Best Time to Visit Marari Beach

Marari is a beach in Mararikulam village of Alappuzha district in Kerala. Even though Alleppey is well known for backwaters, this quaint beach near backwaters was voted as one of the world’s top five hammock beaches in a survey by National Geographic[1] and the best time to visit Marari Beach will be winter with cool temperatures.

[2] where you can relax in the most obvious way –by doing nothing. With its vast coastal line fringed with coconut trees, white sand and clean water this uncrowded beach is the perfect place to bask in the sun in your bikini and get the perfect tan.

Whether you choose to laze around sipping tender coconut water, read a book leaning onto a coconut tree, swim to your heart’s content or simply walk the long beach stretch barefooted, the beach is a good choice as it is well maintained with no hawkers and not popular among local tourists and is also known as “Secret Beach”. Moreover, most of the resorts here are either beside the beach or just walking distance away. The summers are hot and humid and the monsoon means continuous rain in Kerala, so you need to plan your visit to Marari accordingly.

Winter (November to February) – 22–30 °C in Marari

Since the climate in this region is predominantly humid, the months of September to February when the temperatures are normal and chances of rain are scant is the most preferred time to visit Marari. December and January might be chilly from dusk to dawn; although, don’t expect any cold winters here. Expect occasionally showers during this time of year. The weather is favorable for lounging on the beach all day, swimming or rafting. The temperature ranges between 17°C and 32°C during these months.

best-time-to-visit-marari-beach Best Time to Visit Marari Beach

Summer (March to May) – 26-36 °C temperature in Marari

This time of year is hot and dry in Marari. Humidity is at its peak during March to May, and too much of the outdoors can leave you dehydrated. Temperatures hover around 35 °C. Seasoned travelers might be up for the extreme weather, but travelers not used to humid climate can find it extremely uncomfortable forcing them to stay indoors in their AC cottages, beating the entire point of holidaying at Marari. This is the time of summer vacations for schools in Kerala, so expect kids, though not too many of them, in the evenings.

best-time-to-visit-marari-beach-1 Best Time to Visit Marari Beach

Monsoons (June – October) – 22 – 30 °C in Marari

It doesn’t just rain in Kerala, it pours. From June to September, the monsoons and the slush that comes with it makes the beach seem less inviting. But the greens of the coconut trees that line the beach are more pronounced in this season, and the air has that fresh smell of rain meeting sand. However, the rains are torrential and may force you to stay indoors and keep you from swimming and water activities due to safety concerns. Nonetheless, this being the off season most resorts offer huge discounts and the beach is practically deserted.

best-time-to-visit-marari-beach-2 Best Time to Visit Marari Beach

Marari is a favorite among foreign tourists to Kerala. Although there are many resorts here, restaurants and bars are few. So it’s important you choose an all-inclusive resort. Mararikulam is your quintessential coastal village, with a simple way of life. In the mornings, fishermen row their canoes deep in to the waters of the beach to get a good catch. Do remember to bring along your strongest sun tan lotion, favourite swim suit and enjoy doing nothing and let the beach engulf your thoughts.

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