Get Ready to be Charmed by the Beautiful Castles in Denmark

Denmark, the star attraction of Europe is known as the second oldest continuous monarchy in the world; whose descendants lived in no place less than castles. Which is the reason why there are so many beautiful castles in Denmark. Marvelous architecture, the feel of bygone era and the amazing prospects of sightseeing give you enough reason to plan a visit. Did you just imagine yourself living in one of them? While living in one of these best castles in Denmark is not in our hands, but a tour is definitely possible.

Are you ready to explore the charming fairytale castle on your holiday in Europe?

Rosenborg Castle

How many fans of the renaissance are traveling with me? Brace yourself as the first pick is a marvel belonging to the golden period. The red brick on brick was laid in 1606 by Christian IV who had a soft corner for architecture. Rosenborg is one of the creations he held close to his heart. Furthermore, this tourist attraction has gone under many a revamping processes, last being done in 1633.

Moreover, Rosenborg Castle served as a comforting till the year 1710 to the great grandson of Christian IV. What we see today is home to no one but the royal collection.

What’s special?

Rosenborg Castle is a famous museum in Copenhagen which is open for public tours. You can spot the Royal Collections and artifacts representing the Danish culture from 16th century to 19th century.

Frederiksborg Castle

Struggling to pronounce the name? I can feel you fellow traveler. Leaving the name aside, your eyes are probably going to be stuck to the setting. As this castle sits on three islands with gardens and lake to make your smile wider. Built in early 17th century by King Christian IV of Denmark-Norway, the castle is a classic representation of Renaissance architecture. Moreover, the castle that we see today was rebuilt in 1859 as the former was destroyed by fire.

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What’s special?

This castle is the best way to experience culture of the bygone era. Along with that, you can enjoy boat tours and walking around the castle.

Museum of National History is an important part of Frederiksborg. When here, you get to witness the royal art and the 500 year old Danish history.

Christiansborg Palace

The next castle we are going to talk about is snuggled on an island in Slotsholmen, the central part of Copenhagen. Christiansborg Palace in Denmark is known as the only place in the world where three powers of the country’s government work together. Amalienborg has the history of being built in three different eras of Danish culture, after the first and second version was burnt down.

What’s special?

The palace houses the Royal Reception Rooms, the Prime Minister’s Office, Supreme Court, and the Parliament which represent the political side.

Some part of the palace is used by the Royal Family while the other is open for guided tours for public.

Amalienborg Palace

Did you fall in love with the picture of Amalienborg Palace? Let me tell you some interesting facts before you actually do. Amalienborg which is home to the Royal Danish Family shares its land with three similar palaces. They were built for four noble families in the first place named as Christian VII’s Palace, Christian VIII’s Palace, Frederick VIII’s Palace, and Christian IX’s Palace. But was taken over by the royal family when the Palace was burned on 26 February 1794.

What’s special?

Amalienborg Museum an important part of the palace portrays the royal history and life of the royal family. The history stretches back to the time of Christian IX and Queen Louise, 150 years from present.

Egeskov Castle

Let’s jump to Egeskov one of the most visited castles in Denmark. This 1554 European marvel is renowned as the best preserved Renaissance water castle. Egeskov which is known for its charming setting in a lake on Funen Island was built for protection during war time. The two longhouses of the castle is connected with hidden stairs and double walls, machicolations representing the 460 years old history.

What’s special?

Legend has it that the foundation of the castle was carved out of a whole forest of oak tree. That’s the reason why the castle is named Egeskov meaning oak forest.

Guided tours to the castle rooms, and other exhibitions are a must thing to do when here.

Rosenholm Castle

Rosenholm Castle is going to leave you astounded, let’s take a tour and you will know why. Taking care of the Rosenkrantz family from 1610, it is rightfully the oldest family owned castle. Along with that, this famous attraction in Denmark also stands in line of best preserved complexes from 1550-1630. And that’s not all, as the castle is one of the most exquisite Danish castle from Renaissance period.

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What’s special?

The architecture of Rosenholm has two sides to it like a coin. While the easy wings don Italian Renaissance architecture. The west is painted in French Renaissance.

On a sightseeing tour here, one can experience the mix of past and present culture.

Voergaard Castle

Are you somewhere around north-western Denmark? If yes, then head to Voergaard Castle. This tourist spot is a timeless masterpiece of the Renaissance period. The two winged castles sits quietly overlooking the garden and the scenic surroundings.

What’s special?

This castle is a must visit if you love art and its many forms. There is furniture on display which belonged to Louis XIV and Louis XVI and other art pieces by Peter Paul Rubens, Francisco Goya, and Raphael.

Vordingborg Castle

It was in 1175 that this castle was gifted to Denmark by King Valdemar I for defense purposes. Another reason for building this fortress was to launch surprise attacks at the German coast. What’s left of the castle is the Goose tower which was used as the town’s prison. The tower gets its name from the golden goose that sits on the top of it and was a way to scorn the Hanseatic League.

What’s special?

The goose tower is known as Denmark’s only medieval defense tower.

There is a museum and garden settled close to the ruins of the castle.


This one on the list of beautiful castles of Denmark was sculpted in the 18th century. Liselund is best known for the surrounding romantic garden, garden monuments and buildings. The palace represents neoclassical architecture and was built for Lisa de la Calmette and Antoine as a country home.

What’s special?

You can relish a romantic picnic with your loved one in the garden. Guided tours to the palace is also a good option.

Sønderborg Castle

If it is to believed then this castle was firstly a defense tower on a small island in Als Strait. In the coming years, the tower was connected to the Als Island. The castle that visitors come down to at present, has a beautiful setting of a park and is home to a museum too.

What’s special?

The museum in Sønderborg exhibits the local and rural history of the surrounding area and takes visitors back to the middle ages.

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