CHENNAI VIZHA -2023 International Handicrafts Festival 14.05.2023 Island Grounds- TAMIL NADU TOURISM

CHENNAI VIZHA -2023 | International Crafts Festival || International Handicrafts, Handlooms and Food Exhibition || Island Grounds- TAMIL NADU TOURISM

The Department of Tourism, Government of Tamil Nadu is organising Chennai Vizha 2023- International Handicrafts, Handlooms and Food Festival by inviting artisans from both India and around the globe to showcase their exceptional handcrafted products and textiles.
The 23-day festival is happening for the first ever time in Tamil Nadu to celebrate the traditional and authentic handicrafts, and handlooms of India. It is to be held at Island grounds, Chennai which is located in the heart of the city from April 29 2023- May 21 2023.
To make the visual treat more enchanting, the venue will be lively with various cultural programs comprising the representation of traditional dance forms and musical ensemble across the country. This is a perfect chance for the fine arts enthusiasts to witness and celebrate the art forms from various parts of the nation.
Cultural events for the day:
3.Yetchagana (Kantara)
4.Pambai attam
5.Yazhi Band
A visit to the Chennai Vizha is like entering a wonder land and will be a unique celebration of the arts and crafts across the globe. – a statement of the connection between the arts and the human experience, enriched over years, decades and centuries that is especially apt for this ancient town redolent with history. Come, participate in the event and be a part of this cultural extravaganza.

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