Chill out during the current cool season in Thailand

Visitors to Thailand will find lots of things to do during the country’s current cool or ‘winter’ season from December 2019 to January 2020. For the best experience during Thailand’s coolest season, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has highlighted emerging destinations and up-and-coming events to make this festive season special for all.

“From December to January truly is the best time of year to enjoy various attractions in Thailand where the temperature is nice and cool, flowers are in full bloom, and emerging destinations are a joy to visit,” TAT Governor Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn said. “It’s a great time to get on a push bike and leave the motorcycle rental behind. Although going by bike takes longer, you’ll get closer to nature.

“It also gives travellers the chance to get up close and personal with local communities while helping to distribute income to Thais living in the provinces.” 

TAT is inviting local and international tourists to visit the following destinations and attractions to enjoy the pleasant weather and colourful festivals:

Chiang Rai

The 16th Chiang Rai Flower Festival runs from 27 December, 2019 to 19 January, 2020, at the Tung and Khom Park with a wide variety of cool climate flowers, cultural and modern performances by local youth groups and famous bands. The music in the park takes place every Saturday and will run until 15 February, 2020.

chill-out-during-the-current-cool-season-in-thailand Chill out during the current cool season in Thailand

Chiang Rai ASEAN Flower Festival 2019 runs from 25 December, 2019 until 12 January, 2020, at the Mae Kok Riverside Flower Park featuring a wide variety of cool climate flowers, cultural performances, and a local fair.

chill-out-during-the-current-cool-season-in-thailand-1 Chill out during the current cool season in Thailand

The 6th Colours of Doi Tung – Includes a variety of features arts and handicrafts, local food, folk performances, and DIY activities that reflect the life of the hill tribe people living on the mountains. Takes place at Doi Tung, from 4-10 December, 14-15 December, 21 December, 2019 – 5 January, 2020, and 11 – 12 January, 2020. For full details go to Facebook page: DoiTungClub

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Mae Salong Tea Tasting Festival  Takes place from 28 December, 2019 to 2 January, 2020, at Ban Santikhiri in Mae Fah Luang district. The event invites local and international travellers to taste Mae Salong’s signature tea, admire cherry blossoms in full bloom, and savour hill tribe food.


Phu Ruea Christmas tree – 30 November, 2019 to 31 January, 2020, at the Christmas Park near the entrance to Phu Ruea National Park. Enjoy music in the park, folk performances, a local fair, photo and selfie-taking opportunities.

Winter Flower Festival 2019 – from 28 December, 2019 to 1 January, 2020, at Loei District Office featuring a wide variety of cool climate flowers, contests, music performances, a fair and a New Year mass merit-making ceremony.

Thailand’s Cherry Blossom (Wild Himalayan Cherry) Festival – January to February 2020, at Phu Lom Lo in the Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park, Dan Sai. Check with the TAT Loei Office for the exact dates when the flowers are in bloom.

Nakhon Sawan

Nakhon Sawan Lantern Festival 2019 is organised for the second consecutive year from 24 December, 2019 to 4 January, 2020. In addition to the elaborate light displays, there is also a giant light tunnel, Christmas tree and presents made of tiny lights. The 12-day, 12-night event also features music in the park, a singing contest, cover dance shows, black-light colouring activity, and fun fair. 

Lop Buri

Sunflower Blooming Festival at Khao Chin Lae – from 21 December, 2019 to 2 January, 2020. Covering over 1200 rai (475 acres), the field is covered with bright yellow blooming sunflowers. Visitors can also take a tram ride through the fields, ride a pony, take selfies with the giant sunflowers, and much more. In the same province, the Sunflower Blooming Festival at Ban Son Lek Fai, covering over 100 rai usually starts before New Year.

Sakon Nakhon

, Sakon Nakhon gets into the holiday spirit every year and in a pretty extravagant manner. Ban Ta Rae in Sakon Nakhon is home to Thailand’s largest Roman Catholic community, which has celebrated the Christmas star procession annually since 1982. This year the Sakon Nakhon Christmas Star Parade 2019 takes place 21 – 24 December, 2019, at the Martino Pavilion, Ban Ta Rae, and 25 December at Saint Joseph Sakon Nakhon School. Sakon Nakhon’s famous traditional Christmas Star Parade itself takes place on 23 December, 2019, from 18.00 Hrs., following by an opening ceremony. 

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