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Indonesia Resorts

More than Ten Indonesia Resorts feature in the Top 50 across Asia. Browse Hundreds of Indonesia Resorts and Stay at the Best.

There is more to Indonesia than Bali. The Southeast Asian country is an archipelago comprising more than thirteen thousand islands. From volcanic peaks to tropical rain forest, sandy beaches to picturesque valleys, nature is at its finest in the stretch of three thousand miles straddling the equator. One of the easiest ways to travel to the country is to take a flight to Jakarta. You may spend a day or two in the capital city and take off to Java or Yogyakarta. The latter is a spiritual and cultural hub. You may include Sumatra or Kalimantan. Bali is definitely home to some of the finest Indonesia resorts. The tropical paradise may be your topmost priority like millions of other tourists.

You should explore some of the fascinating Indonesia resorts at Lombok, Gili Islands, Sulawesi, Timor, Papua, Raja Ampat Islands, Sumbawa Island and Nusa Tenggara Timur. There are scores of interesting places to explore beyond the luxuries at Indonesia resorts. You should consider Lake Toba, Bunaken Marine Park, Komodo National Park, Mount Bromo, Mount Rinjani, Ijen, Dieng Plateau and Torajaland. You cannot help but hit the beaches in Bali, visit the ancient temple Borobudur, watch the orangutans in Borneo, tour the Sacred Monkey Forest, indulge in the diverse richness of cultures at Tana Toraja, embark on an adventure at Kalimantan, marvel at the sight of Mount Krakatau and Pura Tanah Lot, unwind at Banda Islands and enjoy the lushness of the Jatiluwih Rice Fields.

Indonesia offers everything, from underwater expeditions to nonstop entertainment at the resort towns and cities. Indonesia resorts are also a versatile option. There are water villas, gargantuan properties and some have golf courses, there are private cottages within sprawling luxury establishments and beachfront or lakefront properties with awesome views. Indonesia is also a popular honeymoon destination. There is no dearth of Indonesia resorts fitting for a perfect time for newlyweds and those who wish to renew their vows. Check out the best Indonesia resorts and plan a satiating time.