Find Your Paradise in these 10 Offbeat Destinations in Sikkim

Published:16 Jan, 2019/ Jatin[1]

India’s northeast region holds an unparalleled charm in the hearts of travellers, with Sikkim[2] being a major destination to satiate the wanderlust in you. That’s the glory of this beautiful state that stands out among others. It’s too difficult to not to fall in love with this gorgeous travel destination adorned with serene ambiance, enduring beauty, majestic Himalayas and spiritual sites[3]. Apart from those popular travel destinations, there are also some striking offbeat places in Sikkim that are hidden and are yet to be discovered. In this blog, I have compiled a list of those unknown places to visit in Sikkim[4] that are magical in every sort. Keep scrolling to know more!

Nature, Adventure, Serenity and a Lot More at Ravangla

find-your-paradise-in-these-10-offbeat-destinations-in-sikkim Find Your Paradise in these 10 Offbeat Destinations in Sikkim

A small town located in south Sikkim, Ravangla[5] is often spelt as Ravongla. Amidst the hills of Tendong and Meanam, this quaint town is a treat to every traveller seeking some peaceful time amidst nature. It’s the verdant greenery and resplendent panoramic views that win your heart in Ravangla. Buddhist Kagyu sect’s Ralong Monastery[6] is one of the prime tourist places in Ravangla[7]. The town is beautifully adorned with an imposing effigy of Lord Buddha which lies in the Buddha Park. Being located in near proximity to the popular hills like Maenam and Borong, Ravangla is also a haven for trekkers that makes it an ideal adventure destination in Sikkim. The months from October to March are the best time to plan a trip to Ravangla as the town is then thronged by a lot of trekkers and adventurers.

Places to Visit Around: Buddha Park, Temi Tea Estate, Ralang Monastery, Maenam Hill, Bon Monastery, Tedong Hill, Rayong Sunrise View Point, Ralong Hot Springs[8] and Borong.

Popular For: Trekking in Maenam, nature sightseeing, bird watching in Maenam, pilgrimage and photography.

Keep Your Eyes Up to Witness the Largest Wall in Sikkim in Gyalshing

find-your-paradise-in-these-10-offbeat-destinations-in-sikkim-1 Find Your Paradise in these 10 Offbeat Destinations in Sikkim

The literal meaning of Gyalshing is ‘King’s Garden’ which sounds apt for this place. It is believed that once there were royal gardens that were attached to Rabdentse Palace. One should visit Khecheopalri Lake[9] in Gyalshing as it is said that a wish at the lake with a pure heart comes true. The 17th-century Pemayangtse Monastery is a renowned place to visit. Being one of the lesser-known destinations in Sikkim, few know that Gyalshing is the home to one of the oldest markets of the state – Gyalshing Bazaar which is more than 100-year old. The place is a home to the largest and the holiest wall in Sikkim, Mendang, which is indeed an attraction to explore.

Places to Visit Around: Yangtey, Khecheopalri Lake, Pemayangtse Monastery and Rabdentse Ruins.

Popular For: Village walking, nature sightseeing, pilgrimage and photography.

Witness A Magical Treat of Nature at Kaluk

find-your-paradise-in-these-10-offbeat-destinations-in-sikkim-2 Find Your Paradise in these 10 Offbeat Destinations in Sikkim

Often touted as a land of utmost calmness and serenity, Kaluk makes a picturesque settlement for that best offbeat retreat in Sikkim. In the western region of Sikkim, the small town of Kaluk is located at a height of 5600 ft above the sea level. Blessed with natural beauty, the town is also enriched with rich history, spirituality, and culture that altogether make Kaluk one of the must-visit tourist places in Sikkim. A not-to-miss thing here is the hiking experience to Rinchenpong from where you can see the puffy clouds. Besides, the beautiful panoramic of the world’s third highest mountains – Kanchenjunga is something which you can’t afford to miss out while spending a day around Kaluk.

Places to Visit Around: Singshore Bridge, Ravangla, Rinchenpong, Geysing and Pelling.

Popular For: Photography, Village tour, Village Tour and Nature Sightseeing.

Relish an Exotic Site with Some Inevitable Beauty at Tsomgo Lake

find-your-paradise-in-these-10-offbeat-destinations-in-sikkim-3 Find Your Paradise in these 10 Offbeat Destinations in Sikkim

At an elevation of 12,400 ft above the sea level, Tsomgo Lake is definitely a place worth visiting in Sikkim because of the exotic natural grandeur. Some odd 2-hour drive away from the city of Gangtok, Tsomgo Lake lies on Gangtok-Nathula Highway. The place is also a pilgrimage site as there is a small shrine of Lord Shiva. A yak ride at Tsomgo Lake[10] is an unmissable experience. In all the seasons, the beauty of the lake remains different, however, it is winter when the lake witnesses the best of its beauty. During this time, the water remains frozen making the setting even more beautiful.

Please Note: In order to visit Tsomgo Lake, one needs to obtain a permit. The permit cannot be granted online, it can only get either in Gangtok or through a tour operator, which is probably the best way.

Places to Visit Around: Changu Lake, Shiv Temple, Kyongnosla Waterfall, Himalayan Zoological Park, Nathula Pass, Hanuman Tok, Kyongnosla Wildlife Sanctuary, Tashi View Point

Popular For: Nature Sightseeing, Pilgrimage and Photography.

Unveil the Epitome of Pristine Nature at Borong

find-your-paradise-in-these-10-offbeat-destinations-in-sikkim-4 Find Your Paradise in these 10 Offbeat Destinations in Sikkim

Overlooking the snow-clad mountains and the natural grandeur, the village of Borong is a gem of a place ideal for offbeat sightseeing tour in Sikkim. Located at an elevation of 5800 ft above the sea level, Borong is known for ‘Borong Tsachu’ – a hot spring. The place is also an ideal offbeat destination in Sikkim for trekkers as few know that Borong is a part of one of the most enthralling treks in Sikkim that commence from Namchi or Damthang. Borong has some of pretty tourist places to visit in and around, these include Fatam Village, Barmeli Bridge and several monasteries like Borong and Ralong. One can relish also relish the surreal views of the Kanchenjunga peak from Borong.

Places to Visit Around: Temi Tea Garden, Ravangla, Buddha Park, Ralang Monastery, Maenam Hill, Bon Monastery, Tedong Hill, Rayong Sunrise View Point, and Ralong Hot Springs.

Popular For: Trekking, Nature Tour, Sightseeing and Photography.

Enjoy an Indelible Bird Watching Experience at Sumbuk

find-your-paradise-in-these-10-offbeat-destinations-in-sikkim-5 Find Your Paradise in these 10 Offbeat Destinations in Sikkim

One of the most gorgeous hidden gems in northeast, Sumbuk is located in South Sikkim. Surrounded by affluent flora and fauna, the town is divided into two parts – Upper Sumbuk and Lower Sumbuk. Together, the town offers a distinctive holiday experience to travellers. From enticing gardens to river banks to ancient temples to nature, Sumbuk offers everything necessary for a great holiday experience. A not to miss attraction is the Peacock Breeding Forest in Lower Sumbuk. Here, you can expect to see some beautiful featured creatures like Peacock and Hornbill.

Sumbuk Shivalaya Temple and Kolomple Rocky Mountain are few more places that you must visit while in Lower Sumbuk. From Kolompeh Rocky Mountain, the sweeping views of some parts of the West Bengal are astounding. In Upper Sumbuk, which is an hour drive away from Lower Sumbuk, Phool Dnara is the major attraction where tourists can witness the beautiful Wild Orchids, Rhododendron, Wild Strawberries and Pines. Tamley Chaur and Tamley Pokhari along with several age-old temples and river banks are some more amazing places to visit in Sumbuk.

Places to Visit around: Phool Dnara, Peacock Breeding Forest, Kolomple Rocky Mountain, Tamley Pokhari and Tamley Chaur.

Popular For: Nature Tour, Sightseeing, Bird Watching, Pilgrimage and Photography.

Hike to the Striking Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary

find-your-paradise-in-these-10-offbeat-destinations-in-sikkim-6 Find Your Paradise in these 10 Offbeat Destinations in Sikkim

In the western region of the state, Barsey is a vibrant Rhododendron Sanctuary[11]. Sprawling in a large area of 104 sq km, Barsey is one of the lesser-known sites, yet the most resplendent places to see in Sikkim. Counted amongst the top offbeat sightseeing choices in Sikkim, Barsey offers an ideal setting to nature buffs with a view of Singalila Range. In order to reach the sanctuary, one needs to do an easy to moderate trek. The key highlight of this place is the endangered Red Panda. Leopard, Himalayan Palm Civet, Khaleej, Himalayan Yellow Throated Marten, Monal Pheasant, Crimson Horned Pheasant, Himalayan Langur and more such enthralling species can be spotted in the sanctuary.

Places to Visit Around: Pelling, Geyzing, Pemayangtse, Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary, Yangtey, Biksthang and Rabdentse Ruins.

Popular For: Trekking, Nature Tour, Sightseeing, Wildlife, and Photography.

Spend Some Time at Nature’s Treasure at Yumthang Valley

find-your-paradise-in-these-10-offbeat-destinations-in-sikkim-7 Find Your Paradise in these 10 Offbeat Destinations in Sikkim

Yumthang Valley lies in the northern region of the state of Sikkim. Unknown tourism place to many, Yumthang is a flourishing reign of natural wonders. Blessed with towering snow-clad mountains, pristine streams, sprawling meadows, Yumthang Valley[12] is a treat to every nature buff. Located at a height of 3500 m above the sea, Yumthang is also touted as the ‘Valley of Flowers’ of the east with a variety of flowers along with more than 24 species of Rhododendrons. The months of the monsoon is the period when the place blooms with all kinds of Himalayan florets like that of Cinquefoils, Cobra-Lilies, Primroses and more.

Places to Visit Around: Zero Point, Chungthang, Yumesamdong, Bhim Nala Fall, Lachung Monastery and Mount Katao.

Popular For: Nature Tour, Sightseeing, Photography and Village Tour.

Embark a Pilgrimage Tour at Tashiding

find-your-paradise-in-these-10-offbeat-destinations-in-sikkim-8 Find Your Paradise in these 10 Offbeat Destinations in Sikkim

A small hamlet located atop a hill near Pelling[13], Tashiding is a religious site in Sikkim with a highly revered monastery of the same name. Belonging to the Nyingmapa sect, Tashiding Monastery[14] was built in the 17th century and as per the beliefs, a visit here can sanctify one’s soul, mind and body. Inside this monastery, there is a small pot in which holy water is reserved. Every year, during the festivity time of Bumchu Festival, the water droplets from the pot are given to devotees. Around the monastery, one can also visit the orchards of oranges and cardamoms.

Places to Visit Around: Khecheopalri Lake, Temi Tea Garden, Rabdentse Ruins, Singshore Bridge, Buddha Park, Kanchenjunga Falls and Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary.

Popular For: Pilgrimage Tour, Nature, Sightseeing, Village Tours and Photography.

Savour an Exotic Experience at Bermiok

find-your-paradise-in-these-10-offbeat-destinations-in-sikkim-9 Find Your Paradise in these 10 Offbeat Destinations in Sikkim

Some 4-5 hours road drive from Gangtok, you will reach the village of Bermiok – a heritage site in Sikkim[15]. Blessed with a beautiful a natural setting, it is a small village in the Western Sikkim. One of the major highlights of this offbeat destination in Sikkim is the surreal views of Kanchenjunga peak that one get to see from this village. The cascading waterfall of Sirijunga is another popular tourist site in Bermiok that treats tourists’ eyes.

At the confluence point of Kalej and Reshi Khola, Sirijunga Cave, also known as Sirijunga Phuku, is a not-to-miss attraction. If you want to enjoy village tourism in the region then Phagu Dnara is the best place to be, the route to which cuts through Martam village. Amidst the flourishing nature, there is located Chhaya Taal, where you can indulge in a boating experience. Sirijunga Vadhan and Samyo Mangheem at Hee Kyung Bari are other popular places to visit in the region.

Places to Visit Around: Chhaya Tal, Samyo Mangheem, Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary, Sirijunga Fall, Sirijunga Cave, Himalayan Botanical Garden,

Popular For: Sightseeing, Nature, Picnicking, Photography and Village Tours.

So, these were some top lesser or unexplored tourist spots in Sikkim that are truly magical. If you liked the blog, then don’t forget to like and share it. You can also drop a feedback in the comment section below.

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find-your-paradise-in-these-10-offbeat-destinations-in-sikkim Find Your Paradise in these 10 Offbeat Destinations in Sikkim

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