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Bintan Island is a few short boat rides away from Singapore and is one of the main tourist attractions of Riau Archipelago. Especially, its northern area called Lagoi is a resort haven where most of the tourist activities take place. The northeastern area, however, is home to a coastline that is less developed, but evenly impressive.

White sand beaches in Bintan are some of the best in Sumatra that house hundreds if not thousands of tourists from the wealthy neighbourhood of Singapore and beyond.

If you are not into the high-end flavor of Bintan Island, you can steer clear towards the largest town of the island, Tanjung Pinang. All-inclusive resorts will welcome you in the rusty backgrounds of a raw life in contrast to the super clean vicinity of Singapore.

Away from here, and onboard small boats, you will find a Chinese village that brings in the flavors of China to the Island of Bintan. Once done, head towards Penyenget, where you’ll see ancient royal tombs, well-kept palaces, mosques that exude tranquillity, and an atmosphere that speaks every bit of rural Balinese life.

If you find plenty of time, do not forget to go to the Museum Bahari Bintan where maritime artefacts are settled with eerie aura or to the Vihara Dharma Sasana temple complex guarded by a Chinese archway with its intricate designs.

Or better yet, visit Berakit, a small village where “the people of the sea” will welcome you to one of their boathouses. There are also other places to visit such as the Banyan Tree Temple, Sungai Ular Buddist Temple, Pinang Citywalk, Chinese temple of Vihara Bhatra Sasana, and the museum of Sultan Sulaiman Badrul Alamsyah.

Bintan Island will never leave you without inspiring awe. From its chick resorts to temples that speak the language of God, and beaches where you would want to get lost, you will never forget any moment spent here.

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