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Despite the still-ongoing pandemic, Indonesia’s property sector shows an exceptionally positive market for both housing and investing, especially in scenic locations such as Bali.

Responding to the positive climate and feedback from both domestic and international consumers, Greenwoods Group through PT Baruna Realty has partnered with PT Bali Sakanti Adya, an Australian foreign investment company affiliated with Alaya Group to develop a resort-style housing project in Kedewatan, Ubud named Damara Village Ubud Alaya Collection.

Damara Village Ubud Alaya Collection will be built on a panoramic, 1.3-hectare plot of land in Kedewatan, Ubud. This allows homeowners to enjoy life in comfort, in line with Damara Village Ubud Alaya Collection’s slogan of “Living by Nature”.

The development is located in a strategic area, surrounded by a host of five-star hotels and resorts like Mandapa Ritz Reserve, Four Seasons Sayan and Amandari. PT Baruna Realty, part of Greenwoods Group, has developed more than 50 housing projects across Indonesia, chief among them Citaville and Damara Village in Java and Bali, as well as JP Apartment and Saganpura Yogyakarta.

Greenwoods Group CEO Okie Imanto said after a virtual signing that the COVID-19 pandemic did not negatively impact consumer interest in property in Bali, with a majority deciding to invest in housing priced over Rp 2 billion.

“Because of this, we signed an agreement with PT Bali Sakanti to develop Damara Village Ubud Alaya Collection, which is hoped to usher in foreign investment to the Balinese property market,” he said.

The decision to partner with PT Bali Sakanti Adya was attributed to the illustrious reputation of Alaya Group, alongside the high interest shown by Australians who wish to own a second home in Bali. Alaya Group currently operates a number of resorts and businesses in Bali, including Alaya Resort Ubud, Alaya Dedaun Kuta, Dala Spa, Cerita Manisan Restoran and Pison Coffee Ubud.

“This agreement is a joint operation for the duration of the Damara Village Ubud Alaya Collection development. However, it does not rule out the possibility that this collaboration can extend to our future projects,” Okie explained.

Alaya Group CEO Jimmy Gunawan said the company was honored to collaborate with Greenwoods Group for the project, noting that Alaya Group would ensure the management quality of Damara Village Ubud Alaya Collection is up to their standards, so as to contribute to Bali’s reputation as a renowned tourist destination.

“For us, Damara Village Ubud Alaya Collection is a special achievement as it can directly contribute to presenting housing with a resort concept, which is our business specialty. We hope that Damara Village Ubud Alaya Collection can be a comfortable and profitable development for long-term investors,” he said.

According to Okie, now is the right time for property transactions both housing and commercial, citing a relatively flat property value since early 2020 along with economic stimulus from the government such as subsidies on interest rates as well as a zero percent value-added tax (VAT).

“We are thankful that despite the pandemic, Greenwoods Group was able to survive and even thrive. In 2021, the company has planned 10 new development projects across Indonesia, including in Ubud and Sanur,” he said.

In 2020, Greenwoods Group recorded that 70 percent of its landed housing and apartment transactions were made online, especially through social media.

“It is hoped that our collaboration with this Australian developer can increase the transaction volume of Greenwoods Group projects, especially in Bali. We have high hopes that this will soon be realized, as the trend of second home ownership in Bali for Australians is still quite popular,” Okie concluded.


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