A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya

For the flower and garden lover, I have come up with a complete guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya, and what is this event all about here in Malaysia. 
Most Malaysians are generally not interested in flowers and gardens, mainly due to the hot, humid and unpredictable weather in Malaysia.

But you will be surprised that there are in fact many who love plants and gardens in Malaysia, and the Royal Floria in Putrajaya is the biggest and best event to visit for this.

This amazing Malaysian horticulture event also reflects the standards of the nation’s landscaping industry, which has gotten better over the years since it was first inaugurated.

Royal Floria has also managed to put the country on par with other countries that are known for their flower and garden expos and events.

a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-1 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
Entrance to Royal Floria in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya

This complete guide is done for the visitors to fully understand what Royal Floria is all about. Most may know this as Putrajaya Floria, which is a garden and flower expo held for a week in Putrajaya. 
The event sees over 1,000,000 visitors and has a wide range of activities, exhibitions, bazaars, demonstrations and many other fringe events that take place here in Putrajaya.

The Putrajaya garden, flower and horticulture expo originally started in 2007 as a biannual event, and from the year 2010, it became an annual event due to the overwhelming response from the public and participants.

a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-2 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
10th anniversary of Royal Floria in 2018

10th Anniversary of Royal Floria Putrajaya

2018 marked the 10th anniversary of Royal Floria, and featured a special showcase of the last 9 years of Floria as the main display. This was a stand alone special garden for for visitors to walk through.

Visitors are taken through a special garden time walk with displays of the theme flowers starting from 2007 right till 2016, and with some basic information of each year.

a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-3 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
Royal Floria 2018 showcased 10 years of Floria, this is Floria 2009 with the Orchid theme.

Overall landscaping was done using all the flowers from the previous years, which created a vibrant outlook for the flower festival.

His Majesty the Sultan of Selangor officiated the event on the first day along with VIP’s and other dignitaries.

Below is a list of the event from the start till 2018, and showing what were the flower themes of each year. Articles are linked to my review for some of the years the event was held. 
  • Royal Putrajaya Floria 2018 – 10 Wonders of Floria, every theme flower from last 9 years
  • Royal Putrajaya Floria 2017 – There was no event this year
  • Royal Putrajaya Floria 2016[1] – Chrysanthemum Theme
  • Royal Putrajaya Floria 2015[2] – Lily Theme
  • Floria Putrajaya 2014 – Begonia Theme
  • Floria Putrajaya 2013[3] – Orchid Theme (Orkid)
  • Putrajaya Floria 2012 – Flower Paper Theme (Bunga Kertas)
  • Putrajaya Floria 2011[4] – Rose Theme 
  • Floria Putrajaya 2010[5] – Heliconia Theme
  • Floria Putrajaya 2009 – Orchid Theme (Orkid)
  • Floria Putrajaya 2008 – There was no event for this year
  • Floria Putrajaya Flower and Garden Exhibition 2007 – Hibiscus Theme
a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-4 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
Begonia was the theme flower for Floria 2014.

What is Royal Floria? 

Originally called Floria Putrajaya Flower and Garden Exhibition, then Floria Putrajaya, this unique event was renamed as Royal Floria in 2015[6] by Her Majesty, . 
The Royal endorsement was graced by the HM Queen of Malaysia on the 29th May 2015, and at the Royal Garden of Negeri Sembilan. 

a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-5 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
A large Floria sign seen at the event

However, reports state that in 2014, the ‘Royal’ status was awarded by His Majesty Agong (King) of Malaysia, and this needs to be clarified as there is no official documentation.

Royal Gardens also became part of the exhibition where each year, a different state in Malaysia would feature their own Royal Garden or Taman Di Raja as one of the main exhibits.
Visitors are allowed to visit these beautifully manicured Royal Gardens and also take photos. A good tip is to come as early as possible if you want nice photos with a clear blue sky.

Otherwise, visit the Royal Garden during sunset hour for the magical moment when the lights are put on.

a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-6 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
Putrajaya’s enchanted garden at Royal Floria 2018

Royal Floria is also the brainchild of the Putrajaya Corporation (Perbadanan Putrajaya or PPj), and the they work in collaboration with the Federal Territories Ministry.

This event is also supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of Malaysia, and also Tourism Malaysia, to brand this as a major tourism event in Malaysia.
In 2017, Royal Floria won the Malaysia Tourism Council (MTC) Gold Award for The Biggest Flower and Garden Festival in Malaysia.

Since then, Royal Floria has also won numerous awards and accolades locally and also internationally. 

a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-7 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
Floria 2010 with the Heliconia themed garden on display

Floria Putrajaya History

Since the humble beginnings of the Putrajaya Flower and Garden Exhibition in 2007, it has been ten year since the inaugural event. In 2018, the theme was also called Celebrating 10 years of Floria. 
The first Putrajaya Flower Expo was also opened by then Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in front of the Palace of Justice at 9.00 am on Aug 25, 2007. 
There was no official theme except that it was in conjunction with Malaysia’s 50th Anniversary of Independence, and the event was selected as one of the national level events for Malaysia.

Today, this flower and garden event is marked in the tourism calendar of Malaysia, making it one of the must-visit events in Malaysia during the National Day week.

a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-8 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
Beautiful flower colours on display at Royal Floria Putrajaya.

However, being the first time the event was held, there were many hiccups which included dying flowers, wilting flowers and plants, bad layout designs and no proper signages. 

Over the years, all of these issues were ironed out by the organisers, and till today, Royal Floria has become of of Malaysia’s most beautiful and successful outdoor events.

a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-9 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
A Merdeka themed garden in conjunction with the Malaysia National Day.

Did You Know? 

Did you know that Royal Floria always takes place around the month of Merdeka or the Malaysia National Day? It also lasts for nice whole days at Anjung Floria.

Because of this, there is a lot of emphasis on the elements of the nation’s independence that is used on the floral decorations. They are also done by professionals and also the college and university students.

This in turn, results in some beautiful creations by the designers and landscapers for the largest floral and gardens exhibition in Malaysia.

When is the Best Time to Visit Royal Floria in Putrajaya? 

This is a tricky question, but if you ask me, I would personally recommend you visit the flower exhibition in the first few days.

It is also best to visit just before the weekend, as the event can get really crowded on weekends and on National Day. Trust me, it does get really crowded.

For photographers, or those who want some peace and quiet, I would highly recommend going on the opening day, and in the morning or evening. Try to avoid going on midday as it can get really hot and humid.

For those who dislike the humid weather, I recommend going in the evenings, when the weather is much cooler. The event closes at around 11.00 PM, so you have a lot of time in the night there.

a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-10 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
One of the floral displays located indoor.

Exhibitions and Displays at Royal Floria

Every year, various international designers and landscape architects from around the world are invited to participate and showcase their creative work and designs at Royal Floria. 
Over the years, there have been many countries taking part, .

a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-11 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
Designers floral work.

There have even been countries from as far as the Middle East and Europe that have taken part at Royal Floria in Putrajaya.

Every year, we see new countries participating, and in 2018, Korea had also participated for the event. Hopefully for Royal Floria 2019, we will see even more countries participating. 

Among some of the main displays and events that are held on a yearly basis are below;

  • Royal Floria Entrance Statement
  • Royal Floria Wonder Garden
  • Royal Floria Royal Garden
  • Royal Floria Miniatur Garden
  • Royal Floria Fertigation Garden
  • Royal Floria International Dialogue
a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-12 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
The main entrance into Royal Floria in Putrajaya.
Royal Garden
This is one of the main highlights of the event where every year, a state from Malaysia will be selected to showcase their Royal Garden at the event.

An elaborately designed garden will be created by the participating state, complete with a mock up of the royal palace for that state. 

And as every year, the King or Queen of Malaysia will be invited to graciously officiate the event, followed by a special tour of the Royal Garden and the event grounds. 
Often, the prime minister or deputy prime minister of Malaysia is also invited for the official launching of Royal Floria.

a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-13 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
The word Floria at the entrance of the event.

What Goes On At Royal Floria?

While flowers and plants are the main highlight at this Malaysian horticulture event, there are a few other things that go one during the nine day event here.

Exhibits of themed gardens are held indoors and of course outdoors from participating teams, councils and companies from around Malaysia, and also some regional companies.

Though creativity takes center stage here, a fun filled family or couple activity is easily achieved when you spend the day here.

And apart from just the flowers and gardens, there are of course other things happening at Royal Floria, which are;

  • Flower and Garden Displays
  • Colleges and Universities Gardens
  • Floral Pavilion 
  • Orchid Display
  • Bonsai Display
  • Outdoor Plant Bazaar
  • Craft Bazaar Indoor
  • Floria Flavours Food Center
  • Horticulture Talks
  • Workshops and Demonstrations
  • Various Contests

a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-14 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
Orchids being sold at the Plant Bazaar of Royal Floria.

Plant Bazaar at Royal Floria

Every year, there will be a plant and garden bazaar at Royal Floria where numerous vendors from around Malaysia will set up shop at a specialized area of the event. 
This plant and garden bazaar is highly popular among the locals as it is the one time that you can find many different vendors selling all sorts of plants, flowers, orchids, air plants, fertilizers and so on.

On average, there are about 20 vendors that provide an avenue to beginners or even plant collectors to get some of the plants and fertilizers for discounted prices.

a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-15 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
Orchid vendors at the plant bazaar.

Most popular are the orchid vendors, that showcase many different types of orchids for sale. This is a big hit among the locals and also orchid lovers.

Many locals will head to the Plant Bazaar to buy all sorts of plants, because the vendors come from all over Malaysia.

And if you love plants, I would highly recommend you make your way to the Plant Bazaar at Royal Floria.

Vendors include many orchid sellers, who have some beautiful hybrid and rare orchids, air plant sellers, cacti and succulent sellers, and the commercial landscaping plants.

a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-16 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
Inside the Royal Floria Craft Bazaar and Hipster Square

Craft Bazaar and Hipster Square

This section is held inside an air-conditioned tent at the event and houses over 50 vendors. You will find a good mix of items being sold here, but of course, the priority goes to plant related sellers.

Overall there are all sorts of everything at the Royal Floria Craft Bazaar which range from clothes, food, jewelry, collectibles, terrariums, and the list goes on.

In the middle of the event hall, they have a horticulture themed art experience for kids and also adults, which is open to everyone.

There are also workshops and demonstrations done here. The art session and vendor list changes from year to year too.

a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-17 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
One of the contestants for the Royal Floria awards. 

Royal Floria Contest and Awards

Every year, Royal Floria will have various contest held throughout the duration of the event here in Putrajaya. There are also special awards given out to participants as well.

The contest is divided into a few main areas, one for the invited participants, one for the media, and the other for the visiting public.

Below is a list of the contest that are usually held in conjunction with Royal Floria;

Contest and Awards for Participants

  • Garden Prime Awards – This is for participants that showcase gardens at the event, and stand a chance to win cash prize of RM15,000. 
  • Designer Boutique Garden Award – Another award and prize totaling RM10,000 for this category. 
  • Garden of Malaysia Award – This category has a cash prize of RM5,000 as well. 
  • Royal Floria Putrajaya Inter­na­tional Cup
  • Bonsai and Suiseki Competition Awards
  • Orchid Competition Awards

a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-18 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
Some of the air plants that make interesting photography subjects.

Contest for Media

  • Best Media Article – RM5,000 for either print or electronic media
  • Best Media Photograph – RM5,000 for either print or electronic media

Contest for Public

  • Photography Competition – Open to public, but you need to register at the event for this.
  • Watercolor Competition – Open to kids, and registration at the event.
  • Colouring Contest – For kids and set on a specific day, registration required.
a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-19 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
One of the floral competition pieces on display.

Where is Royal Floria?

This prestigious event is held in Precinct 4 of Putrajaya, at a place called Anjung Floria. This is a specially dedicated event area for Royal Floria.

Previously, the first few events was held at Precinct 2 of Putrajaya, and after negotiations over the years, the organisers finally found a home here at Precinct 4.

Anjung Floria is located near the main CBD area of Putrajaya, where all the government administrative buildings are located at.

It is also located just by the Seri Saujana Bridge, which is one of the most modern and beautiful bridges in Putrajaya.

a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-20 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
One of the creative designs using flowers on display indoors.

Royal Floria Ticket Prices

Tickets to Royal Floria are available at the door, or you can buy them online at the official website. Usually, there are discounted tickets a few months before the event. 
Below is the current price of tickets for Malaysia and foreigners, with special discounts for children, senior citizens and disabled people.

Please note that there are weekday and weekend tickets for Royal Floria and the prices below are based on the 2018 event. 

Weekday Tickets

  • Malaysian Adult – RM12.00
  • Malaysian Child (7 to 12 Years Old) – RM6.00
  • Malaysian Senior Citizen/OKU – RM6.00
  • Non Malaysian Adult – RM24.00
  • Non Malaysian Child/Senior Citizen/OKU – RM12.00

Weekend Tickets

  • Malaysian Adult- RM15.00
  • Malaysian Child (7 to 12 Years Old) – RM6.00
  • Malaysian Senior Citizen/OKU – RM8.00
  • Non Malaysian Adult – RM30.00
  • Non Malaysian Child/Senior Citizen/OKU – RM16.00
*OKU is also known as Disabled People. 
a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-21 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
Directions to Royal Floria from Kuala Lumpur.
How To Go To Royal Floria Putrajaya?

There are many ways to drive into Putrajaya and it depends on where you live at. Below are the main highways that you can access Putrajaya.

  • Elite Highway (AH2)
  • MEX Highway (E20)
  • LDP Highway (E11)
  • SKVE Highway (E26)
  • North-South PLUS Highway (E2)

For Locals Visiting Putrajaya

Honestly, the best way to get to Putrajaya without any hassle is by driving here. It takes about 50 to 60 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur, and there are ample parking spaces around Royal Floria.

It is also recommended to use Waze or Google Maps and just key in Anjung Floria and follow the instructions, and it will lead you directly to the event. I usually do that when I visit the event. 

However, if you do not own a car or motorbike, you can still take public transport like the train service, or even take a taxi or ride hailing service like Grab, GoCar or MyCar. 

For Foreigners Visiting Putrajaya

For foreigners, there are a few ways to get here which is by either using public transport, trains, taxi or private car service like Grab, or other ride hailing services.

You will need to download the application onto your Android or Apple smartphone, and please note that there is no Uber in Malaysia. 

How To Take A Train To Putrajaya?
The most affordable way to travel to Putrajaya is by taking the train, and then using Grab to move around. However, you may consider the other options below.

  • Train – KLIA Transit from KL Sentral and get off at Putrajaya station and then take the local Nadi Putra Bus. 
  • Taxi – From KL Sentral, it is around RM45-50 one way to Putrajaya. To get back from Putrajaya, I suggest you call a taxi service or use Uber or GrabCar. If you take a normal taxi, I also suggest you tell the taxi man that you may need a return journey or get his contact number. 
  • Bus – Rapid KL bus from KL Sentral to Putrajaya, around RM5 one way. Bus services usually end around 10 to 11pm.
  • Shuttle Bus – Some hotels in Kuala Lumpur offer a paid shuttle service to and from, but you need to check with your hotel. Shangri-la Hotel in KL is one of them. 
a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-22 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
Swimming pool view from the Pulse Grande Hotel in Putrajaya
Where To Stay In Putrajaya?
For those planning to come from out of town or want to spend a few days here, I have also come up with a list of hotels in Putrajaya where you can stay at.

Most of these hotel are in the 3 to 5 star ratings, and offers a choice of budget choices, depending on which you prefer.

If you think you need to spend a night here and not rush things, you can check-in for the night and leave the following day.

Below is a list of hotels in Putrajaya which are in the main area;

  • Pulse Grande Hotel Putrajaya (Former Shangri-La Hotel) – This is a 5 Star hotel with an average price RM230 per night.
    Book a room at Pulse Grande Hotel Putrajaya[7]
  • Pullman Resort Lakeside Putrajaya – This is a 5 Star resort and spa, located near the lake area. The average price is about RM300 per night.
    Book a room at Pullman Resort Putrajaya[8]
  • Everly Hotel Putrajaya – This is a 4 Star hotel with an average price or around RM200 per night.
    Book a Room at the Everly Hotel Putrajaya[9]
  • Dorsett Putrajaya (closest hotel to the venue) – This 4 Star hotel has an average price of around RM260 per night and tends to sell out fast.
    Book a room at the Dorsett Putrajaya[10]

Map to Royal Floria

Below is a map to Royal Floria Putrajaya, which is held at Anjung Floria in Precinct 4, at the end of  the main commercial district.

You can use the map to get directions here or simply key in Anjung Floria into Waze or Google Maps for directions and it will direct you to the event. 

Royal Floria Address
Anjung Floria, Presint 4, 62000 Putrajaya, Malaysia
Tel: 03-8893 1967
Opening Hours: 9.00 AM to 11.00 PM
Website: http://floriaputrajaya.com.my/

Organiser, Manager and Supporters of Royal Floria

  • Putrajaya Corporation (PPj) – Organiser
  • Putrajaya Leisure and Services (Pulse) Group – Manager
  • Putrajaya Floria Sdn Bhd (PFSB) – Manager
  • Federal Territories Ministry – Supported 
  • Tourism and Culture Ministry – Supported 
  • Tourism Malaysia – Supported 

a-complete-guide-to-royal-floria-putrajaya-23 A Complete Guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya
The Terengganu Garden at Royal Floria 2018

Final Thoughts

Ever year, Royal Floria takes place at Anjung Floria in Putrajaya, and when there is no event, the place is open to public as a general garden where you can walk around. 
Due to the initiative of the organizer, the event is supported by a number of local tourism bodies and also the private sector. Only in 2017 there was no Royal Floria event due to financial matters from the government side.

For your added knowledge, the Penang Flora Festival[11] also took place in 2015 at the Penang Botanical Garden, but never followed through. However, the Penang Orchid Show was a more popular event on the island.

You can also read my review on the previous Royal Floria 2018[12], which of course I attend yearly without fail, and there are also photos with information about the event. 

As I have always been an avid lover of plants, gardens and flowers, namely the more exotic and rare types of jungle ferns and orchids, I do get to see some of them at this event. And it kind of makes my day, especially when I end up buying more than I budgeted.

I hope you found this complete guide to Royal Floria Putrajaya helpful, and if you have any comments, I would love to hear them in the comment form below. 


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