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Yogyakarta Resorts

Yogyakarta Resorts

As the name suggests, Yogyakarta is Indonesia’s soul and mind. The city teems with artistic and cultural heritage, but its highlight is helping its visitors find peace and tranquillity. So, when here, you can expect serene experiences, yoga centres, religious rituals, and everything that adds value to the soul and mind.

In this serenity, Yogyakarta also buzzes with metropolitan activities with usual traffic jams, overcrowding, shopping malls, arenas, and things that constitute the heartbeat of a thriving modern city.

So, in all its entirety, Yogyakarta is a mixture of abstract and tangible pleasures, all put together in the signature surroundings of Indonesia. It has many things common with other cities, including coffee, but all in all, the city exudes a distinct aura. You only must visit plenty of its resorts to find it.

Among the major things to do here, you can
● Go to Kraton, a palace where the current Sultan lives and marvel at the architectural extravaganza,
● Visit Taman Sari, a place that was once thriving with activities around the palaces, waterways, and pools in 1758,
● Enjoy the home-cooked Indonesian delights at the Mediterranean kitchen,
● Delve into the tastes of Berlin at Agenda, which has been recently shifted from a rooftop to an industrial area. Even there, it has not lost its character,
● Take a day out for Sono-Budoyo Museum where you can find the finest Javanese art with its signature kulit puppets,
● Have the finest bear Indonesia can offer at the Taphouse. Its brick styled courtyard is more than relaxing,
● Savor coffee at the Ruang Seduh, and Wonderlust Coffee Division,
● Visit the first tomb of the founder of Panebahan Senopati – the first Mataram capital – at Kota Gede,
● Or if you’re lucky enough, catch one of the Gerebeg festivals that occur three times each year.

There are a lot more things to do than these. The list is not exhaustive. So, explore Yogyakarta and its resorts.