Does Vietnam celebrate Christmas? Where to Spend Christmas in Vietnam

Are you spending Christmas in Vietnam this year ? Or do you have intention of coming to Vietnam to make the most of Christmas holiday? Let’s see how Vietnamese people celebrate Christmas and where you can enjoy this important celebration in Vietnam.

Does Vietnam celebrate Christmas?

To begin with, . People go to work and all businesses have opening hours as normal. And the long-established Vietnamese religion is Buddhism, so in the past, Christmas was only celebrated by Christian community. In recent days, Christmas is getting more and more popular and is considered as one of the most important holiday in Vietnam including Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival and so on. Vietnamesse Christmas celebration starts in the evening of  24th December and lasts to the next day. In Vietnam, the Christmas Eve is much more important than Christmas Day.

How Christmas in Vietnam is celebrated

Nowadays Christmas in Vietnam is greeted with happiness by Vietnamese people . In most cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh or Danang, the streets, department stores are lavishly decarated with Christmas trees, snowflake decoration and colourful lights. And especially, the shop will have the signs advertising sales for Christmas season.

does-vietnam-celebrate-christmas-where-to-spend-christmas-in-vietnam Does Vietnam celebrate Christmas? Where to Spend Christmas in Vietnam Christmas decoration in a coffee shop in Hue Vietnam

Young people like to concentrate in the centre of the city to hang out. And many Christian people return home and enjoy food such as Chicken soup, sweet fruitcakes which are usually replaced for the Turkey and Christmas pudding.

There are popular cities in Vietnam that people celebrate lots of interesting activities in Christmas:

Christmas in Hanoi

In Hanoi, the weather is cold, so you need to make sure to wear a warm coat. On Christmas Eve, people like to put on the jackets, Christmas reindeer printed sweaters. There are several recommended places for you to spend your Christmas:

Hang Ma Street

The first place is Hang Ma Street. Located in the heart of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Hang Ma Street always catches up with the trend by selling ornaments in special event like Christmas. Anything you need to decorate your Christmas trees as well as gifts and greeting cards can easily found here. Making full use of your trip to walk around Hanoi’s Old Quarter should be a good idea since it may remind you of your hometown with Christmas trees being put up in front of restaurants. You can just have 20000 – 60000 VND for each different thing.

does-vietnam-celebrate-christmas-where-to-spend-christmas-in-vietnam Does Vietnam celebrate Christmas? Where to Spend Christmas in VietnamHang Ma Street in Hanoi

Saint Joseph Cathedral (40 Nha Trung Street)

Secondly, praying in church is an indispensible for any Christian believer in the night of Christmas. Luckily, there are many churches around Hanoi in which one may enjoy a wide variety of religious activities as well as other music performance. Saint Joseph Cathedral which is located at 40 Nha Trung Street, Hoan Kiem should be the most magnificent and famous church in Hanoi. You can strongly feel the atmosphere of Christmas here.

In general, during the Christmas period, hotels offer luxury dinner buffets as well as performance accompany the meal. The luxurious space,melodious music and delicious food will bring for you a sense of being comfortable on Christmas.

does-vietnam-celebrate-christmas-where-to-spend-christmas-in-vietnam-1 Does Vietnam celebrate Christmas? Where to Spend Christmas in VietnamSaint Joseph Cathedral in Hanoi

The Royal City Mega Mall (72A Nguyen Trai Street)

There is one more place to spend Christmas in Hanoi is the Royal City Mega Mall. This is a gorgeous place that is decorated beautifully with huge Christmas tree and other things. They start the preparation for this big celebration very early December. They also have “some Santa” going around and giving you presents.

Ho Tay Park (614 Lac Long Quan Street)

At Christmas 2018, Ho Tay Park will celebrate a big program called “Fairy Tale World” for the visitors. Therefore, you will immerse in the romantic atmosphere. People decorate the Park beautifully with everything relating to Xmas.  More special, on 22nd, 23rd, 29th -31st of Dec and 1st day of 2019, there are many interesting art performances such as dance performance, street music and the prestidigitation.

does-vietnam-celebrate-christmas-where-to-spend-christmas-in-vietnam-2 Does Vietnam celebrate Christmas? Where to Spend Christmas in VietnamHo Tay Park in Hanoi

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Christmas in Ho Chi Minh City – Saigon

Being the most major city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh city is very active during Christmas. And the weather is just like in summer! The weather and energy makes the city become hotter. Let’s see where people often celebrate Xmas.

Notre Dame Cathedral (01 Cong Xa Paris, Ben Nghe, District 1)

Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the spotlights in Christmas in Ho Chi Minh City. Being the biggest cathedrals, this place shouldn’t be missed in your list, especially for the Christians. Every year, at Christmas, The Cathedral is decorated lively and colorful. It attracts hundreds of people coming and celebrating Christmas together. Inside the cathedral, Christmas is celebrated for the Christian and many people gather for their biggest celebration.

does-vietnam-celebrate-christmas-where-to-spend-christmas-in-vietnam-3 Does Vietnam celebrate Christmas? Where to Spend Christmas in VietnamNotre Dame Cathedral in Christmas

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

At Christmas as well as some other important celebration, Nguyen Hue Walking Street is one of the most crowded places in Saigon. Here, you can feel easily the heat of the coming Christmas by the atmosphere pedestrians create, the decoration and the hectic activities. Many activities are holding in this place. People feel free to show their talent through their dancing or singing performance.

does-vietnam-celebrate-christmas-where-to-spend-christmas-in-vietnam-4 Does Vietnam celebrate Christmas? Where to Spend Christmas in VietnamNguyen Hue Walking Street at Christmas

Shopping Mall such as Bitexco Financial Tower (2 Hai Trieu Str, Ben Nghe, District 1)

In recent years, people tend to go to commercial buildings to go shopping, have dinner and take pictures in Bitexco Financial Tower. Moreover, due to the opening of  Landmark 81 which is the highest building in Vietnam, a huge number of people choose to celebrate Christmas Day with a lot of entertainment activities and live concert of famous singer.

does-vietnam-celebrate-christmas-where-to-spend-christmas-in-vietnam-5 Does Vietnam celebrate Christmas? Where to Spend Christmas in VietnamChristmas atmosphere in a supermaket in Saigon

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In conclusion, you can try these recommended things above – the best things or you can explore wherever you want. Don’t hesitate to experience your Christmas in Vietnam. You will make new friends with the locals, learn about culture and have unforgettable memory. Let’s pay a visit to Vietnam to enjoy Christmas this year!



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