Backwaters of Kerala Trip in 2020- What to Know?

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Backwaters of Kerala Trip in 2020–The Complete Guide

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Houseboats in Kerala is a unique attraction which has gained the attention of tourists from all over the world. One cannot think of complete tours and travel in India without exploring the scenic backwaters with a stay in a Kerala boathouse.

backwaters-of-kerala-trip-in-2020-what-to-know Backwaters of Kerala Trip in 2020- What to Know?
Houseboat in Backwaters of Kerala

Here is a list of questions that we get from guests who want to book a houseboat package and you may have some these questions as well if you are planning to visit Kerala.

What is unique about backwaters in Kerala
Best time to go to Backwaters of Kerala
Perfect backwaters in Kerala for your houseboat trip
How to pick your best Kerala Houseboat Tours
Choose the category and type of Kerala houseboat
Kerala Houseboat Photos
Rooms, Facilities and Staff in a Houseboat in Kerala
Day Cruise or Overnight Kerala Houseboat Package
Kerala Houseboat Honeymoon
Kerala Houseboat Menu

Safety precautions in Houseboat

Planning any holiday can be a time consuming affair with all the myriad details that need to be taken care off. However if you do the planning properly then you can sit back and relax instead of being under stress while celebrating the houseboat holiday in Kerala. We want you to have an enjoyable time during your Kerala Houseboat trip in Alleppey, .

best time to visit Backwaters of Kerala ?. Should you visit it at the best time for Ayurveda treatments in Kerala or the peak season in Kerala ?You can take a backwater cruise irrespective of the season but Kerala has a knack of throwing up sudden bursts of showers in monsoon and if it is a heavy shower you may not enjoy as much as you would wish to.

houseboat day cruise or an over night stay is a must if you visit tourist places in Alleppey. In any houseboat cruise food is also a included as a part of the price the guests pay and complete breakfast along with lunch,dinner and evening snacks is provided on board of a houseboat in Kerala. Though based on the tradition of fish and vegetables, in keeping with the demands of a cosmopolitan clientele, the cuisine served aboard on houseboats in Kerala vary depending on the clients requirements.

Kerala Houseboat Packages

The major attraction in the area is Kuttanadu Paddy Field which the farming is below sea level. 11th century Lord Buddha Stature ‘Karumadikuttan’is also near Alleppey.,this cruise you can enjoy the real village life and scenic beauty. Alappuzha is the also called ‘Venice of East’. The night halt is in the lake and you are safe from mosquitoes and pollution.

There are no crocodiles or any dangerous species in the lakes or canals of Alleppey.

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Kumarakom Backwaters Round

Kumarakom is a favorite holiday destination of celebrities like former Prime Minister of India – Atal Behari Vajpayee and Britney Spears. Kumarakom is also famous for Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary on the periphery of the picturesque Vembanad Lake. It is a small but picturesque village in Kerala which is the ideal destination for eco tourism, beach tourism and backwater tourism. A houseboat cruise on the scenic Vembanad Lake provides wonderful opportunity to see the lots of bird species of Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. Sunset cruise over the scenic Vembanad Lake is simply a delightful experience of lifetime. Houseboat Cruise on Kumarakom backwaters provides uniquely different but delightful experience.

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Alleppey to Kumarakom Backwaters Round

Alleppey to Kumarakom Round is a combination of cruises which combines the best of backwater cruises around Alleppey and Kumarakom and alleppey houseboats price for this trip will be around Rs.6000 in a deluxe houseboat. You can enjoy the maximum in this trip, cruises around the villages, farm fields, Resorts and Bird sanctuary and other places of interest are included. You can explore Kuttanad, the rice bowl of Kerala at Alleppey and Kumarakom in a single backwater houseboat cruise.

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Alleppey to Alumkadavu Backwaters Round

Alumkadavu is the destination near Kollam (21 kms). The eight hour trip between Kollam and Alappuzha is the longest backwater cruise in Kerala and not many companies offer this as a part of alleppey houseboat packages. In this trip the entire backwater area is covered but the leisure time is less. Half the way will be finished on day one and the second day you will reach Kollam. The entry to house boats is restricted to some areas because there is no sufficient space for canals. This one way backwater cruise’s major attractions are paddy fields which are lower than the sea level, coir village, Kumarakodi, Karimadikuttan,, Matha Amrithamanadha Math at Vallikavu.

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Alleppey to Thottappalley Backwaters Stretch

Alleppey to thottappalley is another popular backwater route in Kerala. The major attractions in this route include Punnamada lake, Chavara Bhavan (traditional houses on the banks), Church at Champakkulam, 11th Century Buddha temple – Karumadikkuttan and Ambalappuzha temple.

Kumarakom and Alleppey are popular for weekend packages in Kerala and Kerala honeymoon tours . However with in these famous backwater destinations, you can choose Best Backwaters stretches in Kerala to enjoy the best backwater experience.

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best luxury houseboats in Kerala.

You should always check Kerala Houseboat Photos and search for Kerala houseboat reviews in TripAdvisor or any other travel website or should ask around with your friends if they have already taken a houseboat trip in Kerala for a good recommended tour operator who will arrange for a houseboat trip in Kerala.

Options other than houseboat in Backwaters of Kerala

Kerala Houseboat Cruise – Once in a lifetime experience

Food preferences (Vegetarian/ Non Vegetarian) has to be specified before the boat leaves from the shore. Fishing Arrangements and canoeing in a traditional Kerala boat can also be arranged on request

While many Kerala Houseboat Cruises take tourists from a particular point and bring them back to around the same point next morning there are some specific cruises mostly in the Alappuzha area, such as the one night cruise from Alappuzha to Thotapally via Punnamada Lake,two nights cruise from Alappuzha to Alumkavadi,one night cruise from Alappuzha to Kidangara,and one night cruise from Alappuzha to Mankotta.There are numerous such cruises which we arrange for our guests on special request.

honeymoon in Kerala.

Honeymoon in a Kerala Houseboat is unique to Kerala and is an experience to look forward to as a part of any of the Kerala Honeymoon Packages. Couples wanting the magic, memories, tradition and blessings of an intimate, private and special honeymoon should definitely choose the romantic seclusion and ambiance that Kerala houseboats offer.

Most Kerala houseboats have one or two bathrooms, deck, an open lounge, kitchenette. The crew on the houseboat consists of two oarsmen and a cook. The sights during the journey offer a captivating experience and it becomes more enjoyable when you are on a honeymoon.

Here are some of the additional items that will make your honeymoon even more memorable like spices added to a dish in a normal Kerala meal.Make sure that these preparations are done in advance for the perfect houseboat stay and a holiday romance.

Candle Light Dinner in a Houseboat

A romantic candle light dinner in the houseboat is a highlight for a romantic evening during your honeymoon in a Kerala Houseboat. Houseboat Staff will we set you up with a romantic setting with candles, flowers, you can select to have a Kerala Style sitting with triangle cushions on the wooden floor or if you prefer to have a western setting with a normal table and chairs it is your choice.

Flower Arrangement in Houseboat
Romance can continue in the bedroom in the houseboat. A king sized bed with high quality comfortable cotton sheets on which jasmine and rose flowers are placed to make a perfect romantic setting. Most houseboats will provide a bouquet of seasonal flowers or roses arranged in an attractive glass vase as well in your room and a pattern of scented flowers in your honeymoon bed.

If you are really interested in tips for honeymoon night romance, you must realize that it all starts with planning. Honeymoon night is to be one of the most important moments of your life. This will be the first major shared experience you and your spouse will have in your new marriage.

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backwaters-of-kerala-trip-in-2020-what-to-know-4 Backwaters of Kerala Trip in 2020- What to Know?
Lunch Served in Kerala Houseboat

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Houseboat crew will provide guests with evening coffee/ tea with traditional Kerala style snacks like Banana fry or Finger Chips or Tapioca Chips at around 16:30 and the boat will anchor on shore at 17:30. Kerala Government regulations does not allow boats to ply after 17:30 as fishing nets may get ruined by houseboat movement after this time.The boats will anchor on shore at 17:30 and guests can get a chance to go out and walk along the riverside or villages or go for canoeing by renting out a canoe and come back. When guests come back in the evening, they can enjoy the dinner in houseboat freshly cooked by the guest.

Early morning at around 6:30 hrs Bed tea / Coffee will be provided sipping which you can enjoy the sunrise in backwaters. Before checking out breakfast will be served at around at 8:00 hrs which will include either the option of Bread+ butter + Jam + omelets or an option with South Indian food items like Upma, Puttu, Dosa, Idly with sambar and chutney as well as tea /coffee.

If guests request the food items in the menu will be altered and food will be prepared according to their taste buds and preferences, and foreign guest can get food specially made with less spice or without spice at all. Most houseboats also have trained staff with valid licenses for cooking the food and serving it fresh and tasty giving importance to hygiene. The usual menu in any houseboat will have the Kerala delicacies or North Indian and continental menu.

If you are interested in enjoying this menu and booking a Kerala houseboat cruise, check out our kerala houseboat packages

backwaters-of-kerala-trip-in-2020-what-to-know-5 Backwaters of Kerala Trip in 2020- What to Know?
Backwaters of Kerala s Cruise Experience

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