Bangalore to Coorg – The Best Way to Travel

Coorg is a hill town in southern India. The beauty of the place is such that there is no dearth of people in Bangalore who want to leave the fast city life for some time to enjoy their time in the lap of nature. Read on to know how one can travel from Bangalore to Coorg and how much time it takes to travel by each mode of transportation.

Bangalore to Coorg

As soon as people working on their hectic jobs in Bangalore find a long weekend they plan a trip to the nearby locations. Coorg is one such hill station that people can travel to and spend some quality time with their families. The distance between Bangalore and Coorg is around 250 km, which can be covered through various modes of transportations. The best time to visit Coorg is from September to March. Although one can have a 2 day long trip from Bangalore to Coorg, it is advised that you go at least on a 4-day long trip to have a perfect leisure vacation. You can choose the right mode of transportation for your travel.

bangalore-to-coorg-the-best-way-to-travel Bangalore to Coorg – The Best Way to Travel
Bangalore To Coorg

 Bangalore to Coorg by Train

Coorg has no railway station of its own. The two closest railway stations to Coorg are Mysore Junction and Mangalore Central Railway Station, which are at a distance of 95 km and 134 Kms from Coorg. When traveling from Bangalore to Coorg by train, it is best to take a train to Mysore Junction and then take a bus or cab from Mysore to reach Coorg. There are many trains from Bangalore, which go to Mysore and the journey usually takes around 3-4 hours. You can also take a train from Bangalore to Mangalore; however, not only the distance between the two places is more, but only two trains go from Bangalore to Mangalore.

From Mysore railway station, you can walk to the nearest bus stand, which is only at a distance of around 1.4 km. Here, you can take a bus to Coorg depending on your requirements of AC or non-AC. This bus journey takes around 3-5 hours. You can also take a cab from the Mysore Junction to get to Coorg; however, cabs are very expensive when compared to buses. While, on one hand, you can get a bus from Mysore to Coorg in anything between Rs. 200 – 800, a cab ride usually takes around Rs. 3000.

 Bangalore to Coorg by bus

There are around 34 bus stops in Bangalore, out of which 3 are major bus stations. You can get a bus from almost all of these bus stands to Coorg. You can find both private buses as well as direct Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation buses in Bangalore and choose the one based on your preference. You also have an option to choose from AC, non-AC, Sleeper, etc. As the journey through the bus takes around six hours, your comfort is very important. 

These buses are quite cheap when compared to taxis and the whole journey can be completed in between Rs. 300 – 800. The best part about taking a bus from Bangalore to Coorg is that you don’t have to break your journey and can complete the whole journey through the bus ride. You cannot only board the bus from Bangalore, but you can board the bus from various points as the bus even goes to the outskirts. You can book the bus online, from the comforts of your home.

Bangalore to Coorg by Car

A road trip by car from Coorg to Bangalore is also a good idea. As there are no direct flights or trains between the two places, traveling by your own car seems only sensible. The distance between Bangalore and Coorg via the NH275 or Mysore Road is 250 km. On the other hand, the distance between Bangalore to Coorg via the NH75 is 275 km. Although this journey usually takes between five to six hours, the actual time will depend on your car speed and traffic.

It is suggested that you start from Coorg early morning between 4 A.M – 6 A.M so that you can reach Coorg before noon, which will not only ensure that you find less traffic but will also give you plenty of time to rest once you reach Coorg. Also, when you start your journey early, you do not have to worry about the scorching sun, which will ensure that you fully enjoy the scenic routes along your journey.

 As the roads are smooth and well-maintained the road trip will surely be enjoyable and safe. However, it is suggested that you avoid driving if you are a beginner as sometimes you can come across fast-moving heavy vehicles. There are three routes from which one can choose for this journey, which are – The Kushalnagar Route, The Channarayapatna Route, and The Nagarhole Route. Of these Kushalnagar Route is the shortest one as the route is 275 km long and takes 6 hours. 

 Bangalore to Coorg package

The distance between Bangalore and Coorg is 265 km and you can choose different types of transports to cover this journey. As the distance between the two places is not much, you can choose to explore both these places. If you do not have much time, you can choose any 3 days Bangalore to Coorg package and spend 1 day in Bangalore, while 2 days in Coorg. If you have more than 3 days in your hands then you can cover Coorg and Ooty together and spend 2-2 days in both places.

You also have an option to plan a 5-day trip and even cover Mysore in your trip. You can have an extremely wonderful trip by taking out 7 days for this trip and get a 7 nights Bangalore to Coorg package. Here, you can start from Bangalore then travel to Mysore and then proceed to Coorg. After spending one-one day each in these places, you can travel to Ooty, where you can spend 2-3 days before returning to Bangalore.

bangalore-to-coorg-the-best-way-to-travel-1 Bangalore to Coorg – The Best Way to Travel

 Bangalore to Coorg taxi

As mentioned above, the car is the best mode of transport when looking to travel from Bangalore to Coorg. However, not everybody owns a car or has enough skills to drive on difficult roads. In that case, you can book a Bangalore to Coorg taxi where the driver will drive the taxi and you can just enjoy the view. There are various options available for taxis and you can choose a taxi based on your preference for the timing. You can also book a car with a driver based on your comfort requirement and the number of travelers.

If you are just a couple of people then you can book a small car. However, if you are a big family then it is better to choose a car like Innova. All you have to do is search for Bangalore to Coorg taxi online and you will be presented with several options. You can choose any cab or taxi at your convenience and comfort. You can get a Bangalore to Coorg taxi for a fare of around Rs. 2500 – Rs. 4000.

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Bangalore to Coorg flight

Coorg doesn’t have an airport of its own; however, if you are coming from far then flying is the best option. Mangalore Airport is the nearest airport to Coorg, however, as it is a domestic airport it is not conceivable for everyone. In that case, you can choose the Mangalore Airport, which is around 150 km from Coorg.

However, Bangalore International Airport is the most well-connected airport, which is at a distance of 280 km from Coorg. When traveling from Bangalore, you can take a flight to Mangalore Airport.

From here, you can take a taxi to reach Coorg. The taxi will take around 3 hours to get to Coorg and will charge around Rs. 3000. Moreover, the Bangalore to Coorg flight takes around one hour and additional time for check-in and other airport formalities. The whole trip from Bangalore to Coorg takes around the same time as through train or cab, therefore, it is suggested that you look for other options mentioned above. 

 Bangalore to Coorg bike Trip

As mentioned above, the roads from Bangalore to Coorg are in good condition. Therefore, if you are someone who loves traveling by bike then you can take a Bangalore to Coorg bike trip. The best thing about traveling by bike is that you can enjoy the natural pleasure on the route and stop whenever you feel like it. You can cover the journey within 6 hours; however, it will also depend on the route, traffic, and the number of stoppages. The three routes for the journey are The Kushalnagar route, The Channarayapatna Route, and The Nagarhole Route.

All three routes have different places that you can explore. However, the Kushalnagar Route is the shortest. If you have decided to reach Coorg by bike then you mustn’t travel in extremely hot, rainy, or extremely cold weather. You must cover a day or early morning journey and be safe.


Both Bangalore and Coorg are beautiful places and have their own charm. Although there are various modes that you can take to travel between the two places, it is best that you choose the one that is most comfortable for you without burning a hole in your pocket. We suggest that if traveling in a group, you take a taxi from Bangalore to Coorg. 

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