Discover the new routes leading to Ladakh

Travelers can now take the new routes to Ladakh, the high-altitude cold desert in Jammu and Kashmir. Now, there are more options to get high on adrenaline and adventure in Ladakh. On Tuesday, the home ministry agreed with the state government’s suggestion to open up four trails for trekkers and five new routes for the visitors.

discover-the-new-routes-leading-to-ladakh Discover the new routes leading to Ladakh

discover-the-new-routes-leading-to-ladakh Discover the new routes leading to Ladakh

Additionally, the validity of tourist permits has also been increased from 7 days at present to 15 days. This is applicable for traveling through both existing as well as new routes. To put it differently, this will allow the visitors to spend a few more days in Ladakh, exploring several of its attractions.

Visitors will now be allowed to traverse the Chushul-Kartsangla-Mahe, Merak-Loma Bend axis, Agham-Shayok-Durbuk, Korzok-Nurbo-Sumdo-Parangla-Kaza and Durbuk-Shachukul-Tharuk-Sato Kargyam-Parma-Erath-Chushul and Loma-Hanley.

As far as trekking trails are concerned, trekkers can choose Basgo-Ney-Hunderdok-Hunder, Phyang-Dokla-Hunderdok, Saspol-Saspochy-Rakurala-Skuru and Temisgam-Largyap-Panchathank-Skuru.

Majority of the new tourist routes are perched at a height of 14,000 feet and above. Moreover, they are desolate wind-swept terrain and are accessible by fairly dirt or motorable roads. Interestingly, these roads run along the Chinese border on some stretches.

However, in order to ensure safety and security of the visitors, the permission may indicate a small restriction on night stays. Trekkers will not be allowed to spend the night on any of the trekking trails. But, people can avail the benefits of night stays on some tourist routes.

Analyzing the rising demand from the natives who wish to avail the benefit of tourism, the district administration is striving to open up more areas. The summer season this year witnessed around three lakh tourists in Ladakh. The boom in tourism has led to visible economic prosperity in Man-Merak areas along the Pangong Tso and Nubra and Leh in the north.

The measure taken follows the success of several tourism initiatives that are part of the PM’s development package – 2015 for the state. The reason behind opening up new routes is to boost the economic activity and enhance tourism in Ladakh[1].

The state government is advised by the home ministry to form a coordination committee at the district level. The committee is to be chaired by the Leh deputy commissioner and will be including the representatives of Jammu & Kashmir[2] police, Army, ITBP and other security agencies. To ensure smooth management of the new as well as existing routes, the committee shall meet once in three months.

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