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Cambodia is home to some of the most beautiful and storied temples, mountains, waterfalls, not to mention the tangible emblems of the kingdom’s history itself. Evidently, these places have gained tremendous popularity. The number of foreign tourists flying from thousands of miles to the “Kingdom of Wonder” continues to rise year after year.

However, it’s also an obvious fact that this growth in the tourism industry entails people – people who will bring tourists to rightful destinations, people who will welcome visitors in hotels, resorts and tourist spots, people who will cook and serve quality food and beverages, people who will tidy up rooms and make sure each guest feels comfortable, people who will ensure that non-locals feel safe in the country. This list of people, or human resources, can go on and on, considering that the tourism and hospitality industry has already become one of the major pillars of the Cambodian economy.

high-hopes-for-tourism-industrys-human-resources-khmer-times High hopes for tourism industry's human resources - Khmer Times
The vocational training school is complete with classrooms, mini hotel room, kitchen and other facilities for its students. KT/Say Tola

With its aim to meet these demands for people and help push tourism to its maximum potential, the World Youth Tourism and Hospitality School is offering an all-free quality education to young Khmers who want to contribute to the booming industry.

WYTHS, which opened its premises on November 26, offers two-year courses that span from Housekeeping to Bakery and Pastry to Food Production and Hospitality Facility Maintenance.

At present, the vocational training school has about a hundred students from the rural areas of the country.

high-hopes-for-tourism-industrys-human-resources-khmer-times-1 High hopes for tourism industry's human resources - Khmer Times

. We provide them with all the facilities and equipment they need to hasten their learning and be employed immediately when they graduate,” said school principal Ky Yean Houy, adding that the current students have undergone extensive examination and interview before they were officially enrolled.

The classrooms – with chairs and tables neatly arranged – are conducive for learning. The library is spacious and has various kinds of books that can aid students on their assignments and research. The kitchen, which is equipped with the basic cooking tools, is a convenient space for food preparation practices.

high-hopes-for-tourism-industrys-human-resources-khmer-times-2 High hopes for tourism industry's human resources - Khmer Times

The school also boasts its computer and speech laboratory, where students are trained to learn basic computer skills and different languages which will help them communicate effectively to their future clients. A mini hotel room, with beds and cabinets, is also available for housekeeping lessons and drills.

For students coming from far-flung provinces and do not have a place to stay near the campus, WYTHS also provides a dormitory at a minimum price.

WYTHS is founded through the cooperation between Yuetai International Group and WuYi Association. The vocational training center will be getting as many as 400 students in September 2019 – all of them will be training for free.

high-hopes-for-tourism-industrys-human-resources-khmer-times-3 High hopes for tourism industry's human resources - Khmer Times

, and we really saw the need to increase the human resources. We aim to lessen the number of Chinese workers here, and instead, get Cambodians to work and manage the tourism business. Through the school, we can be sure of the quality of training these youths will get. It’s really important for us to provide this opportunity for Cambodians because the tourism industry just keeps progressing. And tourists do not just visit Siem Reap. They’re also flocking into Phnom Penh. So, we really need people,” explained Yang Shuo, .

With the right knowledge and skills they will be gaining from the two-year training, .

high-hopes-for-tourism-industrys-human-resources-khmer-times-4 High hopes for tourism industry's human resources - Khmer Times

Should WYTHS become a university in the future – as what its founders have been looking forward to – Mr Shuo said that the school will be cooperating with some of the most respectable Chinese schools where Khmer students can hold the last phases of their training.

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