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TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe National Narcotics Agency (BNN) has warned tourists, particularly foreign tourists, that Bali is not a safe haven for drug abuse.

All regions in Indonesia, including the resort island of Bali, did not tolerate any kind of drug abuse, BNN Head Commissioner General Petrus Reinhard Golose stated at the opening of the ‘Smash on Drugs’ International Table Tennis Tournament at Udayana University, Badung, on Sunday.

The tournament was conducted as a part of the 2022 International Anti-narcotics Day.

“I declare that Bali is not only the Island of Gods, and the Island of Tolerance, but we declare that Bali is the Island of Zero Tolerance of Drug Abuse,” Golose remarked.

As Bali has begun to receive more tourists, the threat of illicit drug trafficking has also increased.

Golose said, drug trafficking was closely related to organized crime and transnational organized crime.

“I warn drug dealers that there is zero tolerance for them if they wish to expand their (narcotics) business in Bali,” he said.

Golose said, at the commemoration of the 2022 International Anti-narcotics Day, BNN has called on all people, including foreigners in the country, to jointly eradicate drug abuse.

As part of the campaign, the agency would hold a night of reflection at Mertasari Beach, Denpasar on June 26, 2022, as a form of concern over global and national drug trafficking issues.

“Later in Mertasari, I will invite ambassadors so we can show the world how serious Indonesia is (in eradicating narcotics),” he said.


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