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Bandung Resorts

Bandung Resorts

Bandung lies in the urban heart of Indonesia. The city is situated in small green hills; however, nature is tarnished here with smoke and an urban reality check. You will find everything here that speaks of Indonesia’s progression: the art is finest, the culture is warm, there’s technology, and the people are warm. You would also find insights into the darker side of the community in the form of teenagers smoking in the corners and beggars asking for a Rupiah or two.

In all of this, you will find balance. The balance that has been taking Bandung out of its miseries and into the limelight. As a result, tourism is increasing and that, in turn, is highlighting things that make Bandung more special. For example, an unforgettable coffee experience, shopping scenes that rival the likes of Milan, and camaraderie that you will find nowhere else.

Of course, the major chunk of Badung’s tourism scene comes from its surroundings. You will find high rise volcanic peaks with gushing hot springs in their vicinity; tea plantations that have painted the hills in bottle-green, and signature Indonesian sceneries.

Inside the city, you will find
● Wiki Koffee famous for its smoky ambience and earthly coffee,
● ASTI, where Sudanese art is portrayed in all its glory,
● Salasar Sunaryo Art Space with its contemporary art galleries,
● Armor Kopi, a cafe nestled between the pines, offering a birds-eye view of the city,
● Kayu Solid, where you’d find nature presented in its most dramatic forms,
● Fresh Beer Braga, famous for a string of local pubs that never sleep,
● Roempoet, where lovers enjoy the night under a roof the roof of live music,
● Villa Isola whose Dutch relics from 1930 are still displayed,
● Midori – a Japanese restaurant famous for its sushi, and
● Resorts that do not cost a fortune.

Badung will never disappoint you when it comes to providing an all-rounder vacation. So, pack your bags, and follow the road that leads you there.