  edakka.

Panchavadyam Kerala Anchavadyam which  is a temple art and which means an orchestra of 5 native instruments like  elathalam ,  timila, suddha-maddalam, Kombu and  edakka,

18. Visit Local Markets.

The packed crowds, high pitched of voices of merchants and vehicles, people jostling to view items, aromas of food wafting in the air—there is no denying that the best and most honest taste of any place comes from its local markets.The local markets in Kerala are like small stalls of everyday things including food items, fresh vegetables, juices, fruits, fish and meat. These can be visited to buy any specific food item or something for a daily use like knife, forks etc.

Local Markets in Kerala

19. Eat Bananas.

The bananas at Kerala are quite noticeable and different in their size, shape and somehow colors. There a long, small, tall bananas and also many ‘banana special’ dishes and items like banana milk shake, banana ice cream etc.

A Banana Shop in Kerala A Banana Shop in Kerala

20.  Watch the Bullock Race.

You may have watched the car racing many times but don’t forget to watch the interesting bullock race which will truly entertain in a different and unique way called Maramadi which is a way celebration that doesn’t involve torturing and killing poor animals. Maramadi takes place in flooded rice fields and is mong the best things to do in Kerala in August, which makes it infinitely more entertaining for the crowds watching from the sidelines.

maramadi-bullock-cart-race-keralaMaramadi is the bullock Cart race in Kerala in wet paddy fields

21. Stay in a Tree house.

Spend a night in a tree house to observe the nature closely between the greenery, the scents of flowers and leaves, and the morning dew makes the surrounding quite incredible. Kerala has a good collection of resorts with tree houses[8] in Munnar, Thekkady, Wayanad, Athirapilly offering Kerala treehouse honeymoon, kerala tree house stay and packages.

kerala-tree-hoouseTreehouses in Kerala are Wooden Houses on Top of Trees and are present at Munnar, Thekkady, Wayanad, Athirapilly

22. Visit Lullu Mall

Experience a shade of modern Kerala by visiting Lulu Mall in Kochi . It is the largest shopping mall in India with food courts, restaurants, family entertainment zones, a multiplex, ice skating rink and bowling alley and is a must visit to understand the consumerist trends in Kerala which is among the most literate states in India.

lulu-mallLulu Mall is the llargest shopping mall in India

23. Visit Ramakkalmedu and view Kuravan Kurathi Statue .

Ramakkalmedu is a place in Idukki district of Kerala and the folk-tale that lord ‘Sree Rama’, the Hindu mythological God had set his foot on this rock and hence the name Rama-Kal-Medu which translates into Rama’s foot imprints.Statue of Kuruvan & Kuruthi located at the top of one of the Ramakkalmramakkalmeduedu hills is a must see not only for the size but also for the view of hills from surroundings.

Ramakkalmedu-kerala-largest-twin-statueRamakkalmedu statues of Kuravan and Kurathi is the largest twin statue in Kerala

24. Trace the footsteps of Disciple of Jesus Christ – St: Thomas .

When Jesus gave a mandate to his Apostles to go out to the whole world and to proclaim the Good News. Thomas set out to India and finally landed upon Malayattoor where he established a shrine at the top of the mountain and hiking up the mountain to listen to Mass in Malayalam is a unique experience. Disciples every day hike up the mountain by chanting “Muthappan” which is the name by which the devotes invoke St. Thomas on the mountain in April and May

visit-malayattoor-churchPath leading up to the top of Malayattoor Mountain

25.  Travel in an Auto-rickshaw.

Auto-rickshaw is a common mans vehicle in Kerala . Move through the roads and explore the lanes in a 3 wheel auto rickshaw. The black and yellow colored rickshaw will drive you to any place and let you experience its waving drive through the packed traffic in Kerala.

autorikshaw-kerala-rideAuto-rickshaw Rise is a must experience thing to do in Kerala

26. Watch Local Art Forms.

There exist many local art forms including Kathakali, Mohiniyattam, Theyyam and Thiruvathira. Watch these arts and try to understand the nuances of those arts which really impresses you.

kathakali-photosKathakali Show in Kerala

27. Ride in a bullock cart.

Ride through the muddy lanes of the village in a bullock cart. The bells fasten in the oxen necks along with the smooth sound of cart creates a beautiful musical sound.

bullock-cart-ride-in-KeralaBullock Cart for ride in Kerala

28.  Take a local train.

In order to take a quick view of the Kerala, enjoy Kerala through the eyes of a train traveler especially if you are from outside Kerala, take a window seat and let your eyes store the magical views out there. Get friendly with the fellow passengers, have some gossips and discuss to get more information about the places passing by.

nearest-railway-station-to-munnarLocal Train Station in Kochi, Kerala

29. Romance the hill Stations.

Kerala’s hill stations are the famous due to their comfortable and cold weather, misty winds and cool breeze. Feel the romance in each and every air breeze and enjoy your tryst with hill stations of Kerala in October , November and December

kerala-hillstationsMunnar has comfortable and cold weather like all Kerala hillstations

30. Taste Payasam.

Payasam is a rich milk delicary – made in pure ghee with the flavours of vermicelli, gram or rice. It’ sweet and natural taste will let you forget all that packed tin milk and sweets.

payasam-kerala-best-things-to-eatPayasam is the must taste dessert in Kerala

31. Eat Kerala snacks from a roadside stall- Bonda, Sukhiyan ,Pazhampori (Banana Fritters).

There are roadside stalls all over Kerala which serves unique Kerala snacks like Bonda, Sukhiyan & Pazhampori (Banana Fritters ). Take some timeout while you holiday in Kerala to taste some of these snacks with a hot tea.

banana-fritters-kerala-pazhamporiBanana Fritters with Tea

32. Taste the adventure with Paragliding.

Kerala is ideal for adventure activities[9] as a place dotted with rivers, beaches and hills, the potential seems far from realised. Trekking, rock climbing, camping in hills and water-based adventure activities like kayaking, canoeing and yachting are popular adventure activities in Kerala.

Paragliding in KeralaParagliding in Kerala

33. Get wet under the Waterfalls.

Kerala has lot of majestic waterfalls like ‘Athirapally falls’ which is also called the ‘Niagara falls of India’ and small falls on the roadside. You get a chance to to drench under the waterfalls in Kerala and drench your foot listening to the tip-top musical sound of falling water, enjoying the greenery dipped in water in June , July , August and September during monsoon seasons.When you drive to Munnar you can see many refreshing waterfalls where you can take some rest.

Waterfalls on the way to MunnarWaterfalls on the way to Munnar

34. Visit a Museum.

The museums of Kerala are truly renowned for handicrafts, historical ornaments, grand carts ivory carvings of faces and masks of Kathakali. This is a must visit in January and March

Museum in KeralaMuseum in Kerala

35. Visit the Zoo.

Zoo and zoological parks are must to see for any animal lover. The Trivandrum zoo offers not only a close view of wildlife but also it is ready to fresh your eyes with the beautiful lakes and lawns.

Trivandrum Zoo is the oldest Zoo in AsiaTrivandrum Zoo is the oldest Zoo in Asia

36. Visit Bekal Fort.

The bekal fort of the Kasaragod covers about 35 acres. It’s at a height of 130ft. above sea level and its large red structure makes it the largest and best fort in Kerala. Best time to Visit Bekal[10] is from August to March in winter sesason when you can watch the majesty of the sea from the top of the Bekal fort.

Bekal Fort Bekal Fort of the Kasaragod covers about 35 acres

37. Taste food cooked in earthenware.

Kerala Cuisine these earthenware pots are still used often on homemade stoves with wood as fuel
. The women at Kerala still cook food in the ancient earthenware and they believe that food cooked in these pots adds a special and natural taste to the food. Have a chance to taste and even try to cook food in those earthen vessels.

kerala-fish-curryKerala Cuisine these earthenware pots are still used often on homemade stoves with wood as fuel

38. Visit Jatayu National Park.

Jatayu Nature Park  is a Ramayana themed park that is named after  Jatayu, the bird which  tried to rescue Sita from Ravana in Ramayana. Located in  Kollam district of Kerala, this rock themed park will be a treat to the eyes as well as the sense of adventure for the tourists Jatayu Nature and is focused on promoting mythology, adventure and wellness tourism.

Jatayu ParkJatayu Park  is a Ramayana themed park in Kollam

39. Visit a quiet beach like Cherai or Marari.

Cherai & Marari beaches are quiet beaches in Kerala where you can enjoy your tryst with solitude. If you are lucky enough, you can spot one and observe it coming out with the marvelous splash and going back with an incredible dive.

marari-beach-keralaMarari Beach,is a beach in Kerala where you can unwind completely

40. Watch traditional Kerala Fishing from houseboat.

You can watch traditional Kerala Fishing from houseboat. You can also try fishing with a fishing rod, put a fish feed at the end and hang it into the water or simply get a fish net and spread it in water. Whatever method you are going to catch the fish, you will never return empty handed.

traditional-kerala-fishing-houseboatTraditional Kerala Fishing in backwaters

42. Visit Snake Park.

As the name says, the snake Park at Parassinikadavu, Kannur has three snake pits and fifteen glass cases having different species of snakes. Two large glass cases are for King Cobras. Moreover, there is a snake show conducted every hour which is really worth watching.

snake-park-parassinikkadavuParassinkkadavu Snake Park is about 16 km from Kannur town

43. Watch Tholpavakoothu- Puppet Show.

Get entertained watching shadow puppetry called Tholpavakoothu that is practiced in Thrissur , Palakkad and Malappuram districts of Kerala. Tholpavakoothu is dedicated to Bhadrakali and shows scenes from Ramayana.

tholppavakoothu-pupet-show-keralaTholpavakoothu is a compound word of three Malayalam terms, thol, meaning leather, pava, meaning doll, and koothu, meaning the play.

44. See Fireworks in a Temple festival.

No Kerala temple festival is complete without fireworks in the sky and the most famous is fireworks in Thrissur Pooram. See the night getting orange as the shining fireworks light up the sky over the lighted temple in Kerala

kerala-fireworksNo Kerala temple festival is complete without fireworks in the sky

45. Surf in the Arabian Sea.

Love Surfing? Kannur, Kovalam and Varkala are among the best destinations to surf in India where you can learn surfing as well.

Kannur, Kovalam and Varkala are among the best destinations to surf in IndiaKannur, Kovalam and Varkala are among the best destinations to surf in India

46. Watch a Kalaripayattu Show .

Kalaripayattu , the Martial art of Kerala is one of the oldest self defense forms in the world. Kalaripayattu which include strikes, kicks, grappling, preset forms, weaponry , healing methods ,stunts and fighting stance is worth seeing on a Kerala Holiday.

kalaripayattuKalaripayattu Show

47. Practice Yoga Sessions in Ashrams.

Yoga Sessions are held at different ashrams under the perfect guidance of expert spiritual gurus. Go for Meditation, relaxation and soul rest.

Yoga in KeralaYoga in Kerala

48. Observe Wildlife closely in Thekkady.

Take a close look at wildlife while rafting in Thekkady . The running herds of deer, calm elephants, fierce tigers and birds playing with the heights of sky and leaves of long trees – a heaven to capture for a photographer.

thekkady-rafting-photo30Rafting in Thekkady

49. See Sunset at Kovalam Beach.

Observe the wet beauty at kovalam beach bathed in the golden sunrays – an eye catching view during the sunset.

Watch Sunset at Kovalam BeachWatch Sunset at Kovalam Beach

50. Say Hello to the Nilgiri Tahr.

Meet Nilgiri Tahr – Half of their world population is found here at Eravikulam National Park. They are friendly and silent. Feel free to take some snaps with them.

Nilgiri Tahr in MunnarNilgiri Tahr in Munnar

51. Kerala palaces.

Kerala’s ancient palaces are a proof of the skilled ancient architects.If you visit Kerala and don’t have a look at the palaces there then you are missed something cool. You should visit any of the palaces in Kerala to explore Kerala Culture and Heritage[11] and this historical sojourn s one among the nostalgic things to do in Kerala.

Kanakakunnu Palace in KeralaKanakakunnu Palace in Kerala

52. Go on a Trekking trip.

Trekking in Kerala in Munnar or Thekkady is a unique experience. It can be calm, silent and breathtaking. Never miss it!


53. Visit Kuttanad.

Kuttanad is a beautiful backwater destination and only place in the world where farming is done below sea level. The lush green paddy fields are surrounded by backwaters add magnificent beauty to the place.

kuttanad-kerala-visitKuttanad in Kerala does farming below the sea level

54. Wash away your sins.

There is a belief in Kerala that taking a bath at Papanasham beach in Varkala will wash away your sins. Take a dip and enjoy your tryst with mythology along with visiting one of the best beaches near trivandrum[12].

Papanasam Varkala beach, Kerala, India

55. See the Flower garden in Munnar.

Flower garden in Munnar is a hub of natural beauty having Exotic orchids, elegant anthuria and other beautiful flowers. In the morning the view of the flower garden in between the tea gradens is a breathtaking view.

flower-garden-munnarFlower Garden in Munnar

56. Visit Heart Shaped Lake.

Chembra Peak is the highest peak in Wayanad district of Kerala and a perennial heart shaped lake half way to the top of the peak is rated among the best honeymoon destinations in Kerala[13].The lake is believed to be perennial and always has water in it at any time of the year. The heart shaped honeymoon lake is halfway to the peak and you need to walk and trek through about a km or two of dense trees to reach the top of the peak after reaching the lake. The Lake is mostly covered with mist and snow and is an ideal place for a couples hangout and is rated among the best honeymoon places in Kerala

Heart shaped honeymoon lake in Chembra PeakHeart shaped honeymoon lake in Chembra Peak

57. Show your Palm to a Fortune teller.

In the streets of Kerala , you can found fortune tellers ready to tell you a glimpse of your future by having a look at your palm Regardless of the truth and lies, knowing something about your future is a real fun.The traditional fortune telling and tellers might just have predicted their own doom, what with the popular astrology getting hi-tech in the recent times.A visit to Kerala , however might just negate this thought, as you can find fortune tellers with parrots in most tourist places in Kerala.

you can find fortune tellers with parrots in most tourist places in keralayou can find fortune tellers with parrots in most tourist places in kerala

58. Try Putting a Pookalam or Floral Pattern.

Pookalam or Floral patterns are made with colorful flowers, petals and leaves during the festival of Onam[14] is one of the must see things to do in Kerala . Try designing the common one’s or a complex pattern with your friends or family if you are visiting Kerala during Onam.


59. Enjoy Cochin Carnival.

If you are in Kerala in the last week of December, do not miss the grand Cochin Carnival[15]. The highlight of the carnival is the massive procession on the New Year’s Day. Celebrate your New Year with great music, dance, fancy dress parade, and fireworks.

Cochin hosts a carnival every year in the last week of DecemberCochin hosts a carnival every year in the last week of December

60. Enjoy a Shikara Ride in Backwaters .

Shikara ride in backwaters is a popular day cruise option for backwater tourism in Kerala which involves cruise in a small boat with its roof covered and all the sides are open . Shikaras have luxurious reclining seats, couch bags inside but not so many facilities as houseboats and can carry 2 to 10 people depending on the size of the boat. The Shikara takes you leisurely through the backwaters to the Vembanad lake and again back to the boarding point.

61. Use a traditional Water wheel.

The farmers in Kerala used the traditional water wheel trying to pump the water in to the fields to maximize the crop in early days . These wheels were once the only source to dewater the fields before the advent of the electric motors.You can still find the traditional water wheels can be still found in the fields of Kerala. If you find one, find out from the farmer to pedal one.

water-wheel-farmer-keralaThe farmers in Kerala used the traditional water wheel trying to pump the water in to the fields

62. Wear Jasmine in your Hair.

Jasmine flowers adds a natural beauty to the hair of a ladies in Kerala . You can also pluck by hand and then string them together to wear in the hair.

Jasmine flowers adds a natural beauty to the hair of a ladies in KeralaJasmine flowers adds a natural beauty to the hair of a ladies in Kerala

63. Try your hand at percussion.

Percussion instruments and music like Chenda and Idakka are from Kerala . Don’t hesitate to try your skills at these instruments in case you get a chance while visiting Kerala .

chenda-melam-keralaPercussion instruments and music like Chenda and Idakka are from Kerala

64. Shop for a Kathakali Mask.

Kerala’s handicraft centers has amazing things that can be gifted to loved ones or may be considered as a decoration piece for your house. You can consider wood carved Kathakali masks snake boats and elephants as souvenirs from Kerala[17] .

Kathakali masks from Kerala Wood carved Kathakali masks from Kerala

65. Take Sun Bath.

Dont forget to enjoy sun bath at any one of the best beaches in Kerala. You could wear bikinis in Kovalam beach, Varkala beach, Marari beach close to few of the best beach resorts in Kerala[18][19]

Sunbathing in beaches in Kerala Sunbathing in the best beaches in Kerala

66. Buy Jewelry from Jewelry Shops in Kerala

Kerala is well known for Jewelry Shops like Malabar Gold, Kalyan Jewelers , Joy Alukas and so on. You can enjoy shopping in Kochi[20] and enjoy jewelery shopping as well .

keralas-jewelery-shopsJewelry Shop in Kochi

67. See your reflection in an Aramula Mirror.

Made with the combination of secret alloy of copper, silver, bronze and lead- the Arnamula mirror is unique to Kerala is a handmade metall-alloy mirror.

Aranmula MirrorAranmula Mirror

68. Try Spinning Coir.

Try to spin coir – a fiber extracted from coconut husk and used to make ropes and matting. Many stalls at the roadside sell bright and colored coir door mats, carpets and all hangings which you can collect as a souvenir as well .

coir-spinningSpinning Coir in Kerala

69. Visit Fort Kochi.

Enjoy the multicultural flavour of Fort Kochi. Have a look at the bastions, cathedrals and mansions built by the British, Dutch and Portuguese. A great explorer, Vasco Da Gama is also buried here.

fort-kochi--bungalowMulticultural flavour of Fort Kochi

70. Go for a Jeep Safari.

Go for a Jeep Safari through Periyar Jungle not only to observe the wildlife but also to capture the breathtaking scenery through camera

Jeep Safari in Kerala at ThekkadyJeep Safari in Kerala at Thekkady

Hope you are planning to lot of these things while visiting Kerala and we might have missed some things to do in Kerala from your list .If you know any, do share in the comments. We would also love to know whether you have done any of these things while visiting Kerala and what has been your experience

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