CNN Travel Recommends Kerala as a Must-Visit Destination in 2019

Owing to the tranquil backwaters, fascinating tourism credentials and mouthwatering delicacies, Kerala features in CNN Travel’s list of places to visit in 2019. Apart from 18 other heavenly destinations around the globe, CNN Travel has recommended tourists to visit Kerala in 2019.

cnn-travel-recommends-kerala-as-a-must-visit-destination-in-2019 CNN Travel Recommends Kerala as a Must-Visit Destination in 2019

According to CNN Travel, Kerala is generously bestowed with everything. From the sea, sun, delicious food, sand, culture, houseboats[1] to wildlife[2], the fascinating state flaunts them all. Above all, .

Besides this, the backwaters in Kerala[3], a chain of placid lakes and lagoons lie side by side to the Arabian Sea. A surreal place to stay on a houseboat[4], .

As per the travel portal, Kerala’s backwater enjoys worldwide repute for a reason. A nexus of waterways also connects the adjacent villages and are best explored on the traditional wooden houseboat, also known as kettuvallam. Spending an afternoon or a week on the houseboat is worth it. Doing so, allows one to cherish some of the best sights and sounds.

Although Kerala was hit by devastating floods in August, probably the worst in nearly a century. But, the state made a comeback as many of the top tourist attractions in Kerala[5] escaped the fury unscathed.

The coastal state features idyllic beaches[6], especially in the southern part. The portal also mentions that gorgeous Varkala[7] is perfect for unwinding whereas dreamlike Kovalam[8] is a hotspot for surfing.

CNN Travel also praised cuisines of Kerala[9]. From bountiful of coconuts to spice shops, everything is truly remarkable. Kerala prawn curry stands out amongst rest of the dishes in the state.

Another key point of the state highlighted in the portal is the Kochi[10] International Airport which is completely powered by solar panels. Another essential part of Kerala which made it to the travel portal is the ancient port city Kochi. Once occupied by the Portuguese, the city is a multicultural hub and offers various things to do and see.

Furthermore, Kerala is also a great place to enjoy Kathakali Dance. The traditional storytelling dance form is treasured for its intricate and vibrant masks and costumes.

[11]. Apart from its striking tea plantations, the picturesque town lures visitors for enthralling jungle treks in Periyar National Park[12].

Tourism Minister Kadakampally Surendran believes that this brought much of the glory for the state. The recognition will definitely increase footfall, thereby, boosting Kerala tourism. He further added that it is really encouraging that the travel portal has mentioned that many of the places escaped unaffected after the devastating Kerala floods.

Expressing her happiness, Tourism Secretary Rani George that the mention will bring recognition for Kerala’s touristy appeal. Talking more about it, she said that it is going to be an authentic advertisement for Kerala. This will further promote the state as an inescapable tourist destination. P Bala Kiran, State Director of Tourism, stated that the endorsement of the state as a must-visit destination by CNN Travel has come at the right time. This highlights that how quickly the ‘God’s Own Country’ has made a comeback after the floods that hit Kerala in 2018. The state has bounced back because of the joint efforts of the government and the stakeholders.

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