An Insight into Konark Dance and Music Festival 2019

In the midst of rich culture, heritage and beaches, the Konark Dance Festival[1] in Odisha is a matchless extravaganza which lets one experience the beauty of classical dance forms of India. The fiesta takes place in the backdrop of the famous Sun Temple- UNESCO World Heritage Site which is also called the Black Pagoda. The five-day dance festival held every year aims to create international cultural brotherhood by offering a platform to many artists from across the globe. Here is all you need to know about Konark Dance Festival 2019.

History of Konark Dance Festival

an-insight-into-konark-dance-and-music-festival-2019 An Insight into Konark Dance and Music Festival 2019

Turning back to the history of Konark Dance Festival, takes one to the architectural glories of the Sun Temple which was constructed in the 13th century by Raja Narasingha Deva I from the Ganga Dynasty. As Indian dance forms were inextricably linked to temples during those days, dance festivals were initiated with the aim of displaying various dance forms with the backdrop of ancient temple or monuments. It was in the year 1989 when the first edition of the Konark Dance Festival was organised by late Odissi Guru, Gangadhar Pradhan with the assistance of Odisha Cultural Tourism and Odissi Research Centre. The initiative was taken to glorify the magnanimity of the Konark Temple[2] and make it popular among the culture and art loving people.

What to Expect from Konark Dance Festival?

an-insight-into-konark-dance-and-music-festival-2019-1 An Insight into Konark Dance and Music Festival 2019

Showcasing the best of traditional and classical dance forms of India, the Konark Dance Festival is a popular festival in Odisha[3] that is held on the enchanting stage of the Natyashala in the monumental Sun Temple in Konark. The festival offers an interesting insight into the rich culture and dance heritage of India[4]. On visiting Konark[5] for attending the dance festival, you will see how the eminent contemporary artists showcase their talents in the form of Indian classical dances that include Odissi, Bharatanatyam, Manipuri, Kathakali, Kathak, Kuchipudi and Sattriya enthralling the audience with their traditional beats, steps and musical instruments.

Even though Konark festival has gained popularity because of the various form of dance, the festival isn’t just limited to it. As the event is a complete cultural encounter. One can also be a part of the Crafts Mela which exhibits the sculptures and souvenirs made by expert craftsmen. Also, the festival serves a wide array of delectable cuisines making it a perfect venue for a joyful experience at Konark.

When is Konark Dance Festival 2019?

an-insight-into-konark-dance-and-music-festival-2019-2 An Insight into Konark Dance and Music Festival 2019

The Konark Dance festival dates for 2019 is between 19th Feb and 21st Feb when the town will spread the colour of its culture and art. Get ready to relish a live extravaganza of dance and music by indulging in the cheery vibes of the festival at Black Pagoda.

Major Tourist Attractions in Konark

an-insight-into-konark-dance-and-music-festival-2019-3 An Insight into Konark Dance and Music Festival 2019

Apart from visiting the Sun Temple, Konark offers several heritage sites that are a must see to enrich your senses:

Places to See Around in Konark

an-insight-into-konark-dance-and-music-festival-2019-4 An Insight into Konark Dance and Music Festival 2019

The small town of Konark is fringed by some of the popular tourist destinations which lets one explore more about the rich culture and history of Odisha. Take a quick look at the nearby destinations that you can visit while you are in Konark:

  • Astranga – 27 km from Konark
  • Puri[6] – 35 km from Konark
  • Pipli – 44 km from Konark
  • Bhubaneswar[7] – 72 km from Konark

How to Reach Konark?

Travelling to Konark is not a difficult task. Tourist can make to the destination by all three major means of transport including airways, railways and roadways.

By Air: The nearest airport is Biju Patnaik International Airport at Bhubaneswar[8] which is located at a distance of approx 62 km from Konark. The airport is well-connected with the major cities of the country. After getting down at Bhubaneswar airport, tourists can avail the cabs and taxi services to reach Konark.

By Rail: The nearest railhead to Konark is Puri, which is at a distance of approx is 36 km away from Konark. Get down at the Puri Railway Station and hire the prepaid taxi to reach Konark[9].

By Road: Travelling to Konark by road is easy and convenient as one can avail the Odisha State Public Transport buses that run to and fro Konark. Also, Private Volvo bus facilities are available from Bhubaneswar, Puri, Cuttack[10] and Gorakhnath.

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