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An ornamental brass lamp made of a series of diyas, a handicraft product that is exclusively made in the temple town of Kumbakonam, in Tamil Nadu’s Tanjore district, a small village called Nachiyar Koil, is home to some of the most famous makers of the “kuthuvilakku,” a kind of traditional lamp. The lamp, which is hollow-cast, is made in different sizes and consists of four parts that are screwed together. The central pillar that crowns the apex is called the “Prabhai”; it is generally in the form of a hamsa. The ornamental lamps are widely used in temples in South India.

The Nachiarkoil lamp is made both in bell metal and brass; brass is more in vogue now since it is easily available and cheaper. The lamp has four components, which are: parts—”Keezhbagam,” “kandam,” meaning pivotal post; “Thanguli,” a bowl with five groves to hold wicks and oil for lighting; and the “Prabhai,” which is the crown. The lamps that are made in a standing form or a pedestal form are given the prefix of Nachiarkoil. Other forms of lamps are hung from the ceiling in temples or “deepams”. These lamps are extensively ornamented.

Tamil Nadu is a place with several distinctive features of tourism where stories never end.

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