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It’s no secret that Bali has become one of the iconic tourist destinations of Southeast Asia. This well-earned recognition is built on the elegance of the Balinese culture, the beauty of its natural environment, and the warmth of its people. A luxurious experience in Bali, therefore, tends to integrate all the Island’s best features with rigorous standards of design and service. Immerse in modern luxury in the jungles and beaches of Bali at these 10 stunning luxury resorts.

10 Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach

Tradition-inspired wood interiors and a muted, warm palette welcome guests to an experience that is both luxurious and local. The poolside villas immerse visitors in privacy and convenience. Guests can enjoy the sprawling main pool, and picture-perfect grounds of the hotel complex tucked amidst lush jungle. The café is an ideal location to plan the day’s adventures over a freshly prepared iced latte. While the great indoors is well worth the stay, the hotel is just a short distance from exciting Seminyak Beach.

9 The Trans Resort Bali

Gracefully mingling work and play and offering balance in the travel experience, The Trans offers the best of relaxation in harmony with the best of productivity. Pillowy beds and generously appointed living rooms and sitting areas in the rooms give this resort a decidedly homey and comfortable feel. The fitting and finishes are of top quality, from silks and opulent velvets to porcelain and stainless steel. The conference and business center is an elegant space designed to boost productivity, while the rest of the hotel is purely concerned with relaxation and comfort.

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8 The Ritz-Carlton, Bali

This high-end stalwart focuses on the luxury of experience. Every detail is thoughtfully considered and elevated to a unique encounter. Guests can take their breakfast in a private pool, their meal floating delicately in a basket. A simple morning bath is elevated by a standalone bathtub facing a leaf thicket of the jungle. Living rooms feature views of the ocean. This attention to detail welcomes guests into a seamless luxury experience. Leaving the cozy cocoon of this property might be the hardest part of a trip to Bali.

7 Conrad Bali

The refurbishment of this property has sparked a new, luxurious chapter while retaining the Bohemian spirit that put Bali on the tourism map. The enviable beachfront offers both creative beanbag seating and romantic private dining. The sprawling pool meanders around the complex, between pavilions, stands of local trees and plants, and the multiple buildings that make up Conrad Bali. The tranquil spa, designed in Balinese style, is the perfect energizer after a lazy day in the sun or a welcome respite after jungle adventures.

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6 Intercontinental Bali Resort

A fusion of the best of East and West, this elegant resort places comfort at the center of the guest experience. Twin massage beds overlook the ocean for a romantic and relaxing moment. Guests take breakfast in a water garden designed to resemble the picturesque paddy fields that adorn the Balinese countryside. Local art is tastefully featured throughout the property. Meanwhile, western comforts abound in every space – marble bathrooms, modern light fixtures, and engulfing plush couches and chaise lounges. Discerning tastes find their expectations exceeded at every turn.

5 W Bali – Seminyak

Unabashedly modern – perhaps even a bit futuristic –W Bali imagines the tropical resort of the future with admirable enthusiasm and limited sentimentality for the past. Bright colors pop in a sea of muted colors, recalling the vibrant palette of Balinese sunrises. Clean lines and space-age shapes define the interior decor. Pink umbrellas dot the massive wood-deck patio. Visually, this is one of the most progressive luxury hotels in Bali and welcomes guests who enjoy luxury with a bit of fun and surprise.

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4 The Oberoi Beach Resort, Bali

In design and sensibility, the Oberoi Beach Resort Bali maintains loyalty to the Balinese style and brings guests close to the local experience. The well-equipped gym is housed in a wood building with a traditional pitched roof, and the on-site outdoor amphitheater hosts local performances. Guest rooms are furnished with curtained canopy beds, cane furniture, and Indonesian art. Outdoor dining areas welcome guests to feel immersed in nature – the pure essence of a Balinese island experience.

3 Jimbaran Puri, A Belmond Hotel, Bali

Just a short drive to Jimbaran beach, this accommodation embraces local design and the quintessential Balinese villa style. Wood accents and ceilings recall the style of traditional homes, while rattan, cane, jute, and other local materials can also be found throughout the property. The restaurant is housed under a thatched roof and is open to the gentle sea breezes. Guests enjoy the elegant simplicity of island life and the luxury of an exclusive hotel. The spa offers guests a dreamy view of the sparkling waves while being pampered in total comfort and privacy.

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2 The St. Regis Bali Resort

Balinese design motifs enhance the refined opulence of this luxury escape that effortlessly pampers guests from check-in to departure. Rooms are cozy, light-soaked havens adorned with pillows, crystal chandeliers, and teak wood furniture and elements. Multiple dining areas offer experiences from intimate to festive. Private pools, a peaceful spa, freestanding bathtubs, and leafy balconies offer guests a variety of options for their daily relaxation and rejuvenation.

1 Mandapa, A Ritz-Carlton Reserve

With a focus on integrating nature into the luxury experience, Mandapa thoughtfully immerses guests in the wild beauty of Bali. Traditional craft styles are incorporated throughout the property, from woven light fixtures to wood furniture and paneling in guest rooms. A natural spring runs parallel to the pool, which is just steps from the wild forest beyond. Private pool villas are tucked discreetly into the lush greenery that overflows the property. Here, the best of Bali’s natural wilderness meets the luxury of the Ritz-Carlton brand. A truly special and authentic experience awaits. Discerning travelers with an appetite for adventure and a love of nature will find this hotel to be a true tropical haven.

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