Coron Palawan – Travel Guide To Visit This Lovely Island in The Philippines

Coron Palawan – To some, it may just look like a group of islands covered in vegetation and surrounded by beautiful sparkling blue water; to those in the know, however, Coron, Palawan[1] is so much more than meets the eye! As one of the most photographed areas in the entire country, Coron has no shortage of breathtaking sights that leave visitors speechless and in awe of Mother Nature’s immense wealth of beauty. Palawan has only recently been named the most beautiful island in the world, but locals and visitors alike have known such a truth for the past few decades.

Often hailed as the petite, quiet, and more beautiful version of El Nido[2], visitors come from around the world to swim through underwater mountains, relax on pristine sandy beaches, snorkel and dive to see aquatic animals hiding amongst the reefs, and discover hidden lagoons and secluded locations. This quaint little fishing town has a few surprises ready for those who learn the secret of the diamond in the rough location, and because it’s still an undiscovered treasure you can be sure to have the place relatively all to yourself!

Take the plunge and jump into uncharted waters to discover the magic and mystery surrounding this amazing vacation destination! We’ll tell you how to get there, where to stay, and even the best tours to head out on to get the most out of your trip! What are you waiting for? Read on and start planning your dream vacation today! 

Coron Palawan Philippines – How to get there?

Coron Palawan - Travel Guide To Visit This Lovely Island In The Philippines 2

Coron Palawan - Travel Guide To Visit This Lovely Island In The Philippines 2

From Manila

Coming from Manila, you’ll either have to take a plane or boat to reach Coron. Flying from Manila you’ll use Cebu Pacific Air, Zest Air, or PAL Express flights to reach Busuanga Airport. From the airport you can catch a ride into town that takes roughly an hour. If you prefer to travel by sea, you can opt to take the SuperFerry from Manila. It leaves once a week to Puerto Princesa[3], stopping at Coron on the way. The ride takes 12 hours total, and you can use the same ferry to get back to Manila.

From El Nido (ferry) 

The preferred method of reaching Coron from El Nido is by boat. You have the option of taking the Regular El Nido Coron ferry, the Fast Ferry, a passenger ship, or a private boat. There are two Regular Ferry companies to choose from that leave at different times on different days, so it’s best to check ahead of time to confirm their schedule and price. The Fast Ferry leaves at 6:00 every morning to Coron, and returns from Coron to El Nido at 12:00 noon daily. The passenger ship leaves at 7:30 in the morning every Wednesday, and if you’re using a private boat you have the freedom to choose when to set sail.

Coron Palawan Philippines – Where to stay?


Coron Palawan Philippines Guesthouse  - Bella Vita Guest House

Coron Palawan Philippines Guesthouse  - Bella Vita Guest House

Great for guests on a budget, the Bella Vita Guest House[5] offers not only great deals, but a great place to stay as well! Relax in the communal garden and picnic area, or cook up some fresh, local produce from the Coron Public Market using the BBQ facilities! There are board games and puzzles to keep families entertained while they rest at the guest house, as well as books, DVDs, and music for children to enjoy! Perfect for families and large groups traveling together, this guesthouse will ensure visitors of all ages are having fun!

Coron Palawan Philippines Guesthouse  - Bella Vita Guest House

Coron Palawan Philippines Guesthouse  - Bella Vita Guest House

Why Guests Love It: Guests can’t stop raving about the cleanliness of the rooms, nor can they believe how helpful and friendly the owner, Ms. Jolienne, is with any and all guest needs! Visitors remarked that the gracious owner was more than helpful in giving the rundown on the best things to see and do in Coron, as well as where to go and how to get there. Unlimited coffee and free water means that guests can stay hydrated and happy, and the continental and Asian meals were satisfying and delicious! Overall, guests can’t wait to return to Bella Vita Guest House on their next visit to Coron! 

Book It Now: Bella Vita Guest House[6]

Coron Palawan Philippines Hotel Coron Soleil Express Hotel[7]

Coron Palawan Philippines Hotel  - Coron Soleil Express Hotel 1

Coron Palawan Philippines Hotel  - Coron Soleil Express Hotel 1

If you’re dying to take a drive around Coron, you’ll be pleased to know that you can hire a car at the Coron Soleil Express Hotel[8]. There’s free parking on site, as well as a shared garden, terrace, sun terrace, and outdoor area. The 24-hour front desk can help you with ticket services for nearby activities, as well as store luggage for you. There’s shuttle services from the airport, bicycle rentals, and free WiFi throughout the property. Overall, expect a pretty cushy stay at this hotel!

Coron Palawan Philippines Hotel  - Coron Soleil Express Hotel 1

Coron Palawan Philippines Hotel  - Coron Soleil Express Hotel 1

Why Guests Love It: The care received by guests during their stay, along with the cleanliness of their rooms, always gives visitors a positive outlook on their trip for activities to come. Using the on site swimming pool and nearby bar allows guests to relax and unwind, and the smoothies and drinks made by the bartender are hard to beat! Said to have the fastest WiFi in all of Coron, this hotel matches its fast internet service with high quality care and comfort hotel services!

Book It Now: Coron Soleil Express Hotel[9]

Coron Palawan Philippines Resort Kokosnuss Garden Resort[10]

Coron Palawan Philippines Resort  - Kokosnuss Garden Resort

Coron Palawan Philippines Resort  - Kokosnuss Garden Resort

Located only 5-minutes away by tricycle, this beautiful resort[11] features and international restaurant, massage services, and help with tour bookings. You can even exchange currencies at the resort, meaning you’ll have one less thing to worry about when your plane lands! An on site BBQ area is fully stocked and ready for guest use, so don’t be shy! If you’re trying to beat the heat, just hop into the resort’s spacious pool and enjoy yourself!

Coron Palawan Philippines Resort  - Kokosnuss Garden Resort

Coron Palawan Philippines Resort  - Kokosnuss Garden Resort

Why Guests Love It: The meals served at Kokosnuss Garden Resort can not be recommended highly enough, as many guests say that it was one of the highlights of their trip! Those traveling with families are over the moon when they find that there are babysitting and child services available. No matter what’s on the agenda for the day, guests know that at the end of the day they’ll have a great place to rest their weary head and recharge their batteries!

Book It Now: Kokosnuss Garden Resort[12]

Coron Palawan Philippines – Tour A[13]

Coron Palawan Philippines - Kayangan Lake

Enjoy learning about Coron by taking a tour of exploration and discovery! Take a swim in the beautiful Kayangan Lake, dubbed the cleanest lake in the Philippines[14], soak up the sun at CYC Beach, snorkel through the Coral Garden and Quin Reef to discover species you never knew existed, snap a couple hundred photos, eat delicious local cuisine, and find out why people are dying to come to this fantastic location!

When you purchase your ticket for Tour A, you can be certain that you’ll have a day of fun in the sun with like-minded travelers who want to see aquatic life, relax and explore pristine beaches, and feast upon food that will make you wish you could stay forever! Come alone or bring a couple friends or family members – the more the merrier!

If this tour sounds like something you’d love to do, you can book it here[15].

Coron Palawan Philippines – Tour B[16]

Coron Palawan Philippines - Twin Lagoon

After being picked up right from your hotel, you’ll be whisked away on an adventure that will make your cheeks sore from so much smiling and your stomach aching from so much laughter! Be sure to bring your hiking shoes with you – you’ll need them for your first stop at Barracuda Lake, one of the best spots for diving amongst the islands! A trek through history at Skeleton Wreck provides ample opportunity to swim with beautiful and unique aquatic life, and a picnic lunch on Banol Beach should refresh and energize the group for a trip to Twin Lagoon for tranquil swimming and relaxing.

The best is saved for last, as the group is led to Reef Garden and shown a whole new world of marine animals and creatures that you’ll likely not see anywhere else! Try not to get too excited just yet – you still need to book the tour before you can go on such an amazing adventure! Spend half a day with knowledgeable guides and new friends as you enjoy the land and the see on this fun experience! 

For great food, great fun, and great photo opportunities, you can book this tour here[17].

Coron Palawan Philippines – Tour C[18]

Coron Palawan Philippines - Banana Island

Leave your snorkel at home, as this tour[19] provides you with everything you need to enjoy the cleanest beaches in the Philippines, the most colorful coral reefs, and the best tropical views of sand bars and surrounding areas! There’s panoramic views of gorgeous costal cliffs, refreshing and invigorating picnics on white beaches, relaxing in the shade of the tall, protective trees, and swimming with the sea life all included in this picture-perfect tour of Coron!

If hoping on a boat with a group of adventure-seekers in search of relaxing and entertaining islands sounds like fun to you, then this is definitely the tour you’ll want to book! Heading off to three different islands throughout the day, you’ll find that there will be unlimited photo opportunities to capture the moment and memories for the rest of your life!

If your heart is set on touring the lovely beaches of Coron, book this tour here[20].

Coron Palawan Philippines – Tour D[21]

Those that love looking at living history absolutely must sign up for this tour[22]! Featuring a closer look at ancient World War II relics and artifacts, this tour will give visitors a sense of awe and inspiration to those who otherwise might have forgotten the area’s past. You’ll be delighted to dine on local cuisine right on the beaches of Pass Island, and will certainly not want to miss an exciting exploration of the Lusong Coral Garden and Lusong Gun Boat Shipwreck.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free tour that’s full of fun and excitement, look no further! The guides are both knowledgeable and just as excited as guests to show off the natural wonders and beauty of the islands that they’re sure to provide world-class service for one great price! Regardless of how many members in your party, each visitor is treated like royalty and shown only the best Coron has to offer!

If you want to learn a thing or two during your trip and love seeing history up close and personal, book this tour here[23].

Coron Palawan Philippines – Visit Malcapuya Island

Coron Palawan Philippines - Visit Malcapuya Island

For travelers who want to spend a little more time on their tours, this day trip to Malcapuya Island[24] is a perfect way to fully enjoy the white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, one-of-a-kind rock formations, coral reefs full of life, and picture perfect locations that Coron provides each and every day. The island itself is home to some of the best beaches in the Philippines, and those that visit the island are sure to fall in love with the fresh, clean, and stunning surroundings!

Picnics are had under the shad of proper huts with comfortable and sturdy wood furniture, and snorkeling through any part of the ocean’s water yields tons of aquatic life that is just waiting to be seen! Be sure to bring your own snorkeling gear if you want to get a closer look at the fish and sea life on the island, and always ensure you’ve got enough sunscreen on hand to protect your skin from all the sunbathing and relaxing you plan to do!

To spend a day on an island that’s paradise on earth, book your tour here[25].

Swimming through clear water, snorkeling in remote lagoons, adventuring, learning about the past, relaxing, eating local cuisine, cruising around on local vessels, sunbathing, strolling, trekking, and enjoying yourself to the fullest can all be done in lovely Coron, Palawan. No matter what your idea of a perfect getaway is, you can be sure to find it in this island paradise. Don’t settled for second best – start planning your trip to Coron now and enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience that’s hard to beat!

Coron Palawan – Travel Guide To Visit This Lovely Island In The Philippines 1

Coron Palawan – Travel Guide To Visit This Lovely Island In The Philippines 2

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