Best time to visit Munnar-Summer, Winter or Monsoon?

Tucked away in sunny, tropical Kerala is a cool green paradise called Munnar with salubrious climate at all time of the year. Away from heat and dust Munnar has few of thee finest tea plantations in the world and the Best time to visit Munnar is all through the year. Winters during December to February are cool and temperature comes down to 10°C during this period. Monsoons (June to September) are lovely with pouring rainfalls. The Scottish planters discovered Munnar but it was under the British that Munnar became a major plantation area for tea and tea gardens are among the main tourist attractions in Munnar.

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best-time-to-visit-munnar-summer-winter-or-monsoon Best time to visit Munnar-Summer, Winter or Monsoon?
A Tea Factory in Munnar

Best Time to visit Munnar – Weather and Climate

There are three distinct seasons in Munnar and Munnar is an all season destination that you can visit in all four seasons even though the flavour of visit will be very different. November through February is popular foreign tourists, March through May is for domestic visitors while August through September has people from all parts of the world visiting Munnar.

1. Munnar in Winter (September to March)

This is the Best Season to visit Munnar in which all tourist attractions in Munnar will be full and crowded with guests. The coldest season in Munnar but it is a great Season to visit Munnar and the rates of all resorts will have the peak season rates.

2. Munnar in Summer (April to May)

When all other tourist destinations will be hot, Munnar will be colder and Summer is one of the best Seasons to visit Munnar to escape from Summer heat. This was one of the reasons because of which Munnar was the summer capital of Britishers before the Independence of India.

3. Munnar in Monsoons (June to August)

Monsoons is the peak season when tourists from Arabian Countries visit Munnar to view the beauty of the rains across the mountains with tea gardens. This is the best season for Ayurveda in Munnar and people visit Munnar for Ayurveda Treatments as well

Munnar is a hill station that experiences salubrious climate and does not have extreme climatic conditions like Shimla or Manali which makes it one of the best places to visit in Kerala for honeymoon. Munnar is situated at a height of around 1600 meters above sea level as a result of which it is one of the most preferred destinations in India at any given time for holidays or honeymoons. One can say that the peak season for Munnar Tourism is all though the year.

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Munnar in Winter (September to March)

The best time to visit Munnar would be October to November and from January to May when it is comfortably cold. There may be occasional rains which will give a misty experience of Munnar.

September just after rains it would be like one of the best experiences in Munnar with verdant green tea gardens and and good amount of water in waterfalls on the way to Munnar .It will be just great if you don’t mind an occasional shower.

best-time-to-visit-munnar-summer-winter-or-monsoon-1 Best time to visit Munnar-Summer, Winter or Monsoon?
Munnar in Winter

Though Munnar has pleasant climate throughout the year, it experiences colder winters and the weather is extremely cold during winter (December/January). The temperatures can drop to five degree Celsius conditions during the peak winter season. However you wont experience snow like North Indian hill stations like Shimla or Manali. . The hill statio
n does not witness heavy snowfall and tourists throng Munnar in December during Christmas and New Year.

Munnar in Summer (April to May)

Even during the summer months Munnar is a good place to travel to and the temperature seldom goes beyond 20º C. Therefore, when you travel to Munnar during summer months you will need to carry some light woollen clothes for protection against the cold weather and you may not have to use blankets in the night for sleeping.

Summer in Munnar begins in March and spans across May. During this period, Munnar experiences beautiful weather just as the temperatures range between 19 degrees Celsius and 35 degrees Celsius. No time is more perfect to enjoy visiting Munnar than the summers.

best-time-to-visit-munnar-summer-winter-or-monsoon-2 Best time to visit Munnar-Summer, Winter or Monsoon?
In Munnar, Elephants come out in search of water in Summer

In March, the summer starts, during the day, the temperature can rise to 26 Degree Celsius while it comes down to 18 to 20 Degree Celsius at night time.

In April, the temperature is to be expected on the hotter side during the day. The temperature is between 23 to 26 Degree Celsius during the day while it also descends to 18 to 20 Degree Celsius at night.

In May, it is hottest during the day, but it rains in May too, during the day, the temperature can be within 23 to 27 Degree Celsius and it descends to 18 to 21 Degrees Celsius at night, thus it is cooler at night.

For lovebirds, the summer is a nice time to honeymoon undisturbed by harsh weather, adventures such as sightseeing in beautiful sceneries in Munnar can also be done. It is advisable that you however steer clear of rock climbing when it is raining. You may wish to rely on weather forecasts to help you plan ahead of your coming days.

One thing you should know about Munnar in the summer months is that though generally pleasant, however, the weather varies. During the day, you can have a warm climate while in the evenings, it could move towards being cold. From the rich green pasture to the clear skies to the warmth of its sunlight, Summer is that season in which the rich regions of Munnar glisten flaunting their brilliance. It’s best to go sightseeing the dazzling beauty of Munnar before the monsoon season. Visiting Munnar during summer is an opportune moment in which you can commit yourself to the history of the destination, culture, and recreation. Places you can visit when you visit include; Tea Museum, Mattupetty Dam, Blossom International Park, Chinnakanal Waterfall, and Echo Point.

best-time-to-visit-munnar-summer-winter-or-monsoon-3 Best time to visit Munnar-Summer, Winter or Monsoon?
Trekking is popular from September to February in Munnar

During summer in Munnar, you can indulge in picnics, long strolls, biking, hiking, camping, and a host of other fun activities.

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Munnar in Monsoons (June to August)

Winters are also an ideal time to visit Munnar if you love rains in the hills. Though moving around is a bit difficult in rains and mist, a rainy vacation will lift up your spirits. During winters, the weather and climate of Munnar becomes too cold and sometimes the temperature can go below 0º C. Peak monsoon season in end June and July should be avoided as it rains quite heavily in Munnar and surrounding areas. The roads can get very slippery and it is advisable to travel to Munnar during day time as nights are misty.

best-time-to-visit-munnar-summer-winter-or-monsoon-4 Best time to visit Munnar-Summer, Winter or Monsoon?
Munnar is covered with mist and snow in Monsoon

You may be curious to know why Munnar is constantly cool. Why? Some of the attributable reasons are;

● Munnar has a high altitude above sea level
● It has a maximum temperature of 20 degrees Celsius
● It is hemmed in by hills.
●Fewer industrialization processes take place there.
● The town has more plantations and forest areas.

Munnar is known as Kashmir of South India and snuggled in the lap of such an alluring terrain, Munnar is one of the most beautiful hill stations in India and a visit to Kerala is never complete with out a visit to Munnar . Do make sure that you take some photographs in tea gardens whether you are visiting Munnar in the best time to visit Munnar or not. The place is a paradise for nature lovers and provides them the best ambience, the honeymooners require for their dream honeymoon tour. Its beauty never misses to captivate people’s mind and soul with its very first glimpse. Rambling tea plantations, rising and falling hills swathe in bright green beauty of flourishing valleys are a treat to the eye.

Although Munnar can be toured through the year, this is attributable to its calm climate. As stated earlier, March to May is the summer season, during this period, you can take along with you light pieces of cotton as the weather is pleasant during the summer, you shouldn’t leave your umbrella behind as it is not uncommon for it to rain during this period. You may be closer to the sun during the summer, so you should apply sunscreen, get a hat and sunglasses. Eat light meals, take enough water and make sure to stay hydrated through the day.

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