Assam – The Land of the Rhino | Wild Life Tourism in Assam | Priyanka Chopra | Awesome Assam

Assam has become a popular wildlife tourism destination due to its five national parks and fifteen sanctuaries.
Amongst them The Kaziranga National Park is the first and oldest National Park in Assam, This Park has successfully conserved more than 70% of the near-extinct one-horned Indian rhinoceros.
Assam’s flat grasslands are an ideal habitat for the rhino and its various ranges offer great chances of spotting this extraordinary animal in its natural habitat.
Come visit Assam to drown yourself in its rich wildlife, biodiversity and its matchless grace.
Experience Awesome Assam, an initiative by Department of Tourism, Assam Govt with Priyanka Chopra
Once you visit Assam it stays with you forever…

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