Is it worth staying in phuket?

Phuket is well worth a visit for anyone who wants to sit back and relax, be it on one of the beautiful sandy beaches or by the pool. The city offers picturesque scenery, delicious cuisine and vibrant nightlife at a lower price than some popular destinations. There is no other place in the world that can offer you these experiences at a reasonable price. It’s great value for the things you can collect and experience.

The majority of travelers will choose to stay on the west side of the island, where the best beaches and resorts are located. From there, you can easily take a taxi or tuk-tuk, or rent a vehicle and drive yourself. Some hotels even offer a free shuttle service to many beaches and old Phuket town. Today, many locals and ex-pats live in the province of Phuket.


are plenty of convenience, beautiful beaches and a vibrant nightlife that would satisfy any backpacker looking for bucket beers. While they may not appeal to more adventurous travelers, Phuket’s all-inclusive five-star hotels offer the ultimate R%26R experience. Travelers arriving in Phuket must undergo a mandatory COVID-19 check and you will be asked to download ThailandPlus, a contact tracing app. The largest of the islands, Phuket, is home to a variety of places in Phuket to visit, magnificent beaches and unforgettable experiences among their places.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of Phuket Town, you will find boho-style backpacker hostels and on-site bars. From temples and shrines to museums and markets, head to Phuket Town for an authentic slice of Thai life. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to know which island to choose, but the biggest of all is always worth a look. Phuket will never be one of the most visited islands in Southeast Asia unless it is safe for tourists.

Made up of narrow streets, Phuket Town is where you’ll find great restaurants, unique shops, and unique attractions. Walking through these various night markets is a great way to spend an evening in Phuket City. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to escape the crowds and experience authentic Thai culture in Phuket. Since Phuket is a tourist paradise, I see more tourists from all over the world on the streets than their local Thais.

So if you want to travel to Phuket, the best time is from December to March, where the weather is not so humid and a cool breeze blows to make you feel comfortable. From Big Buddha to Patong Beach, Phuket has its fair share of destinations teeming with tourists. They roll out under the airport in northern Phuket and offer long runs of pure gold powder carpeted in a strange marine vine. With a variety of accommodation options, you’re guaranteed to find accommodation to suit your style and budget.


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