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From Home-grown Business to Indonesia‘ s Leading Lifestyle Property Investment Company.

BOGOR, Indonesia, June 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Coming from humble beginnings in 2012, Tiara Hana Indonesia started out as a boutique property agent company with a small team of three. With years of experience as a Sales & Customer Care Manager in the hospitality investment scene under his belt, founder Hadi Moorthy took the leap to start his own venture in Singapore. Together with his wife, Meilina Hadi, they went on inspection visits with some of their customers to Wyndham Sundancer Resort Lombok project, fell in love with its beauty, and the rest was history. It was unlike any other property project they’ve seen – It offered the opportunity to not only invest in its potential, but also enjoy it as a complete lifestyle package. Together, they saw the future of bringing such an interesting investment concept to Indonesia.

The Family Behind Tiara Hana Indonesia: Hadi Moorthy, Meilina Hadi, Hakanah Rathi, and Hashifah Devi.

“I have two young daughters so I love taking my family on holidays. I always looked forward to the times my girls got so excited to play in the bathtub, with my wife taking photos and printing them for photo albums to capture those memories,” reminisces Hadi. Knowing they have this opportunity where they can fulfill their dreams of owning luxury properties sparked the intention of sharing this prospect with many others. Therefore, they aspired to be more than just a property agent; A lifestyle property company that can elevate customers’ quality of life. He introduced the investment concept to make owning such luxury resort properties more accessible.

In 2019, Tiara Hana‘ s founders welcomed Hana, their eldest daughter, firstly as a brand designer to learn the ropes to eventually spearheading the company in the future. With a background in advertising & design, Hana’ s first and main role then was to develop the brand towards a more modern and exciting approach. Then, the initial fractional ownership was refined and changed to become a co-ownership concept. It is intended to instill a sense of ownership because every investor owns a piece of the property. Over the decade, this homegrown enterprise steadily grew with over 500 customers, 5 offices, 36 employees, and a growing number of 6 luxury properties in beautiful destinations such as Lombok and Bali. According to Hadi Moorthy, their journey is just beginning.

As a boutique company built on family values, “We believe in a very personal approach to understand our customer’s needs and what they hope to achieve, instead of just selling a property,” said Hadi Moorthy. Tiara Hana strives to provide extensive, personal customer care to support them throughout their co-ownership journey because extraordinary experiences are what will be remembered. These values are reflected in their latest project, Stanagiri Retreat Ubud, where they are very hands-on in the development process. “We meticulously crafted this brand because we wanted to create a brand that families, like us, would love.” added Hana.

Curating their luxury properties very carefully, Tiara Hana aims not only to provide better returns for their customers but also to elevate their lifestyle goals. Mother and daughter, Meilina and Hana made sure of this by personally hand-picking the finer details in part interior designing the newly launched 3 Bedroom Garden Pool Villa at Stanagiri Retreat Ubud. “We continuously develop new villa designs for unique holiday experiences that can fetch higher room rates for the co-owners,” explained Hana regarding their mission to give customers the best benefits.

Catering to both seasoned investors and new explorers, hundreds of co-owners have started their co-ownership journey with Tiara Hana, becoming a big part of their small family. Expanding through the decade, Hana confidently stated their company’s vision, “to be a welcoming boutique property company where co-owners and their families can choose from some of the most beautiful & exclusive resort villas to keep adding into their personal or family investment portfolio while upgrading their lifestyle goals, for generations to come.”

To achieve that, Tiara Hana imbues their family values within the company as a foundation for sustainable business practices, to thrive with integrity. “We want every employee and manager who works with us to find happiness and fulfillment in their work. We have people who have been here from the very beginning, almost 10 years ago. They love their job and the people they work with. When you love what you do, it shows in the work. That’s the future and environment we want our people to thrive in,” said Hadi Moorthy. He believes that any success the company achieves is attributed to its solid team that embodied their values. Together, they will continue to fulfill bigger dreams and scale greater heights.

About Tiara Hana

Tiara Hana, founded in 2012, is here to provide investors with the opportunity to own exclusive luxury resort villas in some of the most beautiful destinations in Indonesia without the high capital costs, but with attractive benefits of a lifestyle like no other.

Starting as an Exclusive Property Agent for Wyndham Sundancer Resort Lombok, Tiara Hana aimed to become more than just an agent. They developed their own concept of co-ownership with visionary property developers and worked exclusively with experienced resort management companies to ensure the success of all their resort projects to generate attractive profits and run a resort business that remains relevant in the growing hospitality industry. Currently, Tiara Hana holds 7 luxury resort properties in Bali and Lombok in their portfolio and have recently won 2 awards under the best lifestyle property investment category.

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