9 Best Beaches Near Trivandrum

Kerala – God’s Own Country has it all – backwaters, hill stations, palaces, and museums However nothing beats the experience of feeling the cool breeze and warm summer sun as you walk on the sandy shores of the beaches in Kerala. Beaches are definitely the perfect getaway for families and couples looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If you are looking for that perfect beach getaway, make sure to visit some of the best beaches near Trivandrum. You and your loved ones will surely enjoy spending time on this beautiful beach. The name Kovalam is derived from Coconut trees. There are three beaches at Kovalam, separated by outcrops jutting out to the sea. The second largest one is Hawah Beach. Its scenic beauty and serenity is supplemented by the availability of excellent accommodation. There are a lot of restaurants, which provide grilled seafood items such as lobster, king prawns, and kalamari are got fresh from the sea at Kovalam.

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Best Beaches Near Trivandrum

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam is the most famous beach in Kerala but actually consists of three pretty crescent-shaped beaches with great names – Lighthouse Beach, Samudra Beach & Hawah Beach- which has been a sleepy village until the 1960s, with narrow lanes with wide courtyards for drying fish and thatched dwellings with dry coconut leaves.

Kovalam was well known as the focal point of Hippie life in India and was among the hippie trials to Sri Lanka in the late 70s but things have taken on a slightly more demure attitude these days and the beach is well known for seaside sports, ayurvedic treatments, and shacks. Kovalam is well known for the view from the hilltop of the magnificent and ferocious Arabian sea and the most visited beaches in Trivandrum.

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Kovalam is also known as the Paradise of the South and the name of Kovalam is derived from coconut trees lining up on the seashore which makes it unique among beaches in Trivandrum. The lighthouse offers an amazing view of the moon-shaped beach and the Vizhinjam mosque. To the north of Kovalam lies the Samudra where time seems to have frozen. Hawah in the center is the hub of activities with the fishermen setting out to the sea. The rocky foreland blends with the calm blue bay to convert the bay into a unique aquarelle on moonlit nights.

The scenic beauty and serenity of Kovalam are supplemented by the availability of excellent accommodation. There are a lot of restaurants which provide western style food as well as Indian, which is delicious. The ample availability of seafood items like lobster, king prawns, and oysters as well as traditional Kerala ayurvedic massage parlors, yoga centers, and water sports facilities are added attraction to the appeal of Kovalam as the best beaches in Trivandrum. However, the sands on the beaches in Kovalam are partially black in color due to the presence of ilmenite and thorazite.

9-best-beaches-near-trivandrum 9 Best Beaches Near Trivandrum

Lighthouse Beach – Kovalam

Lighthouse Beach is the southernmost, beach and is the most popular of the three. This is the largest beach in Kovalam and is called the Light House Beach for its 30-meter high lighthouse. Many hotels, restaurants, lodges, and shops are located here and this has the highest tourist attraction among beaches in Trivandrum. It is frequented by outsiders who stay and enjoy Kovalam. Lighthouse Beach got its name from the old Vizhinjam lighthouse, which stands tall on a rocky headland.

9-best-beaches-near-trivandrum-1 9 Best Beaches Near Trivandrum

Hawah Beach – Kovalam

Hawah was India’s first topless beach in India and is still among one of the beaches in India where top-less sunbathing is tolerated and well appreciated by the locals. Currently, Topfree bathing and parading are banned now except in private coves owned by resorts. The tourism department provides a vigilant lifeguard service on both Lighthouse and Hawa beach. There are strong currents, so it is wise to follow their instructions.

9-best-beaches-near-trivandrum-2 9 Best Beaches Near Trivandrum

Samudra Beach – Kovalam

Samudra Beach is to the north of Ashok Beach and can be accessed only by taking a detour past Kovalam Junction. It is an awesome sight to watch the waves crash on the rocks below as you walk along the stretch of sea wall here. Long walks by the coastline, sunbathing, surfing, beach volleyball, and swimming are some of the activities that can be enjoyed at the beach

9-best-beaches-near-trivandrum-3 9 Best Beaches Near Trivandrum

Shanghumugham Beach

Shanghumugham Beach is located at a distance of 8kms from the city and is the most adjacent beach to the Thiruvananthapuram airport. The matsya kanyaka which is a gigantic 35mt long sculpture of a mermaid and a restaurant shaped like a starfish are the most well-known attractions in Shanghumugham Beach.

9-best-beaches-near-trivandrum-4 9 Best Beaches Near Trivandrum

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Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach is well known for the view of the dramatic sunsets from its backdrop of red laterite cliffs overlooking Papanasam Beach and the Arabian Sea, this place took a special attraction out of all other beaches near Trivandrum. Varkala isn’t the quietest beach, but you have shacks and peaceful spots in the vicinity where you can find solitude. The beach also has some natural springs and streams which according to locals have holy properties to purge bodies of sin and impurities. Varkala Beach is also famous for the Sivagiri Mutt and the Janardhana Swami temple which is more than 2,000 years old. Kovalam is at a distance of 50 kilometers from Trivandrum city.

9-best-beaches-near-trivandrum-5 9 Best Beaches Near Trivandrum

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Poovar Beach

Poovar is an isolated but spectacular beach as well as an estuary. Poovar is an island estuary away from the hustle and bustle of the city, with its green coconut palms and unique backwaters as well as a lake. You can enjoy a backwater boat cruise along the coconut tree lined shores of emerald green backwaters and you have arrived at the Poovar has a golden sanded beach unlike Kovalam and the deep blue sea and breathtaking sunsets amidst the fishing villages and boats lining the seashore makes it truly unique

9-best-beaches-near-trivandrum-6 9 Best Beaches Near Trivandrum

Vizhinjam Beach

Vizhinjam has been earmarked for one of the largest ports in India and is being developed into Vizhinjam International Seaport which is an International Deep Water Container Transshipment Terminal. It has a beach, lighthouse, and a marine aquarium which houses a rich treasure of marine wealth along with a rock-cut temple at Vizhinjam.

9-best-beaches-near-trivandrum-7 9 Best Beaches Near Trivandrum

Nellikunnu Beach

Nellikunnu Beach is situated between Vilinjam and Chowara and is a small beach with private beach facing cottages at resorts like Tapovan Heritage Home, Kovalam quaintly called Eagles Nest. In the private resorts near Nellikunnu beach, you can relax in truly splendid settings relishing the breathtaking view of the lush green, palm-fringed surroundings of coconut trees. It’s considered to be one of the best beaches near Trivandrum.

9-best-beaches-near-trivandrum-8 9 Best Beaches Near Trivandrum

Chowara Beach

Chowara Beach is at a distance of 10 kilometers from Kovalam and Coconut trees dot the sandy shores and the golden sands are an ideal place to relax and enjoy with family. A lesser-known seaside destination, Chowara Beach also has an Ayurveda resort in the vicinity.

9-best-beaches-near-trivandrum-9 9 Best Beaches Near Trivandrum

Azhimala Beach

Azhimala is a quiet beach near Kovalam known for ayurvedic resorts and a temple in the name of Azhimala, the deity is Lord Siva located very near to the beach. The beach is well known for the view of the setting sun from this calm shore when compared to other beaches near Trivandrum and Since the name came to be Azhimala, Azhi means ‘the sea’ and Mala ‘the hill’.

9-best-beaches-near-trivandrum-10 9 Best Beaches Near Trivandrum

Puthenthope Beach

Puthenthope beach is located about 19 km from the city center with two man-made hills. The beach is not very well known and is quiet and secluded when compared to other beaches near Trivandrum. It is fast gaining popularity.

9-best-beaches-near-trivandrum-11 9 Best Beaches Near Trivandrum

Just in Kerala is some of the world’s best beaches and the tranquil, tourist friendly always warm waters of the Arabian Sea. Beaches will set you up with a relaxed atmosphere, from which you can watch waves spanning in and out of the shallows. Thoughtful additions to be taken to Kerala include sunscreen, chilled fruit-infused water and other beach necessities.

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Head to the poolside bar or shacks in any of the resorts or beaches for a mocktail, or check out the traditional Kerala ayurvedic massage in a spa. Watch the sunset on the beach, before heading to back and enjoy the cuisine prepared from local seafood and organic produce.

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