Gangaikonda Cholapuram | Enchantingly divine | Tamil Nadu Tourism

A masterpiece in stone!

Exploring the erstwhile Chola kingdom in Jeyamkondan, 60 kilometres south of Tanjore, this temple’s majesty will take your breath away. The exquisite engineering marvels and carvings are the best examples of Chola dynasty Dravidian style buildings. The greatness of a cultured society that existed 1000 years ago is reflected in Gangaikonda Cholapuram.

For its elegance, musicologists and historians refer to this temple as Devalaya Chakravarthini (Queen). The temple at Gangaikonda Cholapuram rather seems to be a bit of an idealised temple. The depiction of deities with their consorts, such as Vishnu with both of his consorts, Bhoo Devi and Sridevi, Brahma with Saraswathi and Savithri, Manmadhan with Rathi, and so on, is unique. Plan a trip and pack your bags to experience what this astounding place has in store for you.

Tamil Nadu is a place with several distinctive features of tourism where stories never end…

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