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Visit  Kumarakom For A Relaxing Stay In Its Ravishing Resorts

Although there is no shortage of beautiful places in Kerala for tourists, we bet you have not explored Kumarakom yet! It is hard to match with the aura of Kumarakom when it comes to varied, action-packed, and relaxing holidays. Ready to delve into the jaw, dropping the scenic beauty of Kumarakom? Activities like cruising in the tranquil backwaters, staying in oh-so-amazing resorts that are nesters amidst the lush green landscape, and taking a deep dive into nature’s lap while taking a day trip in and around Kumarakom are a few best things to do!


Kumarakom is a beautiful cluster of villages in Kerala and is located on the banks of Vembanad Lake. The place is known to provide the memorable staying options as there are no shortage of enchanting resorts in Kumarakom. For the different types of traditional staying experience in Kumarakom, there are houseboats options for the tourists as well. If you are a nature lover or have an eye for the adventure-packed holidays followed by world-class hospitality, you must ditch the usual Alleppey and stay in one of Kumarakom luxurious lakeside resorts.

Apart from its luxurious resorts, Kumarakom is also a famous destination for adventure seekers. Find adventure in the Kumarakom beach, an adventure paradise, and enjoy windsurfing, parasailing, boating, and water skiing. A few of the affluent resorts in Kumarakom also arrange the sightseeing options. If you want to witness the traditional Kathakali Dance and enjoy romantic lakeside strolls with your beloved, do the check-in at the mesmerizing Kumarakom resorts. Tourists who will visit Kumarakom between August to September are sure to get hair raising things to witness. There is a snake boat race held in Kumarakom at that time.
What Makes Kumarakom The Perfect Holiday Retreat?
With its lavish staying experience in the traditional houseboats, Kumarakom is considered the perfect alternative to Alleppey since. It’s worth visiting destinations for those people who like relaxing and rejuvenating vacations in the lap of mother nature. Most of the tourists prefer Kumarakom over Alleppey due to its image of fewer houseboats. Fewer houseboats mean you can have tranquil vibes all around you!
Kumarakom Reflects Why It’s the New Hype In Kerala Tourism
With resorts packed with exotic facilities like an infinity pool, onboard restaurant, Kumarakom resorts are inspired by the ancient Kerala architecture. Kerala is considered one of the best places to detoxify your body with authentic Ayurveda, and so Kumarakom luxurious resorts are. On carefully choosing the staying option in Kumarakom, one can find the affordable resorts in Kumarakom that are equipped with Ayurvedic spa for eternal bliss and a sense of rejuvenation.

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