Best time to visit Vagamon

Vagamon is a renowned hill station lies in the border of Idukki and Kottayam districts of Kerala. It is a tiny plantation hamlet of Central Travancore located 1,100 meters above the sea level. Vagamon is famous for green valleys, photography, verdant hills, majestic rifts and pine forests. The Vagamon hill station is enclosed with the mind-grabbing tea plantations, the mouth biting cold climate, tiny waterfalls and the mind-blowing meadows and the best time to visit Vagamon is the winter season.

best-time-to-visit-vagamon Best time to visit VagamonVagamon Pine Forests

The Vagamon hill station has three charming hills such as Thangal hill, Murugan Hill, and Kurismala. . The cool and pleasing climate is another reason why people long to visit Vagamon.

Vagamon is an all season destination but the best time is after the monsoons from June to September or before the summer from March to May. After the rains the whole area specially the green meadows in Vagamon are very green and fresh. With the on set of summer the grasses dry up and greens become brown and days become hot.

If you are planning to visit Vagamon do note that this destination is a plastic free zone and litter in any format is not permitted. A family picnic over the green meadows is one of the most popular activities in Vagamon.

best-time-to-visit-vagamon-1 Best time to visit VagamonVagamon Green Meadows

Summer Season ( March to May)– 21–28 °C in Vagamon

To witness and feel the best of Vagamon, choose summer. The place is pleasant at that time of the year. Summer highlights all the beautiful features of the hill station. The pleasant climate and cool wind from sea will be ruling over the climate of Vagamon from March to May. The pleasing sunshine n clear sky and the fresh fragrance of tea leaves refresh your mind and soul and make summer a best choice for the tourists seeking a visit to Vagamon.

Summers are too short in Vagamon. The months record the highest temperatures of the year. But, the weather does not get heavy hot. The maximum temperature will be 25 Degree Celsius while it can also drop to 10C. The climate stays from around March to May, giving the best weather condition of all times. The seasons marks the maximum temperature at Vagamon. If you are planning to visit Vagamon during the summer, make sure you carry light weighted loose fitting clothes. You do not want to burn in sweaters!

Visitors can enjoy elephant rides smoothly during the summer. The ride is the most loved activity of the visitors in Vagamon. Elephant trekking at Vagamon are exciting; you can hop on an elephant and have a grand ride on the tea plantations or the banks of rivers. Vagamon is also a sought out place for adventure lovers. With paragliding, hiking and trekking opportunities, Vagamon serves the purpose of sports activities and gives the much-needed adventure option for the visitors. If you love adventures, take days off on summer, get yourself to Vagamon and enjoy the fun-filled experience of hiking and trekking. Summers of Vagamon is also best known for kayaking, canoeing and boating. The Lakes in Vagamon are very famous and attractive. At summers, it is really beautiful to go even for a walk through the sets of three lakes. The green meadows in Wagamon is filled with the cool breeze during the season enriching the mind and body of the visitors.

best-time-to-visit-vagamon-2 Best time to visit VagamonSunset Watching from Elaveezhapoonchira in Wagamon

Monsoon Season ( June to September)– 18–21 °C in Vagamon

June to September is Monsoon season in Vagamon. Waterfalls and the rich flora bloom during this season, making the meadows green and attracting more people. Monsoon at Vagamon marks a temperature between 18 and 21 degree Celsius with a 550 mm rainfall. July marks the highest rainfall while September has the highest humidity. Grey clouds rule over the skies and bring in unpredictable and frequent rains.

When visiting Vagamon at Monsoon, make sure to carry raincoats and umbrellas. Also, light cotton garments are best preferred in this weather. Woollen sweaters or shawls can also be taken along to make sure that you keep yourself if the evening gets cold. Vagamon is an ideal destination for honeymoon couple in Monsoon

Winter Season ( October to February)– 12–25 °C in Vagamon

As Vagamon is situated at the high altitude, the temperature promptly drops to 0 degree Celsius when the winter arrives. The chilling air and cold atmosphere result in an immense flow of visitors to the valley. At the same time, due to the best weather, the prices will be higher at the season. The peak season starts from Mid-December to January. Tourists rush to visit the extreme beauty of Vagamon during winter season despite the mouth biting cold. You may include woolen shawls, wraps, gloves etc. when you visit during winter seasons.

The cold climate creates the adrenalin rush that stimulates adventure activities during the winter season along with paragliding which includes flying above the scenic beauty, touching the sky, skidding through the fog makes the activity more exciting and fascinating.

best-time-to-visit-vagamon-3 Best time to visit VagamonVagamon is also a hub of adventure sport activities

Vagamon has a wonderful weather throughout the year and the temperature is always salubrious for tourism. The reason behind the attractive weather is the high altitude of Wagamon. The temperature always ranges from 10-25 degree Celsius. From being scorching cold in the winter to sun-kissed in the summer, Vagamon is a treat to its visitors in all seasons. The weather in the hill station is varying from one point to another due to its vastness. The perfect time to explore the beauty of Vagamon is the dry seasons is Winter.

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