Best Beaches Near Kochi

Some of the best beaches in Kerala are in and around Kochi. If you are visiting Kerala and is wondering whether to visit Kovalam or Varkala from Kochi, you may not because good beautiful sea view resorts are available near Kochi itself and you can actually save almost one day it takes to travel from Kochi to Varkala when you visit Best Beaches Near Kochi like Cherai Beach, Marari Beach, Fort Kochi, and Andhakaranazhi Beach. Here is a guide to help you explore the best beaches near Kochi.

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List of Best Beaches near Kochi

A few of the best beaches near Kochi are Cherai Beach, Marari Beach, Fort Kochi, and Andhakaranazhi.

1. Cherai Beach

Distance from Cherai Beach to Kochi is 39 Kilometers.

Cherai beach is popular among beaches in Kochi and is among the must visit places in Kochi. The seashells on Cherai Beach are unique and swimmers have been known to run into dolphins in the waters. Cherai is a very clean and shallow beach and thus, ideal for the purpose of beach breaks. A rolling area of rocks and knolls overlooks the pounding waves here which attract ever-more people to enjoy the beauty of the sea. Since Cherai is one of the most visited beaches in Kochi, A critical mass of beach resorts has appeared here and you can wander between the waves and join other travelers for a beer in the resort, to watch the sunset.

best-beaches-near-kochi Best Beaches Near Kochi

2. Marari Beach

The distance from Mararikulam Beach to Kochi is 46 Kilometers.

Mararikulam has a really beautiful, clean beach which is frequented by foreigners who stay in a few of the best beach resorts in Kerala. Marari beach is a well-known tourist attraction out of the beaches near Kochi. This may be the only beach in Kerala with coconut trees lining the seashores. One of the kind of beaches you find in the ads is magazine covers with Coconut trees swaying over fine, white sand, lapped by clear, clear water and a fishermans canoe somewhere in the sea. The beach is virtually deserted at most times of the day and there are private beaches of resorts as well in Marari which makes it one of the most sought after Kerala honeymoon destinations. The general atmosphere is laid back and Marari has slightly expensive tourist facilities than Cherai.

best-beaches-near-kochi-1 Best Beaches Near Kochi

3. Andhakaranazhi Beach

Distance from Andhakaranazhi Beach to Kochi is 28 Kilometers.

Andhakaranazhi is a hidden gem among the best beaches near Kochi. Known only to a select few who frequent this beach to enjoy an unpolluted sea. This beach has a Tsunami shelter and has a fishermen colony just near the beach and you have to be careful while loitering around as the beach maybe not as clean as the other beaches in Kochi. The beach is postcard-perfect with clean & clear water, and the local fisherman and their boats are great to watch as you sit under an umbrella sipping lemon juice. Swimming is safe and the beach is not as tourist crazy as Cherai or Fort Kochi. There is also a shack on the beach for coffee, snacks, and juice called Summer Luv which is popular. Andhakaranazhi is a confluence of backwater and the Arabian Sea.

best-beaches-near-kochi-2 Best Beaches Near Kochi

4. Fort Kochi Beach

The distance from Kochi to Fort Kochi is 7 kilometers.

Fort Kochi Beach was always regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches near Kochi, with a road with Chinese Fishing Nets that leads to the beach. Fort Kochi was a destination where culture, history, and sea comes together. The cochin beach is too crowded these days and it may not be to the liking of so many tourists who are looking for a quiet and pristine experience. It is an ideal picnic spot in Kochi for people, who come here either alone or in groups and is also famous for the cochin carnival celebrations on the new years eve.

best-beaches-near-kochi-3 Best Beaches Near Kochi

Have you visited any of the popular beaches in Kerala and Kochi? Which do you think is the best beach near Kochi?

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