Best Treehouses in Thekkady

When you stay in a treehouse; a magical scene unfolds before you. You can witness a breathtaking sunrise, the dance of fireflies staged in front of you at night, spot wildlife in its natural habitat, unwind without any worldly hindrances, glance at the star-studded sky through the treetops, enjoy the chill of the hills invading your room and a lot more remarkable episodes can be experienced from treehouses in Thekkady.

Thekkady treehouse resorts are basically modified versions of Erumadam, which were usually used by the tribals to protect themselves from the attacks of wild animals. A stay in one of the famous Treehouses in Thekkady is undoubtedly an extraordinary travel experience to discover nature. Guests with an adventurous streak will find much to enjoy in the novelty of residing high above the ground. The Thekkady tree house resorts also offer elegant ethnic themed furnishings and state of the art amenities.

ALSO SEE – Best Things to do in ThekkadyThekkady is a place blessed with natural wonders and sceneries and Treehouses in Thekkady is loved and longed by travelers for its closeness to the wilderness. The wildlife and the rich flora and fauna can be best enjoyed from a Thekkady tree house resort.

Vanya Tree house Thekkady

Vanya Treehouse is well known for the ambiance inside the forest and the array of fun activities arranged by the resort staff and is among the most famous treehouses in Thekkady. This treehouse takes you to the heart of wildness and is among the most well-known among all treehouses in Thekkady. The enchanting treehouse built on a single stump of a gigantic tree. The stay here cuts you completely out of the noise of homo sapiens and otherworldly disruptions.

Here you can listen to the beautiful cacophony of crickets, enjoy the amazing view of the mist-covered valley and wake up to the melody of birds chirping. The gentle breeze that constantly moves around the treehouse brings the potpourri of amazing aroma; the concoction of cardamom, sandalwood, and other spices’ scents. The treehouse is sturdy and safe and is equipped with all adequate facilities. The design of the treehouses in Thekkady makes sure that the guest enjoys luxury inside and wilderness outside.

best-treehouses-in-thekkady Best Treehouses in Thekkady

How to get there

Vanya treehouse is located by Munnar- Kumily highway in Thekkady. The nearest airport to the location is Madurai airport which is 136 kilometers away and the nearest railway station is Kottayam which is 114 kilometers away.

What to know

The tagline of this quaint treehouse establishment says ‘where a man goes back to his roots’ and it sure takes one back to the lap of Mother Nature and the roots of its very existence. The beautiful tree house perched on the canopy of Thekkady is adjacent to Periyar forest and is spread in a sprawling 12-acre forest area. The balcony of the tree house overlooks a charming valley and majestic mountain ranges beyond.

The interiors are equipped with all modern facilities to assure a comfortable stay for visitors. One can experience the pandemonium of civilization diminishing as one ascends the steps to the tree house. Apart from the soul-soothing tree house sojourn, a visitor can also enjoy the delectable dishes provided here; from freshly brewed coffee to mouth-watering tapioca dishes are available. The tree house is completely made of indigenous raw materials and is promoted by the Kondody Group of Hotels and Resorts.

Carmelia Haven Tree House

Visitors to Carmelia Haven Tree House in Thekkady have appreciated the vast resort premises, enchanting location, tasty food, friendly staff, and clean premises of the resort and tree house.

best-treehouses-in-thekkady Best Treehouses in Thekkady
Carmelia Haven Tree House in Thekkady


How to get there

The Carmelia Haven tree house is a part of Carmelia Haven resorts and is located in Vandanmedu, Thekkady. The place is easily accessible by road from Kottayam and Kochi. The nearest airports to the spot are Madurai airport and Cochin international airport.

What to know

The tree houses at Carmelia Haven are built on solid stilts and they camouflage into the canopy of trees around them. The guests staying in the tree houses can enjoy a sojourn embracing the verdant foliage of Thekkady and the majestic views of the plantations sprawling below. The novelty of residing close to nature, fun activities with an adventurous streak and the stay cuddling the foliage, and the spectacular setting of cardamom plantations around the property make your holiday ethereal. The ethnically themed tree houses sport elegant interiors, cozy furnishing, and the state of the art in amenities. If you get bored staying in the tree house, you can take leisurely strolls on the never ending plantations.


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Rangerwood Nature Castle Machan Tree house in Thekkady

Visitors have lauded the swimming pool available in the tree house premises, indoor games and activities, tasty local food, and the ambiance at Rangerwood Nature Castle Machan Tree house in Thekkady.

best-treehouses-in-thekkady-1 Best Treehouses in Thekkady
Treehouse in Thekkady


How to get there

Rangerwood nature castle tree houses are a part of Rngerwood resorts. This establishment is located by the Lake road in Kumili, Thekkady. The nearest airport to the location is Madurai airport which is 135 Kilometers away and Cochin international airport which is 147 kilometers away. The place is well connected via road to Kottayam and Kochi.

What to know

Rangerwood tree houses are a bit different from their counterparts in the list. The tree houses at Rnagerwood nature castle are carved in the wild luxury of Thekkady. The tree house, its interiors, exteriors, and every bit of it resonate with luxury and comfort without failing to bring the wild charm of Thekkady into the lives of the guests. The twin tree houses are fully made of superior, polished wood and are equipped with luxurious furnishing and high-end amenities. The tree houses are built on towering trees, at a height of 30 feet from the ground and offer the perfect view of the flora and fauna of Thekkady.

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Shola Periyar Tree House

Shola periyar tree houses are surrounded by the plantations of tea, coffee, cardamom, and pepper. The skills of local tribal craftsmen with Indigenous techniques, skills, and expertise have been used for the construction and maintenance of these tree houses.

How to reach Shola Periyar Tree House

Shola Periyar tree house in Thekkady is located in the heart of Thekkady. The place can be reached by air from Cochin international airport which is 190 kilometers away and from Madurai airport which is 140 kilometers away. The nearest railway stations to the location are Kottayam which is 114 kilometers away and Changanassery which is 120 kilometers away.

best-treehouses-in-thekkady-1 Best Treehouses in Thekkady
Shola Periyar Tree House Thekkady


What to know

The Shola Periyar treehouses in Thekkady are placed in the perfect location of the rain forest, surrounded by the plantations of cardamom, tea, pepper, coffee, and exotic flora and fauna. The premises of the tree house establishment are showered with nature’s bounty; with great scenic views in every nook and cranny and rich biodiversity that is assured to provide comfort and satisfaction to every weary traveler. The tree house property, sprawling on acres of verdant grassland is a repository of rare, endemic, and endangered flora and a visitor might also get to catch glimpses of fauna lurking in the distant bushes.

ALSO SEE – 15 Best Tree Houses in KeralaThe tree houses are built in traditional erumaadam ( hunter bodes in trees) style employing skills, expertise, and indigenous techniques of local tribal craftsmen. The interiors of the house are furnished with comfy beds, cozy décor, and the bathrooms are equipped with high-end shower facilities. The adjacent balcony from the bedroom offers the best of Thekkady’s canopy, where you can unwind relishing the beauty of nature. A stay here will give a fresh experience from staying inside the concrete walls of a hotel.

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