CHENNAI VIZHA -2023 International Handicrafts Festival 07.05.2023 Island Grounds- TAMIL NADU TOURISM

CHENNAI VIZHA -2023 | International Crafts Festival || International Handicrafts, Handlooms and Food Exhibition || Island Grounds- TAMIL NADU TOURISM

The 47th India Tourism and Industrial Fair 2023 is a leading travel event that unlocks business opportunities for inbound tourism professionals. Discover the highlights of Tamil Nadu Tourism’s decades of bringing innovation and opportunity to travel providers. 

This travel, tourism, and industrial trade fair allows tourism businesses, entrepreneurs, and travel agents from around the state to showcase their brands and exhibit at the show, along with the facilities of accommodation and hospitality, renowned tourism destinations and attractions, and innovative travel technologies. The inauguration of the three-month-long fair will be on 21.01.2023, at the Island Grounds in Chennai.

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