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Lombok Resorts

Lombok Resorts

Lombok lies in close vicinity to Bali. It equally inspires tourists with its surfing haven, trekking opportunities, party scenes that never die, and fishing activities to explore the bounties of the island.

Surfing in Lombok

Surfing was introduced by the West here when they had come to explore places beyond their reach. Since then, the island is ripe of this activity and hosts top surfers from around the world every year. Its southern coast has gained much popularity in that aspect. However, that does not mean there aren’t quality breaks.

There’s Desert Point in the west with Ekas in the east, both waiting for curious tourists like you who want to explore the island itself than its waters alone. In between, there are numerous cliffs, boulders, and jagged rocks that give Lombok its signature look.

Along its shorelines and away from any bustle, the Kuta provides an opportunity to chase waves and indulge in other water-related activities.

Party scenes in Lombok

Offshore resorts away from the crowded Kuta and Senggigi thump with unruly beats all night long. The party scene of Lombok in this place never dies. From Gili Trawangan, which has garnered international fame to never sleeping hotels, the island’s blissful parties are a sight to behold.

Lombok Trekking

Lombok’s trekking paradise, Gunung Rinjani, is Indonesia’s second-highest volcano. Tourists that want to conquer high rise mountains come here to climb atop this volcano.

Winding pathways lead here with all their offerings in the form of low humming tropical forests and the wind hissing through them. The green trekking activity goes yearlong where tourists like you pick trash along with many memories.

Once atop, the volcano offers breathtaking views of the sunset, astonishing views of the volcanic calderas in the surrounding, and a sense of belonging to the place.

Lombok has plenty of earthly bounties that you can explore. From its resorts to its volcanoes, whatever you visit here has a raw aura of being on an island.