Fox World Theme Park Genting Malaysia Cancelled

The supposedly new 20th Century Fox Theme Park in Genting Malaysia has been canceled, and new owners Genting Malaysia has also sued Fox and Disney over this matter. 
The shocking news was published on The Edge Markets[1] on 27th November 2018, months before the opening of the first 20 Century Fox theme park in Asia. 
This comes as a massive shock for many theme park lovers, .
Many have been looking forward to the opening of this world class theme park which was to be the first of its kind in the world, and here in Malaysia. 
, but with the current shocking news, this is a huge set back for the country. 
20th Century Fox World Theme Park Malaysia Cancelled 
Over the last four years, the news that Fox World was collaborating with Genting Malaysia to bring Asia’s first 20th Century Fox theme park was news to theme park lovers. 
During that time, opening dates kept being postponed due to many reasons. This made people eager year after year, with the anticipation of having one of the most modern theme parks here in Malaysia.
fox-world-theme-park-genting-malaysia-cancelled-1 Fox World Theme Park Genting Malaysia Cancelled
The progress of the Fox World theme park photographed in April 2018
Construction is almost done, with about 20% left to finish, before officially opening its doors to the public somewhere in early 2019. 
Final touches were being done, and anyone visiting Resorts World Genting using the cable car, would have seen the ongoing construction. The cable car passes over the new theme park before stopping at SkyAvenue Genting. 
Why Did 20th Century Fox World Theme Park Pull Out Of Genting Malaysia?
According to reports, Fox and Disney pulled out by terminating the Genting-Fox deal. The main reason was that Disney does not want to be associated with a gaming business. 
Disney also stated that they do not want to be associated with any gambling or gaming as the companies brand strategy was purely family friendly. 
Genting has been a resort and entertainment facility for as long as anyone knows, and they operated their own theme park before signing a deal with Fox in 2013. 
The Fox World Store Malaysia was to compliment the soon to open theme park and carried official merchandise for the park. 
fox-world-theme-park-genting-malaysia-cancelled-2 Fox World Theme Park Genting Malaysia Cancelled
Progress of the Fox World theme park seen from the cable car in Genting Malaysia
What Is Next For The New Genting Theme Park? 
For now, Genting Berhad is suing Fox and Disney for more than USD$1 Billion in damages, and many are awaiting to see what transpires from this. 
However, with the Genting new theme park almost complete, it would be no surprise that Genting themselves will take over the entire project under their own brand. 
After all, it is 90% complete, and Genting themselves just need to rebrand and probably launch it somewhere in 2019. 
fox-world-theme-park-genting-malaysia-cancelled-3 Fox World Theme Park Genting Malaysia Cancelled
Some of the Fox World rides being constructed, photographed in April 2018
With all of this happening, there are sure to be much speculations, and many parties writing about this shocking news. 
From my end, I have been following the 20th Century Fox World theme park news since day one, and have been getting reputable information from sources directly linked to the project. 
Anyway, with the 20th Century Fox World theme park project cancelled, we now await to see what will Genting do with the existing structure, which is almost 90% complete. 
If you have any feedback or opinions, I would love to hear it in the comment form below, and we can now just wait for any upcoming news on this massive theme park project in Genting Malaysia. 


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