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Wakatobi Island Resorts

Wakatobi Islands

Wakatobi is picturesque heaven for divers. Away from the crowds, it lies in the form of an archipelago, surrounded by azure sea with its depth enfolding some of Indonesia’s underwater marvels. Above the water, the Bajau gypsies present a contrast with the normal modern life you see in a metropolis. Their houses seem as if storks are standing in the water with their legs burrowed deep. Entire villages dot the seashore with these unique houses. They present a raw backdrop for the chick seaside resorts of the islands.

The archipelago is not easy to access and that should explain why it receives few tourists. For someone who wants an island for himself, Wakatobi could prove just the right destination. And since they are protected under the Unesco World Biosphere Reserve, you can expect raw, untouched nature at its full splendor.

There are four main islands here, namely, Kaledupa, Wangi-Wangi, Tomia, and Binongko. All of these from the heart and soul of Wakatobi, a soul that is still not yet explored fully.

The activities around these islands are mostly water-related because the waters around them offer dazzling views of the treasures beneath. They are friendly waters, so you should not have any problem at all. You can easily
● go snorkeling and scuba diving,
● Revere the captivating sunset of Hoga Island,
● Indulge in the fairy tale views of the Kahyangan Summit,
● Explore the secrets of Lakasa Cave,
● Spend some quality time alone at the Anano Beach,
● Get lost in the serenity of Sombano Lake,
● Treat yourself with Kusami, a local dish,
● Watch beautiful maidens perform a 1634 dance called Lariangi Dance,
● Buy one of the appealing handicrafts from a local shop.

Wakatobi Islands are sun draped marvels of Indonesia where tourists find themselves dazzled by the natural beauty and calmed by the uncrowded resorts.