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Thanjavur’s rich art and culture reflect the historic city’s traditional past and ancestral heritage, which has percolated into the current day. Classical Carnatic music, gorgeous artwork, cultural activities, religious festivals, and exotic cuisines are all part of Tanjore’s unique art.

The beautiful paintings of Thanjavur portray the rich artistic skill and creative imagination of the artists of the place. The painters draw inspiration from the mythological themes of the Hindu religion. The brilliant colour composition, coupled with the fine sketches, imparts an attractive look to the exclusive paintings of Thanjavur. Thanjavur, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, bears relics of the unique cultural ancestry that has penetrated modern society. Unaltered and unaffected by modern day civilization, the art and craft of Thanajavur have an internationally acclaimed status.

Tamil Nadu is a place with several distinctive features of tourism where stories never end.

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