Celebrating Teacher’s Day in China

International Teacher’s Day falls on the 5th of October but not every country celebrates then. In many Arab countries, educators are celebrated on the 28th of February. In the USA, celebrations are held during Teacher Appreciation Week in May. , we celebrate the teachers in our lives on September 10th.

At WildChina Education, we happily celebrate teachers whenever we’re given the opportunity. That’s because we understand how hard you work and the responsibility that’s placed on your shoulders. Our fully-customized educational travel programs are designed with this in mind.

  celebrating-teachers-day-in-china Celebrating Teacher’s Day in China

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But how?

We have the ability to craft award-winning educational programs because our international team of travel designers have an educational background themselves. They use their knowledge and personal experience to create a journey that not only meets your school’s learning objectives but puts students in control of their own learning – encouraging them to think outside the box and work as a team. That means you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that we know exactly what you need from a trip and how to achieve it.

celebrating-teachers-day-in-china-1 Celebrating Teacher’s Day in China

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On this day of celebration, we asked our educational travel team who they’re most thankful for in helping to shape the people they have become today.

Robin, Academic Team Manager: “Dear Mr Shallal, my math teacher in the 9th grade! Thank you so much for spending your spare time finding different teaching methods to help me break through my mental block in math. You are an exemplary man.”

Hillary, Academic Manager: “My teacher was my mom because I was homeschooled. She was the best teacher ever! A teacher who inspired me to think outside of the box, who encouraged me to question everything and think of things in a logical way. Mom and Teacher, thank you so much for the day when you taught me the scientific rule – “For every action, there is a reaction.”

 celebrating-teachers-day-in-china-2 Celebrating Teacher’s Day in China 

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Susan, Program Manager: “When I talk about my favorite teacher it takes me to the soft and warm part of my soul. She took care of me like I was her daughter. She inspired me to learn singing, drama and leadership – to experience life as much as possible. She pushed me to the place where I am now.”

Yunya, Program Manager: “My Chinese teacher in middle school stays in my heart. He made me believe in myself. Before graduation, he presented me with a scroll with inspiring calligraphy written on it. I still have it. It reminds me to learn and study more every day.”

We’re thankful to every teacher for their role in shaping the future of tomorrow and are so proud to play our part in your students’ education. Start planning the perfect customized trip for your school by getting in touch with our experienced travel designers today.

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