Breakfast at Taiping’s Lian Thong Restaurant (联通茶室)

There is a sign apologizing for any delay in service at Lian Thong Restaurant (联通茶室) as the staff are all senior citizens. My first breakfast included two toasts w/ 2 soft boiled eggs (Myr4.20), deep fried brinjal or egg plant (Myr8.50) and honey lime (Myr2.20) – a specialty of the kopitiam. My second breakfast was garlic koay teow (Myr5) and kopi… “Lian Thong was established in year 1948 by BoonSeng Teoh. He was born in Fujian Province of China. At the tender age of 14, he migrated from Fuzhou to Malaysia to earn a living to support his family back in China. In early years, Teoh’s kopitiam career begins with a small stall in an elementary school’s canteen in Taiping, then expanded to a partnership-based kopitiam named ‘Hwa Thong’. Over a period of time, equipped with the skills in coffee and tea making, he finally opened a fully-owned kopitiam named ‘Lian Thong’ in Jalan Kota, Taiping.” Through decades, Teoh’s family never stop improving and upgrading their food and services. Their enthusiasm in providing home-cooked food to customers had encourage them into a new venture of experimenting their homey recipes with different taste of newness. From the authentic toasted bread with soft-boiled eggs to more than 50 food choices, their food is indeed a good definition for the warmth taste of home cooking. Besides of being one of the oldest Kopitiam in Taiping, their kopitiam crew is also one of their unique features. Lian Thong’s entire operation crew, from their chef to their helpers are all senior citizen. Despite some limitation on serving speed and sensitivity, their passion in serving is like the icing on the cake to Lian Thong’s additional “homey” feel.” No. 5, Jalan Kota, 34000 Taiping, Perak
Phone: 05-807 2645

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