Athirappilly Falls- Photos, Timings, Entry Fee,Images, Routes

and is often called as “Niagra of India” . It is the largest waterfall in Kerala standing at feet of 1000 above the sea level at a height of ‎25 m (82 feet) with 4 drops and 100 M (330 feet) wide.

Situated at the border of Ernakulum district and Thrissur district, it is a major tourist attraction in Kerala which allures a wide range of tourists each season. The waterfall comes down to the 80 feet level through several streams. It originates from the upper parts of Western Ghats at the entrance of Sholayar region. The magnanimous waterfalls are worth for your vacation.

athirappilly-falls-photos-timings-entry-feeimages-routes Athirappilly Falls- Photos, Timings, Entry Fee,Images, Routes

You can also witness the beauty of Vazhachal waterfalls which is located 5 KM away from the Athirappilly waterfalls. The dense forest nearby the waterfalls promise you a spellbound experience by allowing you to witness many endangered and epidemic species flora and fauna. Along with the international tourists, the scenic beauty of Athirappilly falls also attracts a lot of filmmakers and the place has been the location for various South Indian as well as North Indian movies.

The magnificently intertwined lush green forests that cover the patches of Sholayar, the sizzling silver cascade and the location towards the center of Cochin and Bharathapuzha makes Athirappilly a true promising land during the Monsoons season. Similarly, Swollen Chalakkudy River, Charpa falls, Vazhachal waterfalls can also be enjoyed along with Athirappilly falls during Monsoon. The absence of human settlements in most of the areas allows free spill-over of wild animals like elephants through the road. Even though there are hamlets in the Athirappilly-Vazhachal forest division, tourists and travelers are not encouraged to enter inside after 5 pm.

How to Reach Athirappilly Falls ?

If you are coming in flight, the nearest airport to Athirappilly is Cochin International Airport in Nedumbassery at a distance of 45 Kilometers or 1 hour 15 minutes away

If you are coming in Train the closest station is Chalakudy (CKI) and Angamaly (AFK). However very few trains stop here and you can also get down at Aluva (AWY) or Ernakulam (ERS) Stations which are major stations.

athirappilly-falls-photos-timings-entry-feeimages-routes-1 Athirappilly Falls- Photos, Timings, Entry Fee,Images, RoutesRoute through Chalakkudy to Athirappilly waterfalls

However you are coming in, You can get into Athirappilly waterfalls by the Route through Chalakkudy which is really helpful for the tourists and travelers from the southern side of Kerala. The route starts from Chalakkudy junction and passes through Kanjirappilly and connects to Athirappilly falls.

There is also an alternate route through Valparai which heads steeply through the tea estate to Valparai. The road goes through the forest after Malakkiparai and Vazhacahl forest division and finally reached the Athirappilly waterfalls.

athirappilly-falls-photos-timings-entry-feeimages-routes-2 Athirappilly Falls- Photos, Timings, Entry Fee,Images, RoutesFist View of Athirappilly water falls from the road

Athirappilly Falls Travel Tips- Timings and Entry Fee,

Athirappilly Waterfalls – Travel Information & Tips


Athirappilly Falls Visiting Time : 8:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.

Entry Fee to Athirappilly Waterfalls : Rs.15.

Popular Tourist Attractions near Athirappilly Waterfalls : Chapra Falls, Sholayar Dam, Valparai and Malayattur Wildlife Sanctuary.

Best Time to Visit Athirappilly Waterfalls : June to October

Nearest Airport to Athirappilly Waterfalls : Kochi International Airport 55 kilometers away

Nearest Railway Station to Athirappilly Waterfalls : Chalakudi Railway Station just 30 kilometers away

Athirappilly Waterfalls Travel Tip If you have a high budget, opt for a Treehouse in Athirappilly that overlooks Waterfalls. This is a must visit for Bird Watchers, Trekkers, Nature Lovers and Photo Fanatics .

athirappilly-falls-photos-timings-entry-feeimages-routes-3 Athirappilly Falls- Photos, Timings, Entry Fee,Images, RoutesTicketing Office and Road to Athirappilly Waterfalls

Perfect time to visit Athirappilly- June to October

The elegant beauty of Athirappilly waterfalls can be witnessed during the rainy season. After Monsoons, the water will not drain out and will be a perfect treat for sightseeing every time. Rest of the season there is water flow, but you can hardly enjoy the beauty like during June to October. Also, heavy rainfall may cause danger during the visit as there will be a powerful flow of water. The beauty of waterfalls along with the deep woods can be cherished with a proper visit at the right time.

athirappilly-falls-photos-timings-entry-feeimages-routes-4 Athirappilly Falls- Photos, Timings, Entry Fee,Images, RoutesAthirapally WaterFalls during Rainy Season

Tourist Activities near Athirappilly waterfalls

Even though Athirappilly waterfalls is the most popular tourist place in Athirappilly, there are multiple tourist activities that you can enjoy in Athirappilly waterfalls.

Watch Athirappally waterfalls from Bottom

Falls itself is the most popular waterfall among the national and international tourists. There is a 250 meter path to trek down to the bottom of Athirappally Waterfalls. To get a view of the waterfall, one needs to get down from the top of the waterfalls for about 100 meters. There are guards with whistles at the bottom for the protection of travelers.

athirappilly-falls-photos-timings-entry-feeimages-routes-5 Athirappilly Falls- Photos, Timings, Entry Fee,Images, RoutesView of Athirapally Waterfalls from bottom of the waterfalls

Bath in the natural pools in the river at the top of waterfalls

River above the falls have lot of natural pools where you can relax and unwind and it is a common sight to see travelers bathing in the pools above the waterfalls. It is relatively safe as the river is really vast and not deep above the falls at lot of places.

athirappilly-falls-photos-timings-entry-feeimages-routes-6 Athirappilly Falls- Photos, Timings, Entry Fee,Images, RoutesRiver above the falls have lot of natural pools where you can relax and unwind

Visit Vazhachal waterfalls

Locally known as Charpa falls this is located few kilometers up from Athirappilly is another popular tourist destination but the waterfall is rather flat. It is situated at the Chalakkudy district covered with a large area of dense forest.

athirappilly-falls-photos-timings-entry-feeimages-routes-7 Athirappilly Falls- Photos, Timings, Entry Fee,Images, RoutesVazhachal WaterFalls is more of a horizontal fall.

Jungle safaris & Trekking

These Safaris are organized by the Thrissur Tourism council along with forest department is an attractive activity you can engage in during your vacation at Athirappilly. The safari will be started from Chalakkudy to Malakkappara. It can be noted as one of the memorable jungle safaris through the dark forest of Sholayar ranges of Western Ghats. The Jungle safari through this region is the most attractive one to experience the wildlife to the fullest. The safari stretches almost 90km across the forest of Sholayar. You will be given the widest opportunity to explore the flora and fauna within the Athirappally Ecotourism including the Athirappally waterfalls, the famous Butterfly park, Thumburmoozhy dam, Kauthukapark, Vazhachal falls, the tea garden, the dense forest, lofty peaks, wildlife, lush green valley etc.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching hobbyists frequent Athirappilly Falls as it is the only place in the Western Ghats where four endangered Hornbill species can be viewed.

athirappilly-falls-photos-timings-entry-feeimages-routes-8 Athirappilly Falls- Photos, Timings, Entry Fee,Images, RoutesEndangered Hornbill species in Athirappilly

Bahulbali Film Shooting and Athirappilly waterfalls

. Some of the movies that have been shot here include Bahubali, Dil Se, Guru, Punnagai Mannan, Paiyaa etc.

athirappilly-falls-photos-timings-entry-feeimages-routes-9 Athirappilly Falls- Photos, Timings, Entry Fee,Images, RoutesAthirappilly WaterFalls is one of the most popular film shooting locations in India and Baahubali was shot here

Images and Visitor Details of the one of the most popular waterfalls in India must have piqued your interest to add Athirappilly to the list of destinations you want to visit in Kerala. If you are planning to visit Athirappilly and have some questions for us, please let us know and we will be happy to answer your queries about Athirappilly Waterfalls.

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