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Thammampatti wood carvings, which are the signature artwork of artisans in the Salem Region.
Thammampatti wood carvings refer to various types of wood carvings practised by one of the highly skilled community of craftsmen on wood, which is locally available in and around Thammampatti. Samaneasaman (rain tree wood), country wood, vaagai (AlbizziaLebbek), Mavilangai (CrataeveRoxbyrch), and Atti (FicusGlometrea) are predominantly used by the sculptors. The artisans are skilled in this particular craft, and this art is traditionally and hereditarily transferred from their forefathers.

This wood carving encompasses a wide variety of motifs, designs that are derived from architectural details of temples or heritage. The main product range includes idols of Hindu gods, mythological events or stories, Dasavataras, Vahanas of various sizes, mythological creatures, door panels, temple doors, puja mandapam, temple cars etc. Thammampatti wood carvings that are predominantly made by the people of that region encompass a wide variety of motifs that are traditionally followed by their forefathers, and the skill of intricate technical knowledge is passed down to the present generations of wood carvers by legacy.

Tamil Nadu is a place with several distinctive features of tourism where stories never end.

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